PATHWAY 5 OF 7: Owning Your Creative Gifts

The processes of Letting Go, Discovering and Releasing takes you to the door of the room where your treasure box resides. After all these years you finally have access to your beautiful God given gems that you have been denying for so long.

You look inside and see the gem and reach in Continue reading

I am not a great artist

I am not even a good artist. Not really. And I’m ok with it.

Lets walk around the museum and we can discuss some of the masters.

Or lets browse the websites of artists who have been painting since they were very young.

Am I even an artist at all or am I someone who likes to draw on anything she can get her hands on and whenever I give myself the permission to throw some paint on a canvas.

Ok. I better not say I am not an artist because it took me decades to finally own that part of me.

And does it matter whether I am good or great or even if I will massively profit from the sale of my art?

No it doesn’t.

Creative Self Expression is the reason my soul wants to make art.

It has taken me a long time to come to this and it has happened in the past few days. For real.

For a very long time I was blocked from creating art and I’ve written about these reasons on this website. Here is one place I talked about it.

Fortunately I found a way to unblock myself and developed a system around it that I now teach others.

Unlocking this new piece about creative self expression is very freeing for me and I am curious to see where this leads me when I know I am creating for the mere expression of my soul’s desires.

And knowing that the journey of creating art is more important in what I do with it.

What I do understand even more deeply is that I am here to help others unlock this piece inside themselves.

2020 is upon us and I am super excited to have a more perfect vision of why I am here.

If you want to delve deeper into your creative outlet then I invite  you to come along for the ride.

Join my mailing list (to the right of this post) and follow me on my Facebook Page and/or Facebook Group I will be looking forward to seeing your full on creative expression.

Much love,




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