Law of Attraction

Breathe…If You Think You Can’t…

If you think you can’t…..


If you think you cannot make it another day or another month


If you are wondering how to pay the mortgage or rent


If you think you cannot heal


If life seems difficult


If you do not feel happy


If there seems to be no time to play and enjoy life


If you feel that you have been wronged in some way


If you think that you will lose it all


If you have fear running through your body


Because breathing brings you into the present

Away from the issues of the past

And away from the fears of the future

The only moment you have is right now

To create…

So continue to breathe in the energy of the universe

To keep you focused in the present

And to fuel your desires and inspired actions

And to stay calm and centered in the now.

Shedding Light On Your Desires

Yesterday I lit a candle to use in a ritual around my desires and the light kept going out!

This was not the first time I had an issue with this particular candle and since it was new I definitely wanted to figure out what I was doing wrong!

I lit the candle a total of four times before I was able to get a good strong flame going.

After the 3rd time I actually studied my technique in candle lighting!

I realized that I was lighting the candle near the tip of the wick and not giving it enough time to travel down and really take.  The flame just stayed high on the wick and never had a chance to get strong and robust.

So I lit the candle a 4th time and this time I started at the base. I held the flame from the match there as long as I could to make sure the candle was sufficiently lit.

In that moment my desire was to create a good flame. The match became the light for the candle wick.

It made me think about the idea of shedding light on my desires in a new way.

The light on your desires has to be strong. It has to be rooted in you so clearly that it takes hold of you and drives you to allow it to come into reality.

You must shed light on your desires. Take them out of your head into the light.

Write them down. Look at them. See them appearing in your life.

Keep that fire on your desires strong by focusing on them with detachment and taking inspired actions.

When you send a clear message to the universe and allow them to happen in this way they can manifest much faster.

And that is what you want, right?

If you are talking about what you do not want then turn it around and focus on what you want instead.

Shed all the light you can on your DESIRES! Those unwanted experiences are the contrast.

The contrast is there for a purpose. It is to help you see the light. it is to help your desires come out of the darkness and into the light.

Say thank you to your unwanted experiences as they have been your friend. Bless them and then let them be on their way. Make room for the light. Make room for the
manifestations you so desire.

Go ahead. Get started right now. If this blog has helped you then let me know by commenting and do let me know how those manifestations are coming along!



Stand for your FREEDOM within this July 4th!

Happy Independence Day today July 4th, 2009! I hope you have a wonderful day planned with people you care about!

I’m curious what it means to you to have your freedom.

To be independent.

To live in a miraculous time such as this where you can choose where and how you want to live your life?

To decide what you want and take the divine right

Actions that will bring these desires to you?

Perhaps it is to have the choice of doing nothing.

Or making a difference in the world?

I was thinking about this earlier as I have been taking Divine right actions for the past 25 years in various businesses.

Sometimes it was challenging. Sometimes it was fun.

Sometimes it was…well, not fun!

But I kept going. I was persistent and I always asked myself what the next action was.

Last year I was going to close a business that was depleting me of energy. It had taken my freedom away.

I had been told it was not worth anything to anyone except me.

The decision to “let go” created a ripple effect in the universe. The universe was waiting for me to LET GO so that I could create the next stage of my life.

A few days later I was inspired with an idea to sell my business! I had “thought” of selling my business in the past but it did not seem viable. Frankly, it seemed impossible. Yet three months later it sold for an amount of money that was beyond my wildest dreams.

That is because I learned that when inspiration hits to take massive and immediate action.


When we take action from an inspired place the universe is on our side. We are riding the flow and energy of the universe.

Do you realize how powerful you are to create consistent miracles?

There is a big light inside of you that can bring you all that you truly desire!

Stand in that light! Show it off to the world.

Claim what it is that you want. Get out of the way. Allow it to come to you.

Let your universe open up to you.

And pretend those fireworks are going off inside of you!

Cause they really are!

In honor of July 4th and whatever INDEPENDENCE means to you I am offering you a $40.00 discount off my DVD… until Monday, July 6, 2009.

Go here

When you click on the “ADD TO CART” button link you will be guided to the checkout page.

Enter “INDEPENDENCE” in the coupon box and click on “apply. The page will be updated to the $57.00 price and you are all set!

Happy Independence LIFE today and always!


PS. Claim your inner independence life today!

Manifesting in the Spiritual Grid

You live in an energetic universe that is unique to you.

You have the opportunity to form it, mold it, shape it any way you want when you claim your desires through your thoughts, pictures, actions, emotions and beliefs.

This creative Universe is what I call the “Spiritual Grid.”

The Spiritual Grid ManifestationTM technology I created works because of the nature of the universe. It is an electromagnetic grid that makes up the entire universe, including you and the earth.

This grid is why we feel “connected” to others, nature, etc.

Gregg Braden writes in Spontaneous Healing of Belief that all manifestations are a “wrinkle in the grid.” That includes every “thing”, situation, event and experience! Even you and I are wrinkles in the grid!

Think of it this way…

Each physical manifestation begins as pure energy as a thought or an idea. This energy transmutes into physical manifestation with focus such as additional thought, emotion and action.

The emotion that goes into the action will be a part of the manifestation so be sure that your focused energy is “pure POSITIVE energy.”

If you have been putting your attention on what you do not want then turn it around and focus on what you do want. Then get into the feeling of “I am so excited that I already have _______” and feel it in every cell of your body!

Embody your desire so deep inside your bones that you know it is done. You will be inspired to take action. Then allow it to manifest by trusting and letting go. Be happy and grateful for what is currently showing up in your life.


LoVeU !

PS. I have been hearing all your requests for more information!! 

Click here for your complimentary 1st 10 minutes of raw mp3 from my Spiritual Grid Manifestation™ DVD!

I Love Mondays Because I Raise My Vibration Higher!

Since it is Monday I decided it was time to finally post this fun video “I Love Mondays!”

In January I attended the Attract Wealth Seminar created by Joe Vitale and Mark Ryan. The weekend was great and it was wonderful to connect with so many like minds…many whom I had already met at previous weekends and others whom I met for the first time.

The Monday after I went to Wimberley to Bill Hibbler’s house with my friends Twenty Twenty and Carol Wingert plus Bruce Muzik and a former Miss America! The day turned into magic as we began jumping on the trampoline. Every time I watch this it is like I am there and it raises my vibration higher.

What can you do right now to raise your vibration?

Well you can watch this video! 🙂


Now that you have watched this video you can embody the energy of your desires and wave your hands in the air whether you have a a trampoline or not!

Remember manifestation is all about raising your vibration to a higher place. From this place you CAN attact your desires even better than you could have imagined!

Just one week ago I was back in Wimberley jumping on the same trampoline and helping others raise their vibration using a process I created.  One of these days I will be posting some information about this too!

Have a great day!

iLoVeU !


Trust The Universe It Sees The Big Picture

Last Tuesday, May 19th to be exact  I launched my Spiritual Grid Manifestation DVD and it was exactly one year to the day that I sold my previous business. I tried to launch on May 1st because that was my 25th anniversary of being in business. Then I tried to launch on May 10 because that was a big, marker birthday for me.

I was trying to make it happen on one of those days because I thought it would be good to launch on an auspicious day. And it would be!

Only the universe knows what is best and I have always learned to trust. What if everyday was auspicious and we did not feel the need to make it happen the way we think it should or the way others think.

I just decided to let go and when I did the universe stepped in and took over. That is what the universe is here for. It sees the big picture. When we hold onto the way we think our life has to happen we limit ourselves.

In fact I was planning on telling the entire world that day about my launch. I have all sorts of emails lists all over the place and was going to sit in my chair for hours just announcing to everyone what I had just accomplished.

Then my marketing consultant Susan Rosenthal called me and wanted to know how I was going to celebrate. I told her that I did not have any thoughts or plans to celebrate at all.

She suggested that I take the time to celebrate what I had just accomplished. Susan told me that most people do not make it as far as I have. I mean I sold a business a year before and now I had created my first physical product, my life’s work to help others create the kind of lived they have only dreamed about until now.

She suggested that I take time off that day and go to the woods and thank the universe for what it has given to me. She said that the universe gave me this technology to practice and refine over several years and now it was time to say thank you. Susan also suggested that ask the universe what else it wants from me and that I ask how it wants me to market the DVD. Since the universe gave me the technology it will also give me the marketing plan.

Yes! I get that!

It was perfect because I had filmed part of the DVD in the woods! So that is where I went.

I decided to hike in the trails and this was the first time that I hiked on my own. At first I felt scared. I was afraid to begin the trail because I was afraid I would not be able to find my way out. A few tears even begain shedding and that was so interesting to me.

Being the spiritual person I am I seem to always look at the meaning of everything that I am doing and how it all relates.

So what I saw was that this hike in the woods was a metaphor for my launch. I had never hiked the trails on my own and I had never created and launched a DVD on my own!

There were so many twists and turns in the woods. Do I go this way or that way I kept asking myself. I wondered if I would really be able to find my out safely. As I walked deeper and deeper into the woods and at some point I just let go. It trusted. I realized that I would find my way out of there one way or another.

I realized that I would find my way in the marketing of my new DVD and the creation and production of other products! In fact, when I gave Dr. Joe Vitale  a copy of my DVD the other day in Wimberley he gave me an idea for a series of DVD’s!

And this morning on my walk around the park I had another idea. So yes I will always find my way.

And even though I was not sure how to find my way out of the trails on my own when I was really ready I asked a few cute men on their bikes and they simply showed me the way 🙂

So trust the process. Trust in the universe. There will always be someone there to guide you!

iLoveU !


The Manifestation and Creation of a Law of Attraction DVD

I did not start out desiring a DVD of my very own. It just happened..well sort of like that!

For many years I have been refining what I thought was a simple manifestation technique. After selling my ergonomic business May 2008 and taking the summer off to rest I was all ready to write my book in September of 2008. I hired an assistant and together we organized my house and garage and I was all set to begin.

oops..Mother Nature had another idea! Hurricane Ike blew through town and I attempted to locate some electricity in a quiet, relaxing place in Houston to write my book. No such luck!

Sometimes in life we must learn to let go to allow for growth and new experiences. The Hurricane Ike aftermath was one of the best and most difficult experiences I ever had. The good that came out of it allowed me to clean out my mind of all that was not working anymore. It brought up emotions that were long buried so that I could release them.

Once my mind was freed up of these old ways of being (and even of a couple of people) I was able to start seeing my “technique” more clearly. I started to wonder how some of my ideas and techniques were related and wondered who I could talk to about it.

Then I read an email from Dr. Joe Vitale  about his Rolls Royce Mastermind and my body said “YES!” while my brain said “What? Are you crazy?” I admit. It was expensive. But I did it anyway and what an experience it was! Luckily the other mastermind expert was Pat O’Bryan!

Within the first 10 minutes in the Rolls Royce Phantom Joe helped me see that I did not create a technique. I had actually created a manifestation technology instead! It made sense as I had created a body of information about this idea over the years. So that was how my ideas were all related. They were part of the same technology!

Then it was Pat who looked at me and wanted to know if I needed any accountability…i.e…Did I need any help to make it happen? Well all I knew was that I did not spend all that money on the Rolls Royce Mastermind to not take action!!

Thank you Joe and Pat (and it was great to see both of you at Unseminar 6 this past weekend)!

That is when the fun began. I decided to take Joe and Pat’s advice to lead a weekend workshop and videotape it. This task seemed easy enough for me to handle.

It was a lot more difficult than I thought though!

First you must make sure to hire the right videograoher…one that fits your personality and is able to share in your vision and has the technical expertise for your project. Ok so my second videographer fit that order!

I tried to make it work with the first one because I had already paid her a nice sum of money but after many shooting errors and untimely delivery of the video on disk I finally let it go and hired someone even more perfect.

We did the necessary reshooting in a nearby park and together we edited the video in ways that kept expanding and changing. I am very pleased with the DVD and believe you will be too!

What is the DVD about you might be wondering?

With more than 20 years of working with clients I refined and integrated everything I know about the body, spirituality and the law of attraction to create a multi-layered, advanced manifestation technology.

The original technique that was the beginning of the technology employs the BODY as a MANIFESATION TOOL..It is really cool!

I just launched it 9 days ago on May 19, 2009!

The entire technology is unlike anything else on the market and I am very excited to present it to you:

Many bonuses come with the purchase of the DVD.  Check it out!

iLoVeU !


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