PATHWAY 6 OF 7: Celebrating YOU

It is time to celebrate who you are … period. Celebrate the fact that you are alive.

If you are here reading this email you have probably experienced some challenging times and you have made it this far. Be grateful and celebrate this now! Continue reading

Project Miscarriage: Birthing a New Reality

The other morning I was talking to my sister.

What? You had a miscarriage? I didn’t even know you were pregnant!”

Then my eyes opened.

“What was THAT? Oh!! That had nothing to do with my sister!”

The dream was a symbol for the nightmare I had been living.

After selling my 17 year ergonomic business in 2008 I followed a calling. Over a period of years I created and offered a string of products and services and each time I began marketing them they flopped!

Every one of my project launches miscarried!

OMG. That really put things into perspective for me. I browsed my work and realized the massive amount of writing I completed. Sales pages. Optin pages. Thank you pages. Download pages. Video creation. Editing. Branding. Marketing messages. Social Media. Technical challenges. Family issues.

And then falling flat on my butt.

Doubt crept in and I lost momentum over and again. Sometimes I just wanted to give up. Does that sound familiar?

And then I realized the perfection of the entire experience.

I had been slowly dipping my toes in the water and building my confidence with each baby step and each success. One of my artist friends, Tara Dixon said “They are all baby steps.” … No truer words could be said about the process of bringing your dreams to life. We must keep going no matter what and eventually we will make great progress. The process of the work made me confront my deepest fears and beliefs so I could shift them.

The good news…

My art dream is beginning to bud. I love creating colorful art and I’m creating a new collection. jpgI took my latest launch full term and we are almost midway through the course and my clients are experiencing transformations and I love serving them.

You see – a few years ago a coach told me to connect to my core gifts and that everything would spring forth from there.  What gifts? What passions were at my core that I was not in touch with? These questions had me exploring who I am.

Was it easy? No! It was a slow and very painful process. I persevered on my own and eventually tapped a deeper understanding of myself and this changed EVERYTHING for me. Months later as I reflected on the previous couple of years I saw the processes I had been using on myself to heal and transform and own my artistic gifts.

I’m grateful for all the miscarried projects, birthing pains and successes. The lessons are now my teachings. I continue to do my inner work and transform my life as the unlimited being that I AM.

If you are ready for your creative transformation I am here for you!

I will share the 7 pathways as it applies to your life on a private call. My intention is for you feel energized, uplifted and inspired!

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Signature Wendy White Background 72 dpi small 150x69


I never thought much about confidence or courage for that matter.

When I was growing up I was put down a lot at home, school and extracurricular activities. I was also given too much responsibility at home instead of getting out, socializing and dating. My mother used to tell me that the boys did not ask me out because I was not rich. I have often wondered how that affected  me in all areas of my life. I tried a lot growing up and somewhere along the way I must have lost my confidence and did not realize it.

In the early days of my business I made cold calls. I knocked on doors and handed out my cards and I looked through the phone book and made phone calls. I never really liked it but as I look back I can see how it helped me build confidence and as well as my business.

Recently I have realized that I have been building confidence. I’ve been putting myself out there more, leading calls and sharing more of my story. It was not anything I was trying to do but it feels good to notice that my confidence is getting stronger as I step deeper into my purpose and new business. Everything I do these days is getting easier. And I care less about being perfect. Plus I do not seem to care what people may think about me anymore either.

The point is I’m feeling a level of confidence that is new and refreshing … now that I’m paying attention to it! 🙂


Mandala Drawing Ringside Flower Take 2

Ha! Well the perfectionist that lives inside of me attempted one more Ringside Flower Mandala drawing! Still not the same but perfect anyway. We creatives can just let go and create without worrying about getting it right. It is all right and perfect in this very moment. Play!

Mandala Drawing Ringside Flower

I am drawing one of the mandalas in my coloring book called “Ringside Flower.” As you will see the process is totally creative and I found it impossible to make it look EXACTLY like the one I originally drew! Enjoy and let me know how this video helps you!! xoxoxo Wendy

Walk the Talk Empowerment

Be true to your nature. Be sure that what you are talking about really is YOU at your core…Then it makes the walk much easier.

It takes courage and commitment and the willingness to be authentic if/when you fall off the path. Life is challenging…no doubt about it. It takes rising above any “less then” situation and looking from another angle about how to make a shift.

Also only committing to something that you feel confident you can “walk with” is a huge factor. The more success you have with this the more self worth you will feel.

Even admitting when you may not have appeared to walk the talk IS walking the talk.

Take it slow. Practice! Build your confidence! The walk will get easier and easier!

Much Love!


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