31 Day Challenge: Day 8

And what a challenging week it has been! My challenge began as a mostly raw and all vegan lifestyle for the entire month of July. So far….it is about 50-75% raw and 80-90 % vegan. Not too shabby!

I was starving so I ate some yogurt…but no hard cheese. That was big for me because I have eaten more cheese in the past few years than I have most of my life.

It was time to get back into balance. So I am pleased up to this point and I feel better. That was the point.

I believe that food has a consciousness and it becomes a part of ours…..thoughts, beliefs, emotions, connection to divine…..so I will continue on this path and go deeper as I do with everything in my life it seems. A few years ago I began eating more vegetarian and thus began my journey with cheese! It is easy and sooo good!

OK, enough about food for now.

My challenge went deeper. I have been working on my sales page for my new healing/mentoring teleseries and private sessions and have experienced TECHSTRESS! Not fun. Hopefully installing Firefox on my laptop is going to help.

My teleseries is going to be ultra cool as it will help awaken people to their creativity in a fun and very unique way. I will be guiding everyone to create a special project that works in tandem with my 6 step process that I will be sharing. Can’t wait.

I feel so ALIVE! What I know more than anything: I AM READY TO SERVE!! BRING IT ON!

More soon!


Empowered to Say NO to Unreaasonable Business RequestS

I was an ergonomic consultant for many years (certified associate ergonomist) and a law firm once requested that I consult with all of their administrative staff to make sure their computer workstations were setup for comfort.

The “unreasonable” part was that they expected me to do this work for FREE!!! I could not believe it. When I asked them if they planned to order any of the products I would be recommending they told me maybe about $200 worth.

I told them a big NO as it would have taken me a couple of days to do the job and definitely not worth my time!

And I did not ever see myself as empowered back then…probably a bit annoyed though!

Be Empowered!


Walk the Talk Empowerment

Be true to your nature. Be sure that what you are talking about really is YOU at your core…Then it makes the walk much easier.

It takes courage and commitment and the willingness to be authentic if/when you fall off the path. Life is challenging…no doubt about it. It takes rising above any “less then” situation and looking from another angle about how to make a shift.

Also only committing to something that you feel confident you can “walk with” is a huge factor. The more success you have with this the more self worth you will feel.

Even admitting when you may not have appeared to walk the talk IS walking the talk.

Take it slow. Practice! Build your confidence! The walk will get easier and easier!

Much Love!


Empower Yourself Easily To Do Anything in Four Steps

So you’ve been procrastinating longer than you care to admit. Intellectually you know what to do yet the flow of inspiration seems to have escaped you. This could be because you have not fully tapped into the vast resource that lives inside of you. Some refer to this as your inner magic! Once you connect to this wellspring of positive energy you are instantly empowered with whatever you require to take the necessary actions.

Wondering what the simple solution is to get started without delay?

Write the stories of your life! These stories can then be re-purposed for your book, keynote speech, articles, videos and more.

A while back I was inspired to write 30 stories in 30 days. By the time I had completed five stories I became aware of a common theme.  I realized I was extremely empowered to take courageous actions in my youth yet as an adult I never considered myself empowered in any form even though I created numerous products and services that inspired my clients to grow and take care of themselves.

Once I acknowledged the vast resource of courage already a part of me I naturally deepened my connection to it and this inspired me to begin reaching higher for my big dreams.

So follow this 4 step formula and empower yourself to do anything!

1)      Carve out some time in a quiet place and reflect on the experiences of your life that have been lingering in the back of your mind. These stories have been speaking to you so they can be shared and they contain rich aha’s and lessons meant for you and your audience. Create a list of at least five stories.

2)      Write each of your stories in order of the most compelling and in one sitting to keep the flow. Some may only be one page. That’s perfect! As you become aware of the lessons incorporate them into the story appropriately. Rest an hour or even a day before beginning the next.

3)      Notice the theme that emerges from the morsels of wisdom gained from writing your stories. If you see yourself as a speaker the message you are meant to deliver to the world will be apparent in the theme. This awareness fully empowers you with purpose and inspired action!

4)      Imagine integrating each of the stories together with this common thread of insight and notice what it feels like in your body. You might notice yourself breathing deeper! This embodied awareness empowers you with the exceptional capacity to accomplish anything you desire.

This exercise will be quite revealing and exciting as you unleash the new you with bigger and bolder actions. At the risk of saying “the magic lives inside of you” … well it kind of does! It is just up to you to discover what kind!

Wendy G Young
Empowerment Author, Speaker and Coach

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