I am not a great artist

I am not even a good artist. Not really. And I’m ok with it.

Lets walk around the museum and we can discuss some of the masters.

Or lets browse the websites of artists who have been painting since they were very young.

Am I even an artist at all or am I someone who likes to draw on anything she can get her hands on and whenever I give myself the permission to throw some paint on a canvas.

Ok. I better not say I am not an artist because it took me decades to finally own that part of me.

And does it matter whether I am good or great or even if I will massively profit from the sale of my art?

No it doesn’t.

Creative Self Expression is the reason my soul wants to make art.

It has taken me a long time to come to this and it has happened in the past few days. For real.

For a very long time I was blocked from creating art and I’ve written about these reasons on this website. Here is one place I talked about it.

Fortunately I found a way to unblock myself and developed a system around it that I now teach others.

Unlocking this new piece about creative self expression is very freeing for me and I am curious to see where this leads me when I know I am creating for the mere expression of my soul’s desires.

And knowing that the journey of creating art is more important in what I do with it.

What I do understand even more deeply is that I am here to help others unlock this piece inside themselves.

2020 is upon us and I am super excited to have a more perfect vision of why I am here.

If you want to delve deeper into your creative outlet then I invite  you to come along for the ride.

Join my mailing list (to the right of this post) and follow me on my Facebook Page and/or Facebook Group I will be looking forward to seeing your full on creative expression.

Much love,




Cleaning with Ho’oponopono

Have you ever heard or seen a situation that made you feel sad, but you really couldn’t do anything about it? Maybe a friend is sharing a personal challenge. Or you’ve heard a heartbreaking news story. I mean, you can’t foster all the orphaned pups, can you? But… what if you could help by cleaning with Ho’oponopono? Continue reading

Three Reasons Art is Important

1. Creativity Expands as We Deepen our Art.

We use creativity in every area of life whether we realize it or not. We harness our creativity to find solutions to everyday problems that arise in our personal and business life. When we create art in some way, even when coloring (because that is creative too), we are opening up pathways in our brains that allow us to have access to our creativity. Continue reading

iLoVeU Month Days 12 and 13

Today I picked my mom at her memory care and took her out for a bit. It is never easy going there and I’m always praying she will be happy to see me. I was aware of feeling some grief right below the surface but it was stuck.

On the way home after taking my mom back I forced myself to feel those feelings. I suppose I pushed them to the surface so I could feel and release them. It was only for a couple of minutes yet I felt so much better. Writing, making art, exercising, resting and meditating all help in their own way. Continue reading

iLoVeU Month Day 11

A recent drawing
My iLoVeU design
With a new flair of detail.

I love using black marker
Because it’s final
And allows for transformation Of mistakes into new detail.


And shifts our perception
That perfection lives within
Constructs of imperfection.

What is perfect about you, your life and experiences that you previously thought to be imperfect?



iLoVeU Month Days 7 – 10

Day 7

This iLoVeU was painted in May 2016 right before I started liquidating my mother’s house. It was nice to have a small amount of creativity playtime…still a bit more work to complete..






Day 8 – Only LOVE 💖









Day 9
It’s interesting how the names we give our art comes to be.
It’s also interesting how I’ve been choosing the order to post my art this month. It’s definitely not being done in a linear manner.
This is the iLoVeU Goddess. I drew her a couple of years ago.
She represents all.
She is colorful.
She is all woman.
She is voluptuous.
She is love.
She is a dancer.
She is courageous.
She is confident.
She is unique.
She is loved.
She is creative.
She is spontaneous.
She doesn’t give a fuck what people think about her.
I want to be more like her.
Hopefully I am her.










Day 10
This is a chalk drawing I created a while before moving out of my house. For some reason creating with chalk felt like cheating for me. I definitely did not feel like an artist and using chalk was giving the young, forgotten artist a playground. I suppose I did not see chalk as a medium that real artists would use. Anyway. I know I’m an artist and this is real art.










iLoVeU Month Day 6 – iLoVeU Tree

The iLoVeU Tree.

Stands so perfectly.

So well suited for today’s art share.

She represents the collective current need.

To be even more self aware.

Life happens for us especially.

When we let it.

Art lets us explore our roots.

Our truths.










There she stands.

Tall and strong and majestical.

Giving life to all around her.

So they may be as rooted

In Mama Earth as she.

We find meaning in art.

Art heals us through creation, evolution, discussion, imagination and meditation of it – the artwork.




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