These healing, art cards
were made from a vision
to inspire your creativity!

iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards, Peace Card Message, Guide Booklet

iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards

These cards are the result of an inspirational combination of two of my favorite meditative practices. The synergy of using them together helped me create from a profoundly powerful place and can support your soul in creative self-expression.

  • iLoVeU – The imagery for iLoVeU appeared to me in 2006. Since then, I spent years drawing and painting different variations of this inspiring design. I also created an entire product line and meditation video that focused on the power of Love. The feedback from others was overwhelmingly positive as they shared their own experiences incorporating the image in their own meditation practice.
  • Ho’oponopono – This ancient Hawaiian healing technique has been in use for hundreds of years. Consistent practice has been known to assist with healing, forgiveness, bringing inner peace and stirring creativity. You can read more in this blog post.

The Birth of the iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards

The combination of these two practices has yielded some powerful results! I am now producing them for you to use in your own life.

Each package includes 10 colorful images that are…

  • Encoded with healing intention.
  • Infused with Reiki healing, Love and Ho’oponopono
  • Themed for various intentions: Peace, Resilience, Divine Connection, Heart Healing, Forward Movement, New Beginnings, and more
  • Placed within a hand painted cloth bag
  • Guidebook is included

The card set is for your use as a meditative, spiritual & prayer tool. It is small enough to carry with you, throughout your day.

Three Ordering Options
Choose correct quantity in shopping cart. Shipping prices for U.S. destinations only. Request international shipping quote with quantity and shipping address here.

(1) Purchase 1 art card set.

Regular price – $24.95 + $6.50 shipping

Place separate order for each address.

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(2) Purchase Bulk Packages of 10 art card sets – Best Value
Priced for year-round Gift Giving & Client Bonuses!

$210 per package of 10 + $11.95 shipping
Shipped in one package. Gift to family, friends & associates. Order additional bulk packages for unique, gift-giving all year!


(3) Private Session – Personalize Your Ho’oponopono Practice With The Art Cards

$90.00 for a 30-minute private session with Wendy
For a 60 minute session change the quantity to “2” in the shopping cart.

If you’d like some help getting started, we can hop on Zoom together and I will guide you through your first meditative practice with the art cards. We will discuss how to vary your practice using specific cards for best results. After the session, you will receive a recording of our session. Please note: You will need your set of art cards for the session.

How to use the iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards: A 3-Minute Demo

Much love,


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