PATHWAY 4 OF 7: Honoring Your Accomplishments

And today we move into what I like to call the “FUN pathways!!”

I stumbled upon a process that created an instant shift for me. And when I say shift I mean that my head turned and I knew something very powerful had changed inside of me. What followed shortly afterwards was the artist in me emerging and never looking back. I was able to Own the artist in me and it created a connection to my joy that was brand new in this lifetime for me!

Honoring Your Accomplishments

If it can happen for me it can happen for you!

There are accomplishments in your past that you inadvertently placed on a shelf so that you could now take the time to look at and honor them.

Many of your accomplishments were forgotten because life was moving fast and you were already onto the next thing and you were not aware of the importance to honor yourself in this way.



It is going to take AWARENESS to do this work.

You must become aware of your past successes that you did not honor. When you take a close look you’ll see a series of successful accomplishments that for whatever reason have been forgotten (or just put on the shelf for a while).

If you are here you have experienced success all along the way and do not let anyone say anything otherwise!

Plain and simple … Honoring that part of yourself equals valuing yourself.

Wondering what you can honor?

… your school work, art projects, student awards and honors, swim team ribbons, track and field wins, performances, report card, keeping your room clean, learning to drive, chores, being kind to a stranger, being creative with dressing yourself … honor anything you desire!

AND be sure to honor what you may not have been proud of because everything is part of who you have become.

Give value to yourself for every step of your journey. Be proud of who you have become because of your life experiences!



1) Take a piece paper, scan your life and write down what you remember.

2) Beginning in early childhood and all the way through high school (and beyond if you choose) look closely at your life to remind yourself of a string of accomplishments – (school, work extracurricular activities, sports, projects, lessons, recitals, etc).

3) Make a list of what calls out to you.

You do not have to work hard for this. This is a FUN activity and the actions you take now are going to make you smile and feel good!

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