PATHWAY 3 OF 7: Releasing What Has Been Stuck

“OMG. What is wrong with me I was wondering? I better put away my art and leave right now so that nobody sees me crying!”

… It was October 2011 and I was fully immersed with my artistry. I bought a brand new drawing pad, sharpened my pencils and started drawing. I sat for hours and hours at a local coffee shop and was having a grand time! I produced a half inch thick folder of art.  I took a few days off and realized I had no idea at all where my folder of art was!!

Total panic set in. I searched my car and my house and did not find anything. I spoke to everyone I could think of at the coffee shop to see if they had found my art. Nobody knew anything. Then I searched my car and house again and nothing! I was devastated! I cried my eyes out and then realized I was not only crying about the lost folder of art.

I was grieving my childhood and all the sadness I had to stuff deep inside my body when I was not given the opportunity to be an artist. It was now all coming to the surface so that I could heal. When it was all done I felt like a completely different person …

At the same time I was also helping my 90-year old mom a lot which had been triggering lots of childhood stuff…

So, lets talk about this releasing process that walks hand in hand with the discovering process.

Release what has been stuckOnce you have done some digging around and started to uncover what was buried in the way of thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc you are going to be sitting with it for a bit. How long really depends on you and how much information you feel the need to gather on this particular leg of your journey.

Consider that you are in a cave after an archeological dig and now the dust (the mixture of emotions, memories) that was broken up is settling and you are beginning to breathe it all in. And now you are feeling deeply and this will bring upon a release of emotions. Hurray!!

Yes emotions in the way of healing tears that will bring you to the next pathway which you are going to love!


It takes resilience for this work and you have plenty of it inside of you. Reach in and claim it.

The road with obstacles leads to smoother paths. You must learn to appreciate every day of your journey because you never know when a major insight is going to make itself known to you. It really is all good.

Take time for self care and the simple pleasures of life. This will give you the energy to invest in your inner work and for the fun and celebratory times.

Releasing is about never giving up. You must keep going forward even when the gravel road is bumpy! The paved road is just up ahead!


1) FEEL your feelings. The process of feeling your feelings as deeply as you can IS the process of releasing what has been stuck. This is the healing process. You are claiming yourself back.

2) Journal as often as you can. Writing will bring old thoughts to mind that will lead to strings of insights. You will understand so much more about your life and why and how everything has turned out the way it has.

3) Take walks in nature to help you connect to your true self and give you the space and time to relax.

4) Meditate and enjoy plenty of quiet time will allow your feelings to move as well and will increase your ability to relax in all kinds of situations.

5) Create art! Art moves what is stuck so that you can release easier. I will share much more about the healing benefits of creating art!

6) Get energy healing sessions from a professional and learn techniques you can do on your own such as EFT and Access Consciousness.

Remember, you are releasing what you did not feel safe to feel so long ago. Consciously choose to heal and transform your life and this will lead you to your creative passion. The time and energy you invest to do this work will be worth it. You deserve it.

The more you walk this process the more of your divine creative gift you will have access to. Allow yourself to continue to clear the way!

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