PATHWAY 6 OF 7: Celebrating YOU

It is time to celebrate who you are … period. Celebrate the fact that you are alive.

If you are here reading this email you have probably experienced some challenging times and you have made it this far. Be grateful and celebrate this now! Continue reading

Being Vulnerable About My 25 Year Healing Journey

We are still in the newness of 2014 and I wonder how everything is going for you and what new choices and actions are calling you…

ME: I am being guided to face what I’ve been resisting.

I attempted to share something for the past several years and each time I lost my nerve. This past Saturday morning something shifted and after staring at my video camera for several hours I found my courage. About midway through I felt a new sparkle of happiness move through me and I knew I made the right choice. I share something so vulnerable and that has been the driving force of my existence since 1989.

If you’ve been on a challenging path and in need of healing I invite you to watch and to share with anyone you feel could benefit.

I appreciate you and I love you.

PS. A few times during the video I tried getting my dog to stop scratching because I thought it was interfering with the video (it wasn’t) so please excuse me for that…

Day 9 – Saying YES to BEING RAW and BEING ME

img062Sometimes I think that I am not poised and articulate and graceful. I talk fast at times. Sometimes I sound like I have a Texas or country accent. I do not feel polished. Much of what I know and use I taught myself. I do not have formal training in many areas of business or the arts. I kind of like it that way because I prefer to do things my way. When I have taken classes in the past or been told what to do rarely do I listen and when I tried to listen I did not get results like I thought I would. So I guess I will just keep being me and listening to my own intuition and inspiration and not concern myself with what others may think of me. That is where true authentic, personal power live anyway.

Love and Light!

Day 0 – Saying YES to ME / 30 Stories in 30 Days! – December 2013 Series

A couple of years ago I began writing a series of stories. I intended to write 30 Stories in 30 Days yet after completing five stories I experienced a huge insight about my life and was guided down a new path and through a series of processes. This led me to own the artist within me and it has been life changing. I’ve written enough for a book in the past couple of years but until now did not feel ready to share anything with anyone other than myself.

So this month I’ll be SAYING YES to ACCEPTING my life 100% to whatever is showing up. The outcome I would like to experience at the end of this series is feeling GRATITUDE for EVERYTHING. Who knows what miracles may happen?!

I’ll be SAYING YES to what is challenging, easy, fun, crazy, boring, peaceful, colorful, playful, painful, difficult, taking longer than I want, etc. I’ll be SAYING YES to what I rather not experience and what I enjoy. I’ll be SAYING YES to what feeds my pleasure, fun and playfulness and what does not. I’ll be SAYING YES to my life experiences as I am inspired.

I’m looking forward to this journey of sharing and learning more about myself. I’m taking a big leap of faith that I’ll tap into my inspiration to write and create art everyday along with everything else happening in my life.

With Love, Wendy

I share an update about my recent move – the 3rd one this year – well technically I am not living in a particular place right now but I did manifest something really cool in the process. I speak about trust and being “home in the heart” – ok I did not say “heart” but I did touch my heart. Let me know how this inspires you! xoxox Wendy PS. I do believe this is an example of living very courageously!

Owning I’m an Artist Video

I produced this video the other day about owning the fact that I am an artist. It has been many levels of owning this truth about myself! If you are an artist and especially if you are in the process of owning this truth about yourself or if you have some inklings it may touch you in some way. And I make no apology about showing a bit of unexpected emotion 🙂

30 Days 30 Stories – Day 5 – My Stories Have a Theme

I am looking at a list of stories I am going to be writing about this month. Two years ago I started making a list of stories from my life and I felt stuck in some ways. Many story ideas were coming to me but most of them seemed to be from my adult years.

In the past few days since embarking on my 30 Day 30 Story adventure I have listed many stories from my childhood that are now speaking out to me. They want to be told.

And just now I am looking at them and see that they have several similar threads running through them. It is so cool to be realizing this now.

Here are some of the themes I am seeing:

  • Going for it no matter how unreachable it seemed
  • Taking action on my ideas even though I was ridiculed or not seemingly successful
  • Getting yelled at my teachers (yeah me!) and being made fun of by students who could not see my uniqueness
  • Standing out like a sore thumb and finding a way to fit in even if I was ignored anyway
  • Having big desires at a young age

I am sure there are more threads and I can see how these all relate to my purpose!

Have you looked at the stories of your life and how they are all related to your purpose?

With Love


30 Days 30 Stories: Day 3

Story 3


This is my 4th day of writing stories and I am choosing to print today’s story instead of blog about my experience only. If my purpose is about being emotionally authentic it seems that sharing my story is more in alignment. I will see how I feel as I continue this journey. I will probably do both. This story was meant for yesterday! Yes I am already behind but will write 2 stories today!

Feel free to share!


“When I Tried Out for Cheerleader – Twice!”

When I was a freshman at Churchill High School in San Antonio I tried out for cheerleader. I loved practicing gymnastics even though I was just a beginner. Mainly I wanted to be popular! I felt like the most unpopular person in school and was down on myself for it. I longed for friends and I thought this was my ticket.

I joined the team to learn all the cheers and practice my jumping and I had a total blast learning. There were just a small handful of us. When I think about it now I see that I really had a lot of guts to do this. All of the others that tried out were used to this sort of thing.

The day of cheerleader tryouts we entered the gym and ran to the front. Every single student from the entire school was there. I looked out and have no idea how many students were there but it was a huge gym and it was packed. The bleachers and the floor were totally covered with students. From freshman to seniors they were all there. There could’ve been a few thousand. What was I thinking?!

When it was my time I did my cheer from start to finish and I did my jumps. I did the absolute best that I could. I was not as good as any of the others. I did not jump as high and I did not yell as loud and I was definitely not as popular. So the next day when I found out that I did not win I was not surprised but I was happy that I tried. It was great fun.

The next year my family moved to another neighborhood in San Antonio and I went to Robert E Lee High School and I just did not have enough so I tried out again. This time it was much different. We tried out in the gym to a very small group of people who would choose the cheerleaders. And this time if you can believe it I forgot my cheer. I totally forgot my cheer! I did better with a large crowd than a small handful of people.

But I was able to do something that nobody else could do. When I jumped I landed in the Chinese splits…I can remember it to this day. I may have forgotten my cheer but I landed with perfection! And I got the oohs and the ahs! I was able to walk out of there with my head held high! It just goes to show that there is always a silver lining and it just takes us choosing to focus on that instead of the other.

When I look back now I remember how some of the boys actually did talk to me when I did not hide and choose to be shy…the term I was labeled with early in my life. And some of them were even cute. Yeah I liked the cute boys of course. I always wanted what I could not have. And some of the popular girls even talked to me. They were always complimenting my jewelry. Yes there were those young girls who made fun of me. It is all part of the experience of my life. I’ve been living the full spectrum of feelings my entire life…from extreme highs to extreme lows and one thing I can say is that it has been a very moving experience!

I thought at that young age that it was all about the outer. That if I could be popular out there and have a lot of friends and admirers I would feel better inside. I wanted to be loved. I did not know that it was an inside job. I was only 14 after all.

And I wonder why I could do my cheer perfectly in front of a mass audience and forget it in front of a few. Perhaps I am meant to be speaking in front of large audiences because I feed of their energy and rapport. Well I suppose we will see.

With Love!


30 Days 30 Stories: Day 2

Well I just finished writing my 2nd story out of 30.  And just like yesterday I found many other things to do instead of write. Perhaps tomorrow I will get started much earlier though I will continue to allow myself to slow down.

Today I took some time to practice deep breathing and enjoyed it.

I visualized twice and the 2nd time for quite some time. It was a joyful experience as I could feel it in my body and could feel how it was merging with my energy field. I could feel how I had already created my desire in physical form.

During this time I was developing new tools and getting excited about that as well. Oh there I go always creating!

I can feel things continuing to shift inside of me. The stories I am writing are shifting me as well. It is exciting to me to take on a 30 day project and to blog about it openly.

As I am writing this I have been thinking about sharing the story and instead of doing that I am sharing the last paragraph:

“This is so interesting to bring this story forward into my life. It merges the innate knowing I had at that young age with the adult who has healed from her many childhood experiences. I can only imagine the young Wendy speaking to the adult Wendy and each one of them sharing and loving and growing together and merging more fully as one empowered being! This creates a much more powerful me. Much more to ponder here and I look forward to the new insights I have about this story.”

With that I will let myself drift off to sleep as it is almost midnight and I am about to turn into a pumpkin!

With Love!


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