How Your Art Got Stuck & How To Get Into Your Artistic Flow

Since you are reading a blog about developing a new relationship with your creativity there is a good chance you are stuck right now. Either you have been completely stuck or you are ready to create from a deeper level of your being.

So here’s how you got stuck – a really simple idea.

1) You had some sort of artistic desire in your youth. 

Maybe you wanted to paint and draw.
Maybe you wanted to sing and dance.
Maybe you wanted to play the piano and guitar.

(I begged for all of the above!)

2) Something happened that discouraged you from creating.

Such as:

  • You painted a picture and a teacher said you did it wrong.
  • You loved writing creatively and you were scolded.
  • Responsibilities kept you from creating even though you dreamed of it.
  • You were told there was not enough money for your art.

3) You began to doubt yourself and your ability to create.

Eventually you gave up and buried your artistic desire. You also buried the emotion you did not feel safe to feel because it just hurt too much. This was a means of survival.

So, the desire to be creative and an emotion (such as sadness) was buried in you.

4) You became stuck.

As an adult you may have assumed you are not creative and the truth is that your creativity lives inside – only you cannot not access it.

There are many other possible reasons for being creatively stuck.

Now the good news … How You Get Into Your Artistic Flow

You create and practice the art you want … writing, visual art, singing, dancing, etc.

The creation of your art frees the creative inner child.

Giving yourself permission to do the very art you were not given the opportunity to do in your youth heals and transforms you.

This “unsticks” you and allows you to develop a new relationship with your creativity. Healing and transformational!

I realize this may sound oversimplified and there is incredible depth to the work … AND I want you to know that getting creative is possible for you! I know because I have been consciously (and unconsciously) walking this journey for decades

And you can do that in many ways. Be on the lookout for a series of posts about the 7 pathways that I walked through to heal and transform my life!


Getting Unstuck Is Totally Doable, Fun & Insightful!

I specialize in helping people regain/rekindle their creativity. In-other-words, I teach/coach a process that will help you have courage, get you unstuck, and move you into your best creative life.


Schedule a free 30-minute Get Acquainted session with me and we’ll find out where you’re stuck and how I can help you.

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Looking forward to helping your artistic self get unstuck and create art!


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