Moving Through the Tough Stuff

Ever feel like it is one thing after another?! Life just keeps happening and sometimes there is no time for a breather?

These days many are experiencing a quickening in challenging life events. If you are one of them I totally feel you.

This has been my life for about 30 years. My twenties were turbulent and when I started on my healing path in 1989 things began to make some sense.

10 years ago began a new series of events and six years ago another big series and then many other since. And when I take a closer look I see that they are all very connected and

I have often wanted to write about them and the reality is that when things are happening so fast and with very little recovery time it can be easy to lose track. It is my intention to share more as I walk this path because I receive insights that help me and others. I know that by sharing my journey in the form of story and insight from the experience it is serving a larger whole.

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So with that in mind….

A new series of events began the end of February.

I bought a new car out of the blue (fun and surprising mystical experience I still intend to write about!).

A couple of days later I was in the process of moving and I missed a step and sprained my foot and ankle … the worst sprain ever!

After looking for help I just had to walk on my foot, carrying boxes and pushing my way through.

My dog and I stayed in a hotel for several days and walking him was painful! I held onto cars and the side of the building and sometime sat on the curb. And it was cold and rainy and I was moving SLOW.

During this time I was in the process of selling my old car which took three days of non-stop work (driving from one side of the city to the other, trading cars and getting documents together) to make it happen. I really felt as though I was being tested.

I also felt as though I was pushing myself to the next level of inner growth. While that was nice to realize I was just tired and my sweet dog was getting confused over the continuing change from one car to the other.

I kept pushing through. I had no other choice.

Then after several weeks of testing my mother was moved into a lock-down unit of an assisted living home for dementia – very emotionally challenging.

It has been a challenging couple of months working towards acceptance of my mother’s health. All kinds of anger and grief has surfaced and keep working through it using my own processes and getting help from other energy healers

There is no other choice for me. What about you? What is your choice?

I’d love to hear.


PS. One hint to move through the rough stuff: Create Art!




DAY 5 – Saying YES to SELF CARE

This is the fourth time I am sitting down to write this post. It might seem like I have a block to self care but actually it is because I allowed myself some self care and have not written since Thursday so now with inspired energy I am catching up.

This post began as “Saying YES to MOTHERING ME” and transformed into the topic of SELF CARE all by itself

My first attempt was Friday night after midnight and I was too tired to write so I went to sleep. Then I made another attempt and it transformed again.

I was going to say how I am terrible at self care. But going to sleep Friday night instead of trying to write was definitely me taking care of me. And Friday when I realized I needed to rest I took a long bath and relaxed instead of forcing myself.

I even thought about how it would be nice to get out and the next day I was invited to a party and even after initially thinking about declining or even going and leaving early I went and had a wonderful time playing because that is what I chose to do before I left. That is a sign of self care if I ever saw one because normally I would say no without much advance notice (or maybe even with notice!) I choose lots and lots (& LOTS) of fun from here on out!

So I am getting better at self care. It really is about being aware of what my body/mind need are and listening.

As a child I did my best to take care of myself but it was difficult because I had so much responsibility taking care of other people. My needs were not important to others so I did not learn that my needs are important to me. It has been programmed in for so long that I have neglected myself in so many ways.

I choose to choose self care. Yes I know I used the word “choose” more than once in one sentence. I choose to use choose because I have the divine right to choose! Amen.

Self care (self love, self nurturing) is a necessary way of being in this ever evolving world.

Wendy G Young

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