Day 20 Recap – 30 Days 30 Stories

Well I’ve been writing the stories of my life that have always been there in the back of my mind. I’ve been typing and handwriting when not at home. I always have extra paper in the car and my purse! It is almost impossible for me to not do anything when I am “relaxing” and sipping a cup of tea of coffee at my favorite Whole Foods hangout.

I lost track of how many stories I’ve written so far but I definitely have not written everyday and I am not sure if I will write all 30 stories by May 2. So it could appear that I have not kept my promise of writing everyday…


After writing just a handful of stories I got the lesson…I was one empowered little girl and teenager and I was totally out of touch with this very important fact!

I ran for office, tried out for cheerleader, had jobs, was a member of the swim team, jogged, was a good student, had great ideas, was a great daughter and sister and so much more. It is just that there was so much other stuff going on in my life such as abuse, humiliation, being put down by teachers, students and more. So even though I took actions and wanted to take more actions that were thwarted by others I did the absolute best that I could. So powerful to realize this.

I’ve been empowered all through my adult life and because it was mixed in with all sorts of other experiences….many personal and business life-altering experiences…empowerment was not something that I identified with.

This realization inspired me to create an empowerment program. So I have been creating all the lessons for that over the past week. Earlier this year I discovered that Empowerment is my Life Purpose and ever since this time I have been processing this information to see how to create new products and services. First I had to discover that I AM an empowered woman before I could take on being a facilitator in the empowerment of others!

I was running an early morning errand…which for me is so interesting because I am not an early out-of-the-door person. But I was empowered to take care of something important early in the day.

And as I was driving I had an “aha” moment that I am “Living in the Empowerment Part of My Life” now.

It is now 11:11 as I complete this note….so fitting 🙂

With Love


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