31 Day Challenge: Day 16

This is my 3rd post about my 31 day challenge. I thought it would be a great idea to only post once a week about this particular journey because it is much easier to keep my word to myself!

A Couple of Accomplishments I am Proud of on this Journey:

Accomplishment #1 – Raw/Vegan and Gratitude Focus

I have not eaten any cheese…a miracle…and my body does feel better.  I have eaten some sugar mainly in chocolate and I have had some coffee….but not everyday. I am eating about as much raw as usual….50-70% if I had to guess and vegetarian. I originally wanted to eat 100% vegan but since I ate some yogurt and a tiny bit of dairy in my coffee

What is even more exciting to me is that I have experienced some insights and I believe it is because I chose to change my eating habits.  Last week I felt a new and deep connection to my soul. On a conscious level I have known for many years that the turbulent twist and turns on my path to healing were for a reason…and last week I felt it in my body. Here is what I posted on Facebook within minutes of this insight.

“So many new ahas are coming up for me this week. Just a few minutes ago I instantly felt a deep connection to my soul. I feel a deep knowing in my body that all I have experienced in my life and all the healing I have done to get to this place was to prepare me for this time. This is something I have known consciously for many years on my journey and now to feel it deep inside. Priceless.”

I have written in my gratitude journal more often and after just a few days I could sense a new awareness about my relationship to money and my divine abundance. For many years after noticing the amount of money in my bank accounts … no matter the amount there was always a sense of tightening in my body. And I noticed that this has shifted as I noticed the balance and the amount of cash in my wallet.

Immediately I felt this money connected to my divinity and my divine bank account and that there is always an abundance of money. That is a rather huge shift that occurred in small increments over a period of time…say years! And now lets see where this new awareness takes me!

I feel grounded and connected and balanced. I feel grateful for the many blessings in my life.

Accomplishment #2- Creative Focus

I have placed an extraordinary amount of focus on my brand new program: Breakthrough Healing & Mentoring to Awaken the Inspired Creator and Artist. I have been attempting to work on this since April all kinds of things happened instead.

April 20th a 2 month old puppy came to live with me and for about a month it was all about him….Simba. Then every time I sat to write I made no progress.

In the past 2 weeks I have been much more focused. And one day last week was a major day of focus for me which enabled me to “pre-launch” this program. The pre-launch pricing ends today and then I will begin working on the launch portion. I am excited to see the results of my focus and the inspiration I am receiving for this program.

The lotus flower that you see on this page began as a simple brown lotus and I “accidentally” figured out how to fill it in with color on Photoshop! This is something I have wanted to do for years….Removing blocks from my life allowed this to happen I believe! There is still a bit more to be done and I could use a bit of training as well.

In a bit I plan to push the computer away and create art….it has been calling me!

Looking forward to what develops over the next week!

With Love


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