Aligning With Gratitude in Your Home

There is a point at the end of the hallway where I can view a spectacular site in my house. When I purchased my house 6 years ago I decorated it with multicolor paintings and accessories. My heart sings everytime I see that view. I have placed artwork everywhere could…on the walls, the floor, shelves, cabinets. Everywhere I look there is color! Today I stopped and just stood there in awe as I looked at my breathtaking museum as I was in touch with the deepest of gratitude.

Gratitude is the key to the kingdom of your desires. What do you have to be thankful for at the deepest of levels? What is in your life right NOW that sparks your inner light, that places you into alignment with all your desires?

Stop right now and get in touch with what makes your heart sing. Step into it. Feel it.

If you cannot get in touch with gratitude for something in your life right now then imagine if something you treasure was taken away from you…even if only for a short while.

Go ahead right now and imagine not having something in your life that you love. It could be as simple as your bed or your pillow or your favorite chair.

How does it feel to not have that thing that you love? Step into that for just a second.

Now imagine that it has come back to you. Step into that feeling of gratitude. Can you feel it now? Sometimes just the fear of something being taken away from us can help us step into the feeling of gratitude.

What can you do to begin feeling this gratitude everyday? What do you have to be greatful for at this moment? When you are feeling gratitude you are in alignment with the universe and your desires will be attracted to you with speed.

I am now going to take a walk down to the end of my hallway.


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