I’m Wendy and I’ve been walking the entrepreneurial journey since 1984. Creativity has been at the forefront of all my businesses yet it took me decades to own my gift as a visual artist.

My art was blocked from the time I dreamed of being an artist as a child until I began painting at 32. I experimented with various forms of mediums over a 20 year period yet I would not dare to call myself an artist. After selling my ergonomic business in 2008 I embarked on a long and challenging inner journey to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. After working through intense emotions relating to family dynamics, I intuitively guided myself through a series of creative actions over a period of several months.

After the completion of a particular process I felt instantaneous waves of energy moving through my body and I felt better emotionally. I had cleared out creative blocks that had been living in my cellular memory since early childhood when I was discouraged from creating art. This expanded my happiness and capacity to create art and months later after completing two art collections I reflected and realized I had walked myself through a series of pathways while using these artful processes.

So now sometimes I want to pinch myself because I get to call myself an artist every single day. Being the artist I am connects me to my joy.

Now I help others Awaken The Artist in their heart and evolve their art so they can creatively express themselves at deeper levels. Have a look around, read some of my blog posts and leave a comment if you’d like. I’d love to hear about your creative musings and if you think we might be a good fit sign up for a Art Supply Chat so we can explore your art desires together.

Much Love




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