Unlock Creativity Breakthrough Session

The first step to getting started is…

Getting Started!

Many creatives have stared down at the blank page or the blank canvas waiting for their muse to strike, but with no luck. I’ve developed a quick 90-minute session that will unlock your creative flow.

Having the desire to create and being unable to express yourself can be frustrating. Those dry spells are often linked to a story that you picked up in your past. It keeps playing through your mind and is so deeply en-grained, you may not even notice it anymore.

Together, we will identify and dismantle the story that is holding you back.

If you can bring your willingness to share openly with me, you will leave the session with new insights and renewed inspiration.

Let’s get your creativity off to an exciting new beginning!

Click the booking link below and schedule a chat with me to see if this is your next step on your creative journey!

Chris O’Hare & Kristy Rackham share about the major shifts they experienced after their Unlock Creativity Breakthrough Sessions with me:



“I am BLOWN AWAY! 😍 I’ve just finished my ‘Unlock Creativity Breakthru session” coaching with Wendy and now have such excitement about the creative journey that is unfolding before me! It was such an enlightening and heart opening session!

I’ve been creatively blocked for 2 years… well honestly, it’s been more like my ENTIRE LIFE. I have always struggled to embrace my creative talents and gifts, hitting up against some unknown block, only allowing myself to express in a very limited way, dancing around the edges of my art… Recently I’ve been completely ‘starved for art’.

In just 90 minutes with Wendy I was connecting the dots and realised that my creative limitations were rooted in childhood… Being ‘shut down’ as a child, told that i needed to ‘tone down’ my creative gifts. Memories arose and cleared during this session, blocks released, and I am now SUPER EXCITED about harnessing the latent talent that has been sitting right below the surface! I can’t wait to get started again!

Probably the most valuable part of this session was the validation and realisation that it is okay for me to not only OWN my talents, but have permission to CELEBRATE THEM🥳!!! WOW!! Who knew that was possible?!

I am SO GRATEFUL for the insights, healing and possibility that Wendy has opened for me… she is such a joyful soul, oozing creative expression – something to aspire to!

If you’ve not worked with Wendy or have been contemplating how awesome it would be to unlock your own creative artistry, and feel drawn to access and awaken the artist within, please do yourself a favour and book a session!!

      1. Thank you so much Wendy!!


I am heading off to the art shop right now to grab supplies for my next project!!! 💗🧚‍♀️”

Kristy Rackham

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