don Miguel Ruiz at Unity in Houston

Happy New Year to all of you! Here’s to a wonderful 2010 and beyond!

Towards the end of last year I had the pleasure of co-interviewing HeatherAsh Amara with my mastermind partner Chip Engelmann and we had a great conversation about shifting consciousness using some techniques we played with live. It can be as simple as taking an action that makes you smile and laugh.

Heather Ash Amara has been an apprentice of don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements for many years and she invited me to hear him speak at Unity this past week. 

I am so glad I went as it has been many years since I have been to Unity and it was a magical evening for me. It would be impossible to capture the essence of the evening in a simple blog post and at the same time I want to hightlight a couple of the key points. Sharing this information helps me live these ideas in a deeper way.

don Miguel Ruiz asked us if we would help him change the world.

I am all for that. Basically what he was saying is that it starts from within us. That each of us has our own view of the world and each of our views is correct…for us. It is not for us to tell others that they are wrong because in their mind they are right.

He told us to take a look at the lies we tell ourselves and to become more authentic in how we live our lives.

And he is right. That is what shifting consciousness is all about. That is what I have been teaching for many years. We have to take responsibility in our own life to change ourselves and when we change ourselves we change the world.

He brought both of his sons and HeatherAsh on stage to speak and they were all exciting speakers and if you ever have a chance to hear any of them speak I highly recommend it.

The final thing I want to say is about “the final judgment” they spoke about. This refers to the final time that you judge yourself. When you stop judging yourself others stop judging you and this is what changes the world.

Let me know what you think.

iLoveU ! 




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