PATHWAY 2 OF 7: Discovering What Has Been Buried and Forgotten

“Christmas Day 2010 – I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at a family member’s house and an argument had begun. I made a simple comment about sea salt – yes you heard me right! Someone interpreted my comment in a particular way and we had to take a break from the festivities and practically duke it out! I stood my ground. I shared what I needed to from my heart and it quieted everything down. I realized that when we share from our heart what can anyone say at that point.

Discovering what has been buried and forgottenTwo weeks later I let go of a valuable material possession that a family member borrowed and would not give back. After another week or two I began feeling so much emotion run through my body that I found myself in a fetal position. It was the only way I could find some relief. I had been “taken back” to my youth to examine the chaos that had been ensuing all around me.  There I was …. a 12 year young girl seeing reliving her childhood and it was extremely difficult to be there.

I spent a considerable amount of time ripping apart my thought processes from that time of my life that was still very much in control of my adult life at the time. I have come a long, long way in the past few years and had no idea just how valuable that time in discovery would be for me.

This pathway is about going back into your past and looking around from the perspective of your inner child.

You may have enjoyed accessing your creativity yet if a teacher or parent scolded you for being creative (maybe you drew on your desk, wrote poetry or were the class clown)  then this is the time that you began shutting down.

You may have tried many times to create in your unique way and it just took so much of your energy to “fight the establishment” that you eventually surrendered to the discouragement. Your creative urges were buried and in some cases completely forgotten.

Now decades later you either do not create or you start projects and leave then unfinished. Yet you are finding it more difficult each day to ignore the nudge to fulfill your creative dreams.

Prepare yourself for some ahas and many realizations about your life and why things have occurred as they have. Awareness precedes the changes you are seeking.



It is going to take PERSISTENCE to look back into your life and see what is ready to be revealed. The persistence is also about allowing yourself to be with the process. What is ready to be revealed to you will be. Allow yourself to be with what is.

Discovery is about exploration and your willingness to keep going!



The act of letting go in pathway 1 naturally brings you to discovery. You can also go on an exploratory mission.

1) Scan your childhood starting as early as you can remember. Trust that what you are ready to see will come to your awareness.

2) If there is a situation or experience you have always remembered or that pops into your awareness from time to time there is a reason for it. Pay attention to these memories. These are your points of exploration.

3) There is a great chance that you are not emotionally connected to these experiences and they have been lingering in your consciousness so that you could take a closer look. There is information from these experiences that will be very helpful to you now in discovering what created your creative blocks.

4) Create a short list. Then choose one or two of them to journal about. You will find that the journaling creates deeper awareness and peace.

5) You may begin to remember what you felt at that time. Allow yourself to FEEL. You are safe.

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