Shifting and Claiming Value

My last post talked about being more authentic and I have been really quiet because I have been processing and allowing myself to hear inspiration. That is pretty much how the entire year has been and as we approach 2011 I am feeling into appreciation for myself and how I have chosen to shift this past year.

It is the holiday time and I am feeling compelled to write a bit about one of the biggest challenges of my adult life. It has centered around the relationship I’ve had with my younger sister. I wrote about this some months back after having reached a new level of clarity and now I realize how much deeper that clarity has become and how it has allowed me to stand in my worthiness at new heights.

I’m just one who will do whatever inner work is necessary to feel good by going back into the sad areas of my life. Last year this time I started to connect with a much younger part of me and was able to get in touch with the sadness that I had felt for my entire life. The sadness was centered around many experiences I always remembered but did not realize had such impact on my life. How I did not realize that I do not know. I guess I was just not ready to do this work.

Close to a year ago I began talking about some of the experiences with others and I found myself reduced to tears almost immediately in the beginning. I did not realize how much I had stuffed my feelings my entire life. So much had been living inside of me and I was releasing. After sharing stories with people that cared I could feel that the pain was slowly diminishing. I did have many energy shifting sessions and hypnosis which were very helpful yet it was my constant focus on healing the sadness that helped me to feel better.

I see how for years I tired myself out trying to understand what happened that created the dynamics of our relationship and I realize how I extended myself in ways that were not loving towards myself. It has been time for me to step into who I came here to be and this was only going to happen with a heightened sense of clarity of this part of my life.

It has taken a good deal of inner strength to stand for myself … to stand for my happiness … even if it was going to appear to rock the boat. My guess is that there will be more work to do in this area and I trust that it will all happen in perfect timing. Yet for now I am feeling much more peaceful than even just a few months ago. And at some point perhaps I will share more about this journey either here or in one of my speaking engagements. I am all about shifting and growing and if my story can help inspire someone then I am happy to share.

I’m so thankful for the relief and the best part is that I’ve been stepping into a bigger me, valuing myself and asking for what I want.

I’m excited about 2011 for many reasons. I’m excited about serving. I’m excited about being. Most of all I am proud of who I continue to become.

Keep standing for yourself no matter what. And if you want I will stand for you too!

Love and Inspiration!


Who are you BEING in your Perfect Place in Time?

This past weekend I was on my Facebook page and received an IM from the other side of the world from a man that thought I could help him. He had no idea it was 6:21am on Saturday morning and that I had practically just opened my sleepy eyes but I chatted with him for a bit.   

He told me that relationships are very difficult for him. I could feel his sadness. He told me that someone like me would not know anything like that. Yet I explained to him that I had been where he is now and with practice relationships have become much easier for me over the years.  Sometime though knowing a tool can make all the difference in the world.

It appeared that he was focusing on exactly what he did not want so of course that is going to bring him even more of what he does not want and more heartache. Without getting into all the implications of the Law of Attraction I suggested that he simply take some time that day and write down exactly what he wanted in a romantic relationship.  He said that he would do that so I could feel that he was open to hearing some advice.

Then I felt this intuitive zing to suggest that he begin loving himself more. I had no idea how he was going to react or respond to this as I know nothing about him. Yet I felt the nudge to mention this because if we desire someone to love us then we must love ourselves first.  We must BE that loving person we want to attract in our life.

His response….”I am going to take a bold step!” That is what he said. It did not take much time at all. He made a decision based upon a simple suggestion.

What a great way to start my day!

A few hours later I was in a conversation with a Twitter friend and the idea of beingness came up. She had mentioned that she would like to be in a continual place of being instead of the bouts of beingness that she currently experiences.

I told her that all was in perfect order and that those bouts of being are the perfect place for her to begin moving forward towards the place she wants to be…

And here is her response… “Everything is perfect for me to be in that state of beingness I want right now.”

Both of them are very fast learners! Yeah for them and yeah for the rest of the world!  The more we love ourselves and stay in that place of beingness the more we inspire those around us to take these same actions. It is the ripple effect.

This is a perfect time to practice as Barack Obama begins his term in office tomorrow. We are all in this together and it begins with ME!

What are some ways that you display love towards yourself?

Tell me about your bouts of beingness.

Look forward to your comments on my blog!


iLoveU !!



Wendy B Young

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