iLoVeU Month Day 5 – Circling Back Around

It’s Sunday morning and kinda’ blah. Showers are expected and hopefully it turns into a beautiful day because Superbowl is here in Houston (as if you didn’t know). May everyone visiting our city have a safe and enjoyable time. Frankly I’ll hear the game in the background and will catch glimpses from time to time.

Today’s iLoVeU drawing is one of three I drew with pencil. The circles and curves are perfect because I used a tool. I played and as much as I love to draw freestyle it was fun.

It’s maybe five or six years since I drew this. I remember having to reach deep to give myself PERMISSION to create this. Like “who am I do draw inside of my own design?” I know this may seem like silly thinking but artists are always looking at how they can give themselves permission to do what they want.

So I used a tool to expand with myself while expanding within my design. It’s like a moving meditation in a way.


It’s so interesting to me that this is one of at least 100 drawings never shared in any way. I find myself wondering who I’ll be at the end of the month after sharing and telling stories about my art.

Perhaps this can be considered a metaphor for Circling Back Around and Expanding My Circle of Creativity and Awareness by sharing more of me.

Whatever you are doing keep being creative and keep reaching in for more of who you are so you may expand your expression in the world.



Garden Meditation and Adventure

Recently I was inspired to go out in my garden and pull the many weeds that had been growing. It was really interesting because I had been dreading it for weeks as I watched the weeds grow tall and wide.

When I started pulling weeds it was refreshing and it felt as if I was pulling weeds from my mind. There was a woosh of energy that kept pushing me to do something I would have preferred to hire a gardener for. I began to really enjoy myself and even pulled up a stool to sit on because I was getting tired after spending much more time in the garden than I had planned!

In one way I was really excited I waited so long because some of weeds were long enough to grab several bunches at a time so it was going much faster than I expected.

And then it happened!

It started raining and I did not mind. In fact I kept going and it started to rain really hard and I was just loving it. I had never done anything like that before and it was so exhilarating. My clothes and hair were completely drenched and I was covered with mud.

Fortunately I was wearing my waterproof hiking shoes that went up over my ankles and when I stood up my shoes completely submerged in the earth and I was hysterical with laughter and wished someone could have been there to witness my playfulness and my joyfulness.

This could never have happened had I gone out to pull weeds when I did not feel the inspiration to do it. This is what told me to put on those hiking shoes and to wear the jeans I wore!

When I had enough in the garden I hosed myself down to get all the mud off of me and felt like a child who was having the time of her life!

After I showered I wrapped towels around me and relaxed in a dark room and it reminded me when I traveled to Calistoga, California and spent some time in a spa that all began with being totally submerged in a bathtub of mud! After that I gave myself a pedicure!

Then I relaxed on the lounge chair in my den and looked out at the garden. It was so clean and fresh and I felt the same way.

What I realized in that moment is that I felt close to mother earth in a way that was very new to me and I could’ve sat there for hours except I was getting really hungry!

Usually I drive to Whole Foods or the Chinese restaurant around the corner to pick up my favorite food and this day I felt different and wanted something to match how I felt.

All of a sudden I thought about a Vietnamese restaurant I had not been to in over a year and realized that was where I wanted to be. This particular restaurant is about 20 minutes from my house and near the nursery I like to buy my plants from and it is in a wonderful part of town … lots of really good energy!

So that is what I did and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and then I went to Whole Foods for dessert and shared my story with a friend!!

The entire day and evening was completely inspired from first going out into the garden to my “spa” treatment for myself to eating at restaurant I love with all the tiny details in between. And the deep relaxation and living meditation was immense and pleasurable beyond all measure!

If you enjoyed my story do let me know and I would love to hear any stories you have about living an inspired day!

Love and Inspiration!


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