I share an update about my recent move – the 3rd one this year – well technically I am not living in a particular place right now but I did manifest something really cool in the process. I speak about trust and being “home in the heart” – ok I did not say “heart” but I did touch my heart. Let me know how this inspires you! xoxox Wendy PS. I do believe this is an example of living very courageously!

Inspired Action in Perfect Timing

I attended Baeth Davis’s Life Purpose Summit in Phoenix this past weekend.  It was a  last minute choice and I am in deep gratitude for how it all came together.

When I heard about it a couple of weeks before I felt the desire to attend deep inside my body. Instead of taking action to go I just kept seeing myself there and I knew that I would be there.

The best part was when I emailed a friend in Houston to tell her about it and the fact that there was a way she could go as my guest and we could then save money.  She emailed back to say that she was already enrolled and had a friend that was splitting the cost of the event.

Then she offered that her boyfriend wanted to go and would be interested in splitting the cost of the ticket with me. As the event was getting closer he realized that he wanted to be there!

It is so interesting when this happens because it is an confirmation of listening to my intuition. Or was I simple feeling inspired?!

It seems like a combination of both.

The important point here is to listen and take action when you are guided.

Once I made the choice to go and said YES all the necessary doors were wide open to create the perfect adventure and I manifested many unexpected pleasures! That’s how the law of attraction works!

Love and Inspiration!


Instant Manifestation and Natural Dog Food

Here’s a fun little short story about an instant manifestation I experienced today.

Earlier I was walking through Whole Foods and noticed a small table with some dog food samples and I was told they are good enough for humans to eat.

Do you think I had a taste?! Ha! Perhaps I will tell you in a bit 🙂

I told the owners of Doggie Lunchies that I did not have a dog so did not need any dog food right now. Yet they smiled and I felt such a warmth from them that I was inspired to walk back to the table and tell them I would mention it to my friends that have dogs. And of course they were very appreciative.

Then I was off and less than 5 seconds later I saw my high school friend Jackie. She had been on my mind to call and meet for lunch so it was extra fun to see her.

I immediately told her about the dog food knowing she is a dog lover. She said that she was at Whole Foods to buy dog food!  So we walked over to the sample table and had some laughs over this instant manifestation!

Seems like these instant manifestations are happening more and more these days.

Anyway, the dog food had all natural ingredients that one would see in “people” food. I watched the two owners taste the dog food and then my friends tasted it and said it was good. I thought that was really interesting!

Do you think I tasted it?!

Love and Inspiration!


Law of Attraction, Costa Rican Vacation, Manifestation Software and Visualization

Early in July my boyfriend planned a vacation for us on a Windjammer cruise to the Caribbean. We were going to visit the islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire.

Soon after this trip had been planned I installed software that would help me visualize my desires. To help me manifest my dreams faster I downloaded pictures of what it might look like. I used graphics that were already loaded in the software. I decided to visualize my vacation even though it was already planned.

The picture I downloaded was of a lush island with beautiful palm trees on the edge of the beach.

At various times during the day when the software popped up, I began visualizing this lush tropical island vacation.

Little did I know that Aruba, where we were going to spend most of our time was a desert! I just kept visualizing and after a few days we discovered that there might be a problem with the ship and that it might be taken to dry dock and not be available for our vacation.

I kept visualizing my tropical paradise still having no idea that Aruba was a desert.

We then learned that our Carribean cruise was cancelled. The ship was going in for needed repairs.

But, we were offered a choice on two other ships that had availability. One was the Mandalay and we did not choose that one and a good thing because we met some people on our cruise that said the ship broke (yes, broke!) in the middle of the night.

We did choose the cruise to Costa Rica! I had never been to Costa Rica and I never had a huge desire to go their either. And now I look forward to vacationing there again! It was beautiful. The Costa Ricans are beautiful people…friendly, resourceful, fun and loving.

And while there I took a picture of a “lush island with beautiful palm trees on the edge of the beach.” !!!!!

It looked almost exactly like the picture I was seeing in my software!

One day a thought came to me that I attracted that Costa Rican cruise for myself, my boyfriend and every other person on our ship who had originally intended to go to Aruba.

Is it possible that we are really that powerful?

I believe so!

Here is the software I used to manifest my Costa Rican vacation:

Happy Manifesting!

Pura Vida!


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