Now Is The Time To Awaken The Artist In Your Soul


“I’ve always had a passion for art, but I never pursued it because I didn’t think I had the talent. Then I came to realize that that’s just a story I was told that I believed because of my own self-doubt. I finally nurtured my inner artist, unleashed her on the world, and now I spend my days helping others do the same, so they can heal the world with some much needed art”.

Wendy G Young

Almost every person on this planet has an artist inside them just waiting to get out. For some, it is poetry or music, for others it is drawing or painting. Still others have creative gifts in graphic design, building businesses or cooking.

The point is: the process of creating anything takes artistry.

Is your Inner Artist Awake?

It took me a long time to discover mine. Part of the delay was from childhood programming that discounted the value of being an Artist. As much as I would dream of painting, I turned my energy to more professional, acceptable business pursuits. (You can read more about this journey here).

When I finally found my way back “home” to the arts, I found myself sharing my story and building a system filled with encouragement to help others on their journey to Awaken The Artist within themselves.

I created this website as an art toolbox where you can find what you need to support your own adventure. Here’s how it breaks down:

Coaching & Retreats

  • 90-minute Breakthrough Session – Unlock Your Creativity
  • Private Coaching Immersion – series of private sessions to access your inspiration, remove blocks and create your own transformative piece of art.
  • Private or Group Retreats – designed to build a sacred environment where we explore old stories that hold you back and Awaken The Artist so your gifts can come out and play!


The work I’m doing with the ancient practice of Ho’oponopono has played a huge role in my evolution as an Artist. You can read more about the What, Why and How here.

My Art

  • Goddess Portraits – I capture your Goddess essence in a piece of art
  • iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards – self healing, forgiveness, divine inspiration.


This is where I regularly share my thoughts, insights and whatever else I might download for your benefit. You’ll find a wide variety of topics. You never know what will spark your curiousity and inspiration.

If you would like to reach out message me on my Awaken The Artist Page.

Much Love, Light and Art!!

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