31 Day Challenge: Day 8

And what a challenging week it has been! My challenge began as a mostly raw and all vegan lifestyle for the entire month of July. So far….it is about 50-75% raw and 80-90 % vegan. Not too shabby!

I was starving so I ate some yogurt…but no hard cheese. That was big for me because I have eaten more cheese in the past few years than I have most of my life.

It was time to get back into balance. So I am pleased up to this point and I feel better. That was the point.

I believe that food has a consciousness and it becomes a part of ours…..thoughts, beliefs, emotions, connection to divine… I will continue on this path and go deeper as I do with everything in my life it seems. A few years ago I began eating more vegetarian and thus began my journey with cheese! It is easy and sooo good!

OK, enough about food for now.

My challenge went deeper. I have been working on my sales page for my new healing/mentoring teleseries and private sessions and have experienced TECHSTRESS! Not fun. Hopefully installing Firefox on my laptop is going to help.

My teleseries is going to be ultra cool as it will help awaken people to their creativity in a fun and very unique way. I will be guiding everyone to create a special project that works in tandem with my 6 step process that I will be sharing. Can’t wait.

I feel so ALIVE! What I know more than anything: I AM READY TO SERVE!! BRING IT ON!

More soon!


Consciousness Expansion: What is it?

The idea of “Consciousness Expansion” has intrigued me for many years and I wonder sometimes if others perceive themselves and their universe in similar ways.

The way for me to describe “Consciousness Expansion”  is to ask this question:

“How do I see the world around me that I cannot see?”

Years back I began to wonder what it would be like if my consciousness could be inside the consciousness of a flower! Then I wondered about a tree and the grass and the stars!

Have you ever thought about anything as seemingly crazy as that?

Years back I imagined that I was traveling all over the universe and that I was the universe and I felt such deep love and joy all over my body.

This was all imagined….being one with the flower, the tree, the universe.

Then a few years ago I was receiving some energy work with a trained energy worker and I had the most beyond amazing experience.

I felt as big as the universe while relaxing there on the massage table and I felt myself open up.  I could see and feel the entire universe inside the core of my body. It was beautiful and breathtaking and expansive and one of the most wonderful feelings I had ever experienced. 

How did that happen? It is because I had been imagining being one with the universe for such a long time and one day I allowed myself to open up to see who I really am.

Who I really am is the Source of all my good. I am the universe. I am love. I am.

The more open I am to seeing who I really am opens the way to deeper connection to this “Source of me” so that I may create all that I desire.

Just some interesting thoughts to ponder.

We have been exploring many consciusness expansion ideas in the Connecting to the Spiritual Grid series I have been running the past few weeks. If you want to know more then visit When you register for the series you will receive a recording every other day for a month. You can download them and listen to them morning and night from your ipod.


PS. I would love to hear your comments!

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