Childrens’ Playground Paradise

The other night I found myself mildly out of sorts about something. I say mildly because it did not keep me awake.

Yet it was still on my mind yesterday when I woke up. I had a lot of writing to do so I chose to first grab a cup of coffee at Whole Foods. I took along my spiral and my pen and for almost three hours I wrote. I’m writing my signature speech … my life story and I have to tell you it is flowing right out of me!

On the way home I suddenly had this urge to be outside and I thought of a particular park that is in my general neighborhood but across the bayou in another section.

I made my way over there and drove all around the park to choose the best place.

Then I left my Blackberry in the car … something I rarely do, if ever and I hiked to the childrens’ playground. Since the sun was shining brightly I chose to climb up and into one of the covered areas and I sat there just relaxing.

It was so nice to be quiet and still outside in nature in the middle of the day!

I closed my eyes, breathed deeply and looked for the light in the distance. It takes practice to find the light. Once you can find that light focus on it and then bring it closer to you. It will help you focus in your daily life.

I began staring at the grid structure in front of me and at times it seemed as though it was somewhere else instead of right in front of me. It was an illusion and it felt as if I was somewhere else at times. And I felt like I was in a trance when I really focused on that grid structure.

Finally I put my jacket under my neck as I stared upward, soaked in the heat from the sun and listened to the locusts (the sounds of the physical universe!) as they were singing!

All of this allowed me to relax. I cannot control anybody in my world. The only person that I can work on is me. And the only way that I can do that is to be living fully in the present and nurturing my spirit.

And that is what I did yesterday.

What are you going to do today that will nurture your spirit? Perhaps you can choose one simple thing to nurture your spirit everyday.

Love and Inspiration!


Trust The Universe It Sees The Big Picture

Last Tuesday, May 19th to be exact  I launched my Spiritual Grid Manifestation DVD and it was exactly one year to the day that I sold my previous business. I tried to launch on May 1st because that was my 25th anniversary of being in business. Then I tried to launch on May 10 because that was a big, marker birthday for me.

I was trying to make it happen on one of those days because I thought it would be good to launch on an auspicious day. And it would be!

Only the universe knows what is best and I have always learned to trust. What if everyday was auspicious and we did not feel the need to make it happen the way we think it should or the way others think.

I just decided to let go and when I did the universe stepped in and took over. That is what the universe is here for. It sees the big picture. When we hold onto the way we think our life has to happen we limit ourselves.

In fact I was planning on telling the entire world that day about my launch. I have all sorts of emails lists all over the place and was going to sit in my chair for hours just announcing to everyone what I had just accomplished.

Then my marketing consultant Susan Rosenthal called me and wanted to know how I was going to celebrate. I told her that I did not have any thoughts or plans to celebrate at all.

She suggested that I take the time to celebrate what I had just accomplished. Susan told me that most people do not make it as far as I have. I mean I sold a business a year before and now I had created my first physical product, my life’s work to help others create the kind of lived they have only dreamed about until now.

She suggested that I take time off that day and go to the woods and thank the universe for what it has given to me. She said that the universe gave me this technology to practice and refine over several years and now it was time to say thank you. Susan also suggested that ask the universe what else it wants from me and that I ask how it wants me to market the DVD. Since the universe gave me the technology it will also give me the marketing plan.

Yes! I get that!

It was perfect because I had filmed part of the DVD in the woods! So that is where I went.

I decided to hike in the trails and this was the first time that I hiked on my own. At first I felt scared. I was afraid to begin the trail because I was afraid I would not be able to find my way out. A few tears even begain shedding and that was so interesting to me.

Being the spiritual person I am I seem to always look at the meaning of everything that I am doing and how it all relates.

So what I saw was that this hike in the woods was a metaphor for my launch. I had never hiked the trails on my own and I had never created and launched a DVD on my own!

There were so many twists and turns in the woods. Do I go this way or that way I kept asking myself. I wondered if I would really be able to find my out safely. As I walked deeper and deeper into the woods and at some point I just let go. It trusted. I realized that I would find my way out of there one way or another.

I realized that I would find my way in the marketing of my new DVD and the creation and production of other products! In fact, when I gave Dr. Joe Vitale  a copy of my DVD the other day in Wimberley he gave me an idea for a series of DVD’s!

And this morning on my walk around the park I had another idea. So yes I will always find my way.

And even though I was not sure how to find my way out of the trails on my own when I was really ready I asked a few cute men on their bikes and they simply showed me the way 🙂

So trust the process. Trust in the universe. There will always be someone there to guide you!

iLoveU !


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