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Awaken The Artist Art & Coloring Challenge – Day 17/21

I worked on this late last night. The video is not here because Facebook apparently is experiencing a hiccup and there is no embed code. Love those technical glitches!

So here is the drawing with a little bit of photoshopping 🙂

My motivations are the Moon and Rainbow from yesterday!




Awaken The Artist Art & Coloring Challenge – Day 13/21

I am really enjoying this art challenge as it is transforming me on the inside and changing my art on the outside. I am smiling more, keeping artfully busy and I am receiving even more ideas to take my business forward.

If you have been wanting to jump into the challenge with me there is still time. Sign up to the right or send me a message on Facebook.

Some of you may not be ready because you feel stuck. If that is the case I have a great remedy for that and will be sharing more soon about my free video call to help you awaken your creative inner artist!

In the meantime…

Here is Video 1 for today 🙂
Yup. Facebook stopped again (Mercury in Retrograde?) so Video 2 posted as well !

And Video 2 …



Awaken The Artist Art & Coloring Challenge – Day 11/21

This is Goddess Drawing 3 of 5!

If you have been following along this challenge then you know that I am creating several goddesses for my Facebook friends as well as various other drawings.

Soon I will start painting 🙂

Here is Video 1

Here is Video 2

Enjoy and thanks for watching!



Awaken The Artist Art & Coloring Challenge – Day 10/21

Today I was resisting creating art because I was tired. I was very tempted to announce that I was taking a break. Once I had that thought it opened up a creative space inside to jump in and do what I promised committed myself to.

I found a piece of incomplete art that and added her arms and a bit more detail to her dress. I feel more complete from finishing up two older pieces from the past couple of years and now I will be moving forward with the next goddess.

Finishing up old art is very powerful because it allows us to claim a part of ourselves that has been left behind and keeping our energies scattered and unfocused. One result is more confidence to go forward and with greater ease and enjoyment. Yes to that!

And that’s what Awaken The Artist is all about … going back into the past and reclaiming what was forgotten and tapping into the inner artist. This is powerful in so many ways.

If that makes sense to you then that is awesome and if not, then, why not? If you are here wanting to awaken your inner artist then allow yourself to really jump in and challenge yourself to create and if you want some help I’m reading a free video call in the next couple of weeks and I’ll be talking about how you can get more creative.

What I discovered with Day 10:
Creating art even though I was tired (hidden resistance) energized me and I felt much more satisfied with my accomplishment after initially experiencing some resistance.

Go create some art!


Awaken The Artist Art & Coloring Challenge – Day 9/21

It was late when I started drawing but I kept my promise on my art challenge!

Day 9 Video

I finished this piece offline

Below is a photo taken with my phone (the reason for the dark background). I realized that if I took the time to scan every piece of art that I would not have the time to create and share the blog. My goal is to complete this challenge with all of the imperfections and then to have help with my tasks in the very near future.

I am great a delegating because I love to do what I love to do! 🙂

And here she is complete!



Awaken The Artist Art & Coloring Challenge – Day 8/21


This began as a simple pencil sketch. I found it in my art pad and thought it would be fun to transform it while livestreaming on Facebook.  I forgot to take a picture yet you can see where it began in the video 1.

Facebook appears to be having a challenge giving me the “embed code” so that you can actually see the video on this blog post.  Instead you can click below and it will take you to  my page. Hopefully this will be working again soon.  Technology!!!

CLICK HERE to watch Video 1 of this drawing (only about six minutes because the video stopped as I was creating).

CLICK HERE for Video 2 (Take 2!)




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