Awaken The Artist 31 Day Coloring Festival

After many months of tiny baby steps in between taking care of my mother I am excited to serve. Tomorrow, April 10, 2015 is the first day of my Awaken The Artist 31 Day Coloring Festival.

I have found that our creativity needs a little help from our inner child. One of the first creative tools a child picks up is a crayon and blank paper or a coloring book. And when we are all grown up and find ourselves stuck from life’s numerous escapades the creative inner child is ready to step in.

Over 10 years ago as a large corporate consulting contact was crumbling I was distraught. My therapist at the time suggested I start coloring mandalas. I had never heard of a mandala. I bought several coloring books and a new set of markers and colored for hours at a time. It relaxed and put me in a meditative state and I discovered that it was the fastest way to my creativity. I did not have to think or plan. I could just play.

Then after years of self discovery and finally owning the artist in me I created a mandala coloring book. I started drawing and then the idea for the coloring book came to me. That was over three years ago.

And now for the next 31 days I will be here everyday drawing, scanning, coloring, blogging, etc with anyone who wants to play. I will be sharing drawings from my Wendalas Mandalas Coloring Book (sample below) and I will be creating a brand, new Goddess Coloring Book.  And I would love for you to play with me!

If you jump in I imagine you are going to have a lot of fun as well as build your creativity/courage muscles.

The coloring fest is totally free! Register under the yellow graphic –>

Who’s in? 🙂


300 x 382



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