Wealth Choice at Early Age

Ok I know this is going to sound a bit strange at first. Just hear me out!

When I woke up recently I found myself staring up at the ceiling fan! For some reason it mesmerized me and it brought me into a heightened state of consciousness. All of a sudden the concept of my success and perhaps surpassing the success of my father came up.

It was just a simple little bit of information that bubbled up inside of me.

The next day  I woke up and consciously put my attention on the ceiling fan and realized this allowed more information to surface.  It is like there were two parts at play here….the part that was telling me to focus and the part that was surfacing the information!

As I had the realization about this old belief I started to cry! I love it when I cry because I know I am releasing old stuck emotions and this has enabled me to grab a bit more of my power and step deeper into my worthiness. It opens more of my creativity and inspiration to flow. It allows me to breathe deeper.

Over the years I pondered the possibility that perhaps I made a choice to not pass up my father in wealth and this experience affirmed it. And just this week I attempted to have a conversation with him about money and it created an emotional reaction in him. Then I have this experience. Really interesting stuff.

Several weeks ago I called a therapist who helped me over a period of many years and told him about the emotions and buried thoughts that had been bubbling up from my childhood over the past year. These were things that I always remembered just there were particular details that were making themselves known to me so that I could release and move on.

What he told me was that the gift of all the work that I have been doing over the past 20 years was to get to do this work too! Thanks! So the gift of doing our work is more work!

However it is all good. He told me that this was the last leg of my work. Lots of cleaning and tweaking. So much more about my life makes much more sense now.

And the awesome part is that it is leading me right into my purpose work. It makes such complete sense that cleaning out the cobwebs from the past is necessary to serve in a bigger way than I have.

And that is one reason why I am excited about 2011!

I have been feeling increased compassion for my father. He is 85 and has worked very hard his entire life. He is still going at it running his small business. Everyday … the weekends too … he works. Whether it is doing paperwork or seeing clients or vendors he is constantly working. Except when he is watching football or playing with his stamp collection or listening to his favorite radio station!

Though many times he is working in the background. I have watched him work like this since my childhood and see that he has been a source of my inspiration to get started in business so young in my life. Thank you Dad!

I would say I’d like to make it easier for my Dad (and for my Mom for that matter!) yet he would tell me that he is enjoying his life … though I am sure he would accept any gifts I may give him!

This morning as I am working on a project I am feeling excitement. I see myself looking at everything as creation and adventure and as I feel the passion of that  moment.  It is getting me to my next moment where I can create and feel passion. It is about continuing to climb the ladder of passion. That is where success is!

Thank you for reading and allowing me to be more authentic! Writing is so healing and really locks in the learning and creates more shifts. I would love to hear your comments!

In Deep Gratitude, Love and Inspiration!


Authenticity and Being You

A few years ago a close friend of mine gave me a plaque for my birthday and today I am inspired to share it with you.

What it really means to me is to be who you are at your core. Stay true to yourself with all the chaos going on around you … whether in your personal life or in the world at large.

Be authentic.

Speak from your heart.

Be kind and loving.

Remember who you came here to be.

This will set you free from competition, fear and scarcity and will help you experience joys you have yet to imagine.

You deserve everything you dream about.

Be in gratitude for everything you experience in life now.

Breathe deeply several times a day and let it become a frequent behavior!

Open yourself to living your life in divine inspiration and creativity!

Take inspired actions with passion and joy.

Experience your most fulfilling life!

Love and Inspiration!


Conscious Language and Sacred Body Language

This past Monday a friend forwarded an email about a Conscious Language and Sacred Body Language intro class that Robert Tennyson Stevens would be giving the following night.

I felt inspired and asked her if she has ever taken any classes from him and if so how did it help her. She answered back that it helped her become more conscious of her words.

The next day I was already making excuses to myself about why I might not be able to go. I let my body get dehydrated from being in the sun and not drinking enough water the previous few days. At the end of the day I called my friend and said I might not go and told her why.

She told me to drink some water and come. I saw that as spirit telling me to take this seriously. It is so easy to buy into what someone is telling you as true but she did not and I am very grateful for her response.

I did drink some water and then I googled Robert Stevens and the first thing I was led to was one small paragraph. After just browsing the first two sentences I knew I had to be there.  It was that simple. I was really inspired now.

So I rushed to get there and I was late and that was ok. I just knew it was on purpose for me.

I was mesmerized by what he had to say. I’ve been immersed in the study and practice of work in the area of the body and mind for over 25 years and this work seemed to bring everything I have learned together.

It would be too much for me to try and explain here.

I was gifted with a wonderful coaching session at the front of the room by “Bob” because I was ready for it. He told us that if anyone in the room had any symptoms in their body he would be doing a demonstration later in his talk.

When he made that announcement I knew I was going to have that experience. I felt it in my entire being.  When he said “now is the time for whoever was going to be coached to come to the front of the room.” I was out of my seat in a split second and made my way from the back.

He asked me what my symptom was and I told him it was “pain in my left hip.”

He asked me what I was not moving forward in my life with. After a few moments I told him that I had not been moving forward in the area of speaking. The entire time he watched my every movement … if I scratched my nose, put my hand on my chin, stayed frozen in my stance.

There were many movements he pointed out to me and the entire room. It was amazing! He was able to read what was going on with me just by watching my body language and movements! This is what he calls “Sacred Body Language” because he is working with each person’s higher truths. He facilitated my “upgrade” and kept reminding me to breathe! I felt changed at the end of the demo!

The next morning after I opened my eyes I rolled onto my left hip and the pain was gone from the that area. What a blessing!

I then registered for all of his classes for the rest of the week and I experienced many major “upgrades” and made new friends. At the end of the class yesterday I told him that I felt Source in my body in a new way. I had upgraded to feeling myself as Source. Thank you Bob!

If this sounds interesting at all to you I recommend you visit his website at The work is divine! It created miracles and manifestations! I witnessed several other instant physical healings!

And as Bob asked the class all weekend long when he was working with someone on a particular area “Vote His/Her Victory” …

When we vote victory for others from our heart we are in essence voting victory for ourselves!

I vote YOUR victory for success, happiness and health in your life!

Love and Inspiration!


Breathe…If You Think You Can’t…

If you think you can’t…..


If you think you cannot make it another day or another month


If you are wondering how to pay the mortgage or rent


If you think you cannot heal


If life seems difficult


If you do not feel happy


If there seems to be no time to play and enjoy life


If you feel that you have been wronged in some way


If you think that you will lose it all


If you have fear running through your body


Because breathing brings you into the present

Away from the issues of the past

And away from the fears of the future

The only moment you have is right now

To create…

So continue to breathe in the energy of the universe

To keep you focused in the present

And to fuel your desires and inspired actions

And to stay calm and centered in the now.

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