Intuition or Inspiration

Last week on a teleclass I was asked if intuition and inspiration are the same and I admitted that it was something that I had been pondering recently.

I said that intuition is something that we have a feeling about … maybe there is a decision that we are trying to make and then we get the answer. Sometimes we meet someone and know instantly about whether we want to associate with this person. For many it is a feeling in the pit of the stomach and that is why intuition is often referred to as a “gut” feeling.

Inspiration is something totally different.

A few years ago I had been pondering the concept of where money comes from in the spiritual sense. Then one day I was standing in my kitchen and I asked this question outloud. I received an answer that told me to interview a series of experts in the field and I said to myself ..”OK.” Then an idea popped into my head that said “Why don’t you interview them and create an audio series and then sell it.”

I stood there just pondering this idea that came through and hit me on my head. I call it getting “zinged!” And I thought about it and made the decision to get started and within 24 hours had already lined up half of the speakers.

When you take immediate and bold action there is a divine flow from the universe that supports your efforts.

So next time you are wondering … “Is it inspiration or is it intuition?” Just tune in…This raises your awareness.

I do believe at times there is a fine line and it is probably not important to know and label whether something is intuition or inspiration.

The most important thing to remember is that we LISTEN and TAKE APPROPRIATE INSPIRED ACTION!

Consciousness Expansion: What is it?

The idea of “Consciousness Expansion” has intrigued me for many years and I wonder sometimes if others perceive themselves and their universe in similar ways.

The way for me to describe “Consciousness Expansion”  is to ask this question:

“How do I see the world around me that I cannot see?”

Years back I began to wonder what it would be like if my consciousness could be inside the consciousness of a flower! Then I wondered about a tree and the grass and the stars!

Have you ever thought about anything as seemingly crazy as that?

Years back I imagined that I was traveling all over the universe and that I was the universe and I felt such deep love and joy all over my body.

This was all imagined….being one with the flower, the tree, the universe.

Then a few years ago I was receiving some energy work with a trained energy worker and I had the most beyond amazing experience.

I felt as big as the universe while relaxing there on the massage table and I felt myself open up.  I could see and feel the entire universe inside the core of my body. It was beautiful and breathtaking and expansive and one of the most wonderful feelings I had ever experienced. 

How did that happen? It is because I had been imagining being one with the universe for such a long time and one day I allowed myself to open up to see who I really am.

Who I really am is the Source of all my good. I am the universe. I am love. I am.

The more open I am to seeing who I really am opens the way to deeper connection to this “Source of me” so that I may create all that I desire.

Just some interesting thoughts to ponder.

We have been exploring many consciusness expansion ideas in the Connecting to the Spiritual Grid series I have been running the past few weeks. If you want to know more then visit http://wendygyoung.com/gridconnection. When you register for the series you will receive a recording every other day for a month. You can download them and listen to them morning and night from your ipod.


PS. I would love to hear your comments!

Authenticity: A Simple Lesson

I learned a big lesson in authenticity this past two weeks. For the past 26 years as a business owner I have always strived to recognize and take action from my uniqueness.

In 1991 I pioneered ergonomics and in 1996 I launched one of the first ergonomic product websites which I sold in 2008. I sold it because after 17 years in that business it was time to be authentic in a new area.

(Oh in case you are wondering, the ergonmics website I created is www.ergopro.com. Tell them I said hello!)

I realize that a part of me always thought that to be fully authentic I had to do everything on my own. Of course that is not the case. Authenticity develops on the inside and only recently did I begin understand that on a more meaningful level.

Here’s how it happened.

Nine months ago I met someone on Twitter whom I had noticed before but chose not to follow her because something felt “off.”

Call it intuition.

Weeks later she followed me and her first communication to me was that I was wrong about something. Being my forgiving and sometimes naive self I followed her and let it go knowing we all have our own perceptions.

On one of our early phone calls an intriguing idea presented itself to us. She wanted to get started right away and I was still in the middle of producing my Spiritual Grid Manifestation DVD and told her I was definitely interested and would let her know when I was ready.

Deep down my intuition was speaking to me and I knew that I could not work with her while creating my DVD. Months later I wrote her and suggested we create that program. It just felt like the right time.

We began a series of phone calls and became much clearer about the series. Being the consummate businesswoman I am I suggested a written agreement and even though she ignored me I allowed myself to get deeper into the project and kept “giving in.”

After a short time I realized she saw me as her “admin” when she frequently ordered me to take actions at a moments notice! Again I suggested we create an agreement about responsibilities and again it was ignored. Yet I kept going because the project was still intriguing to me.

I kept doing everything she asked and then got creative and practiced some videos in the park to promote the series. That same weekend she began accusing me of not working and my response was to stop working!

Funny how the mind works. She proceeded to send me a series of accusatory emails and then I began experiencing excrutiating pain and landed in the emergency room and then I could not work! Her emails kept coming even though she knew I was not well for several days. She even told me she did not care I was sick!

That is when I got it! It was the final straw and I told her I did not want to play with her anymore. It just hurt too much.

That very same day I had a series of phone calls with other people and the theme that kept appearing was authenticity!

My first clues of a potential conflict came many months before.

Once I was able to recognize the truth I wrote a letter to the list we created and told everyone that in order to be authentic I had to exit.

Fortunately I also now understand the meaning of authenticity on a deeper level. My authenticity has nothing to do with doing everything on my own as I once thought.

My authenticity has everything to do with staying true to my core beliefs and principles and only allowing people in my life that are serving me. It also has to feel good! When I listen to and take action on my intuition I am being authentic. The experience itself served me well and once I was able to rise above it and receive the learning I was complete.

Authenticity is certainly the theme of the moment for me. What about you?

What areas of your life are causing you to ponder? What have you been putting up with?

Let me know how this has served you.

Well it is time to take action on my new inspirations! But first I think it is time for some dark chocolate. Now that’s being authentic!

iLoveU !


Creativity The Unseen Force That Changes Your Life

What is Creativity?

You cannot see it, feel it or touch it.

Creativity is energy and it comes to you in the form of an idea that may the solution to a problem in your life. The idea that flows into your mind has a universal life force built into it.

Creativity is the spark of inspiration that comes to you seemingly out of the blue. It is delivered to you in a flash. It seems like it is coming to you from somewhere outside but in reality it is coming from somewhere deep inside of you.

In this instant you are connected to or tapped in to a force of energy called the universe. You are now in the flow. Take note that this spark of insight came specifically to you for a reason. There might be others that have received the same idea in the same moment but did not take action. Or they may develop the idea independently of you on the other side of the world. It has happened and will happen again

What you do with this idea can be a determining factor in how fast your current situation can improve.

When an idea is delivered to you in a moment of spontaneity it carries with it all the forces of the universe to help produce the idea into reality. So it is of the utmost importance to take immediate action because this energy fuels the desire.

All you must do is take the first step. Once you do the next step will reveal itself to you and as you continue to take these small actions it will become easier and you will begin to trust the process much more.

Over 20 years ago I began to be in touch with this flow of energy and creative insight almost daily. I did not grow up in a house where there was time for creativity so I did not know how to channel these ideas.

There were so many ideas coming to me that I remember looking up and asking it to stop! It did to my delight. Then many years later I allowed it to come back and again it did to my delight!

You were born with this natural ability to be creative.

How are you tapping in and allowing your personal brand of creativity to change your life for the better?

Let me know!

iLoVeU !


Wendy G Young
Creator of Spiritual Grid Manifestation™

Shedding Light On Your Desires

Yesterday I lit a candle to use in a ritual around my desires and the light kept going out!

This was not the first time I had an issue with this particular candle and since it was new I definitely wanted to figure out what I was doing wrong!

I lit the candle a total of four times before I was able to get a good strong flame going.

After the 3rd time I actually studied my technique in candle lighting!

I realized that I was lighting the candle near the tip of the wick and not giving it enough time to travel down and really take.  The flame just stayed high on the wick and never had a chance to get strong and robust.

So I lit the candle a 4th time and this time I started at the base. I held the flame from the match there as long as I could to make sure the candle was sufficiently lit.

In that moment my desire was to create a good flame. The match became the light for the candle wick.

It made me think about the idea of shedding light on my desires in a new way.

The light on your desires has to be strong. It has to be rooted in you so clearly that it takes hold of you and drives you to allow it to come into reality.

You must shed light on your desires. Take them out of your head into the light.

Write them down. Look at them. See them appearing in your life.

Keep that fire on your desires strong by focusing on them with detachment and taking inspired actions.

When you send a clear message to the universe and allow them to happen in this way they can manifest much faster.

And that is what you want, right?

If you are talking about what you do not want then turn it around and focus on what you want instead.

Shed all the light you can on your DESIRES! Those unwanted experiences are the contrast.

The contrast is there for a purpose. It is to help you see the light. it is to help your desires come out of the darkness and into the light.

Say thank you to your unwanted experiences as they have been your friend. Bless them and then let them be on their way. Make room for the light. Make room for the
manifestations you so desire.

Go ahead. Get started right now. If this blog has helped you then let me know by commenting and do let me know how those manifestations are coming along!



Abraham: THE MOST PROFOUND QUESTION – Esther and Jerry Hicks

Have you ever wondered why there seems to be so much “contrast” in your life?

Well here is the PERFECT answer!!

I just ran across this video from Esther and Jerry Hicks…
It is REALLY worth a watch!!!

Now that was great!

iLoveU !!


Stand for your FREEDOM within this July 4th!

Happy Independence Day today July 4th, 2009! I hope you have a wonderful day planned with people you care about!

I’m curious what it means to you to have your freedom.

To be independent.

To live in a miraculous time such as this where you can choose where and how you want to live your life?

To decide what you want and take the divine right

Actions that will bring these desires to you?

Perhaps it is to have the choice of doing nothing.

Or making a difference in the world?

I was thinking about this earlier as I have been taking Divine right actions for the past 25 years in various businesses.

Sometimes it was challenging. Sometimes it was fun.

Sometimes it was…well, not fun!

But I kept going. I was persistent and I always asked myself what the next action was.

Last year I was going to close a business that was depleting me of energy. It had taken my freedom away.

I had been told it was not worth anything to anyone except me.

The decision to “let go” created a ripple effect in the universe. The universe was waiting for me to LET GO so that I could create the next stage of my life.

A few days later I was inspired with an idea to sell my business! I had “thought” of selling my business in the past but it did not seem viable. Frankly, it seemed impossible. Yet three months later it sold for an amount of money that was beyond my wildest dreams.

That is because I learned that when inspiration hits to take massive and immediate action.


When we take action from an inspired place the universe is on our side. We are riding the flow and energy of the universe.

Do you realize how powerful you are to create consistent miracles?

There is a big light inside of you that can bring you all that you truly desire!

Stand in that light! Show it off to the world.

Claim what it is that you want. Get out of the way. Allow it to come to you.

Let your universe open up to you.

And pretend those fireworks are going off inside of you!

Cause they really are!

In honor of July 4th and whatever INDEPENDENCE means to you I am offering you a $40.00 discount off my DVD… until Monday, July 6, 2009.

Go here


When you click on the “ADD TO CART” button link you will be guided to the checkout page.

Enter “INDEPENDENCE” in the coupon box and click on “apply. The page will be updated to the $57.00 price and you are all set!

Happy Independence LIFE today and always!


PS. Claim your inner independence life today!

Manifesting in the Spiritual Grid

You live in an energetic universe that is unique to you.

You have the opportunity to form it, mold it, shape it any way you want when you claim your desires through your thoughts, pictures, actions, emotions and beliefs.

This creative Universe is what I call the “Spiritual Grid.”

The Spiritual Grid ManifestationTM technology I created works because of the nature of the universe. It is an electromagnetic grid that makes up the entire universe, including you and the earth.

This grid is why we feel “connected” to others, nature, etc.

Gregg Braden writes in Spontaneous Healing of Belief that all manifestations are a “wrinkle in the grid.” That includes every “thing”, situation, event and experience! Even you and I are wrinkles in the grid!

Think of it this way…

Each physical manifestation begins as pure energy as a thought or an idea. This energy transmutes into physical manifestation with focus such as additional thought, emotion and action.

The emotion that goes into the action will be a part of the manifestation so be sure that your focused energy is “pure POSITIVE energy.”

If you have been putting your attention on what you do not want then turn it around and focus on what you do want. Then get into the feeling of “I am so excited that I already have _______” and feel it in every cell of your body!

Embody your desire so deep inside your bones that you know it is done. You will be inspired to take action. Then allow it to manifest by trusting and letting go. Be happy and grateful for what is currently showing up in your life.


LoVeU !

PS. I have been hearing all your requests for more information!! 

Click here for your complimentary 1st 10 minutes of raw mp3 from my Spiritual Grid Manifestation™ DVD!

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