30 Days 30 Stories

Day 30 – Saying YES to MY ART

Well it would make sense that my last Say YES to ME post this month would be about art. It was totally unplanned and it delights me. Art is my passion. Visual art. Colorful, happy and bright art. Black and white art. Drawings. Paintings. Oils. Watercolors. Everything in the world is art. Practically anything you see began as art. And nature is recreated in art. Art is important in our lives. It takes us to another place. It is meditative. It is beautiful. It makes us relax and think and contemplate. Art is what is real. It changes us on a cellular level and creates beauty in the world. Art is healing. And it’s fun and pleasurable. I look forward to seeing where art will guide me in the coming year and how it will continue to heal and change me. And I look forward to seeing how it will guide me to help others heal as well.

Wendy <3



It was over 25 years ago when I stood in my apartment one day and looked up and asked for the flow of ideas to stop. It was too much for me to handle … the constant interruption to my day with idea after idea coming to me. And I tried and tried my best to record them but it was just to much. I was like a kid in a candy shop. The heavens had opened up for me to receive ideas and they were pouring down on me so much that I was not able to think and to focus on my current work. So I asked it to stop. And it worked. I was able to stay focused and complete my work for a while. Then one day it started up again and I realized I just had to find a way to deal with it. It was my nature to receive inspiration like this and it continues to this day. I connect people to their inspiration and give them ideas as well. It was interesting to me how I was able to stop it for a bit so that I could get some grounding in what I was currently working on. If I can do this anyone can. We are are powerfully connected to the divine realm. It is a matter of opening up to it. I also believe that anyone who really needs an idea in the moment can receive it no matter how stuck they think they are. I declare 2014 to be the year of inspiration for everyone!



Over the past couple of years I have written a great deal. One of my writing escapades produced close to 30,000 words. In the past year I wanted to write stories similar to my 30 Days 30 Stories posts I had written in 2011. I stopped the posts well before 30 because I experienced a shift that led me towards owning my inner artist and creating an art process. This year I wanted to experience anther big shift and then in early November I considered writing gratitude posts when I saw Sheryl Yancey Sitts Facebook posts yet it did not feel like my “thing.” About mid-November I saw Amethyst Wyldfyre Facebook posts and I immediately knew it was for me to write under the theme of SAYING YES. I like to “YES” a situation whether I like it or not, run around and shout YES – something I learned from Regena Thomashauer and it is always so life affirming for me. It allows me to fully accept what is and clear out any stuck energy that would keep me from moving forward in that moment. So I was gathering my courage and my motivation to begin writing the posts. Then Tracey Trottenberg wrote an email to her list about saying YES and I knew that was definitely a sign to go for it. So now just another two posts to go! Thanks for all the inspiration everyone 🙂



Day 27 – Saying YES to HUMOR

I have a quick wit and I joke around a lot. In fact I have been know to ham it up at times. I started noticing my sense of humor about 30 years ago when I called on my customers. It just felt good to make others laugh (I love to crack them up!) and they loved it. Most of all I liked to laugh. Later I realized that a big part of it was me trying to cover up the sadness. I think I was uncomfortable being me back then. Actually I didn’t even know who “me” was and laughing was a way to avoid knowing. It was a way I could pretend to feel safe being with others. I still joke around a lot and people still tease me and I still take it well. Yet now I know myself and I can choose how I prefer to show up in the world. I choose to experience daily belly laughs just for the fun of it. And because it feels so damn good!


In the 80’s I filled up my pink spiral with all kinds of ideas for workshops. I filled up another pink spiral with spiritual poems. This was at a time when I was living in very dark days. At that time I did not even know why. It would be a few years before I would connect to the work that was necessary for me to do to heal from my past. I still have those spirals somewhere in storage with the covers torn off and the pages ripped and falling out. Those spirals were connecting me to the work I would be doing in the world. They gave me a place to imagine and to play in my inspiration. At the time I had no idea just how connected I was to who I am and the spiritual realm. It was more of an unconscious connection back then. So beautiful and innocent. I like to think that it is still the same with all that has occurred in my life since that time. I have been a BADASS in my healing journey. I have not left any stone unturned. As I look back it takes my breath away … all the inner work I have allowed myself to step into. And the money I invested in myself. I am so grateful I was blessed with my ergonomic business for 17 years because it allowed me to really dive in and do the work with amazing healers. The inner work I did on myself helps me in profound ways when I am facilitating healing for others. One of these days I will pull out those spirals again and see what resonates with the work I am dong today.


Procrastination has whatever meaning we give to it. I believe it is our inner wisdom guiding us to take the action of “non-action” at that time. The best thing we can do is not ridicule ourselves for what others may call procrastination. Sometimes we find out later that whatever we thought we needed to do was not in our best interest. So the stack of papers you are wanting to sort through or make decisions on? Well maybe your inner wisdom is telling you to leave it alone until you feel the inspiration to pick it up. Then when you do most of the stack can be thrown away much of the time. Everything occurs in perfect divine timing. Just in my humble opinion. 😉



I allowed the noise to affect me for most of my adult life. It took mountains inner work to turn the noise off so that I could hear the quiet nudges from within. The noise we heard as children become the voices in our head. The voices that say “You cannot make money at that. You have to get a job. You are not smart enough or rich enough.” And so on. These voices kept me from living my passion. So. Yes to turning off the noise and going inside my heart to know who I am….my truth. Yes to letting others believe what they choose to believe. Their words are only a reflection of what they believe about themselves. I know I can do anything I choose. So if there is something you want to do … something you have always wanted to do … TAKE A STAND AND GO DO IT. There is nobody out there in the way!


During a session I this morning a woman shared about her heart attack referred to as “Broken Heart Syndrome” caused by deep unhealed, emotional wounds. Please consider taking the steps to heal from anything calling to you from your past. It is easy to avoid our feelings. Wounds are healed by feeling them. It takes a great deal of courage. When you experience transformational results you are motivated to continue and feel better and better. Life Affirming. I cannot say enough about the positive benefits to emotional healing. If I got started now I would be writing until next year.

Day 22 – Saying YES to MY TRUTH

Yesterday I was updating a friend about what has been happening in my life. I mentioned how new clients are showing up and that I had a goal of living back in “my” end of town by February 1. She suggested I get a part time job and my mouth dropped open. I said “I cannot believe you just said that” and she realized that she had projected her own stuff on me. It was so great that I spoke up for myself so quickly and I think it might be the first time I did it that fast. Several months ago when I sold my house and lived with a college roommate for a while she kept trying to get me a job and she could not understand why nothing would work out since it works out for everyone else. It took me a few months to finally say “no” instead of trying to keep the peace. And finally I was able to make some progress! Always listen to your truth!


Day 19 – Saying YES to LISTENING TO MY DAD’S STORIES…again & again!

I spent quality time with my Dad today. He is so funny. He likes to talk about “old” times – movies, actors, youth stories. When I visit, often he will ask me to “look someone up.” So I google it and most of the time Wikipedia has all the details and we read it. Today we talked about his cousin, Bob Kane (iinventor of Batman) again. I love talking about this because he was an artist, I am and so is my Dad (heck, we are all artists!) Anyway I have some things to share soon about Bob Kane and my Dad

We also talked about the founder of Dell Books (now part of Random House) who was a client back in the early days …My Dad regularly did accounting work for George T. Delacorte, Jr. whp began Dell Books in 1921. My Dad said that he was very serious and did not have much of a sense of humor – but he sure did build a successful business!


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