You have this beautiful, creative art inside of you.

You might have paintbrushes. You might have pads of paper and special pens. You might have a piano, a singing voice or tap shoes.

Yet something is keeping you from fully embracing your gifts. Every day you wake up and you say, “This is going to be the day I’m going to do it.”

And it doesn’t happen.

The art supplies go unused. The idea of practicing your music feels more like a burden. Your art lies dormant and unexpressed. The camera gathers dust.

I feel you. You are stuck. There is this beautiful, creative energy that wants to come out of you and it is trapped inside of you. And you are ready to release it.

This means acknowledging and understanding the emotional blocks that have held you back all these years. It’s deep work, involving many of those “Ah-hah” moments. There will be laughter, tears, maybe some blushes of shame or confusion.

The journey ahead of you, like most adventures, is best traveled with a guide.

  • Someone who has walked this path before and understands the challenges ahead.
  • Someone who appreciates the vision you hold for yourself and values your goals.
  • Someone who will celebrate your achievements, both large and small. (Side note: There are no small achievements.)

If you read a little about my own story here, you know that I’ve already “been there, done that”. And I’m continuing to Awaken The Artist within myself. But it’s been a lonely, sometimes scary experience for me.

You can be guided on this journey!

After blazing my own trail, I developed a system, a map, so you can travel the pathways I’ve become familiar with. It is truly an honor to accompany you as you Awaken The Artist inside you.

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Back by popular demand! This is a quick and painless one-time session designed to jumpstart your artistic desires and creativity. Remove those blocks and get the juices flowing. Insightful and healing.

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A package of live private sessions, retreats and email access where you’ll learn and experience the 7 Pathways to Awaken The Artist and access your well of inspiration.

Awaken The Artist Art Retreats (Private or Semi-Private) – CLICK HERE
Take a weekend to walk through the 7 Pathways to Awaken The Artist. Create and complete your own art project.

Awaken The Artist Blog – CLICK HERE
You are invited to join me as I share my musings on my own journey. Or any other information that inspires me to write. I publish new posts about twice each month.

All teachings are based on the Awaken The Artist Pathways and Processes. If you have questions about which programs are best for you…

CLICK HERE to book your free Discovery Session with Wendy!

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