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Life Richness Shapes Purpose and Life Goals

I have been an entrepreneur for 27 years and have had so many incredible experiences….many that have had me on my knees that I have had to rise way above after much personal work on myself.

There have been a number of “bizarre” experiences that have taught me many lessons. Things that fell into my lap out of the blue that either caused great pain or superb joy. It has allowed me to grow in demonstrative ways. It has taught me to continue to think out of the box, be creative, be myself more than I could have possibly imagined.

As I look back on the personal experiences of my life I see how closely intertwined it all is. The personal experiences affect my business and visa versa.

And because of the many rich and juicy stories it has helped me to realize that I am a storyteller at heart and these stories are just begging to be told. I am taking the necessary time to mold these stories into my keynote speaking.

When I tell my stories it heals me and inspires others to grow and change and take actions they have not been courageous enough to take.

As an Empowerment Coach, Author and Speaker I help my clients to find their courage, step into their self worth and take actions with confidence. I had to do this for myself and if it were not for all of the rich experiences of my life that may not have happened.

So look at the Richness of your life’s experiences and use this as the fuel to get you to your next fantastic journey whatever that may be!

With Love!


Life Purpose

Yesterday I mentioned that I traveled to Phoenix for a Life Purpose Summit. It was an amazing weekend and I received confirmation and some important details about my life purpose.

For almost 2 decades I have had visions of myself on stage speaking. I’ve had many thoughts about speaking about my life.

Last year I took a speaker training and for the past several weeks speaking has really been foremost on my mind. In fact I have begun practicing in front of my flip cam.

I say that I do not have a fear of public speaking though I am sure that I will be feeling the butterflies in my stomach! Soon I will find out as I will begin telling my life story and how it has led me to where I am now.

I have a core message to share that I have been told will be very healing. I have always said that stories heal because people take what they need from the story to gain insights about their own lives.

Admittedly I feel a bit nervous to be so authentic and vulnerable in front of people that I do not know yet since I know this is my life purpose to be sharing my story I know I must. I trust that once I share my story for the first time it will motivate me to continue.

So I have been writing my speech and yesterday I booked my first talk to a group of very supportive women! When things happen fast that is when you know you are on the right track!

Love and Inspiration!


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