New Year’s Day a Second Time

Yesterday I participated in a class with Lissa Boles, The Soul Mapper where she explained everything that is going on with the planets. It is fascinating! Over the years I really never took the time to understand what astrology is all about but in the creation of my DVD this past year it just all of a sudden started making sense to me.

I do not know if I will ever begin taking classes in astrology but I have been paying a lot more attention to what is happening with the planets lately. Many unusual things are happening.

It started with the Blue Moon and lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve while Mercury and Mars were in retrograde. The past few weeks were about reviewing and getting clear on what you want to create in the next year. Your decisions can impact you for the next seven years.

But not to worry because Mars will be in retrograde for several more weeks and it will help to slow you down in case you are wanting to run out of the shoot and conquer all your desires in one day. Mercury has gone direct today and that means it is time to start putting your little toe into your new plans and ideas…sort of test the waters a bit…once you are in touch with your goals of course.

The planets have been lining up to help us shift into who we are becoming and in that process it calls for review and a letting go of the old. I have been doing much of both!

Last night was a solar eclipse also very significant and today is a new moon. It is a perfect day for getting in touch with your goals. As soon as I am done posting this blog I am off to do just that.

What I also learned is that today is an “unofficial” New Years Day because of all these wild occurences happening with the planets!! I do not really understand enough to explain it to you and just wanted to let you know what I learned from my good friend, Lissa Boles.

So Happy New Year…again!!! And happy getting in touch with your dreams, goals and desires!

iLoveU !




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