iLoVeU Month Day 5 – Circling Back Around

It’s Sunday morning and kinda’ blah. Showers are expected and hopefully it turns into a beautiful day because Superbowl is here in Houston (as if you didn’t know). May everyone visiting our city have a safe and enjoyable time. Frankly I’ll hear the game in the background and will catch glimpses from time to time.

Today’s iLoVeU drawing is one of three I drew with pencil. The circles and curves are perfect because I used a tool. I played and as much as I love to draw freestyle it was fun.

It’s maybe five or six years since I drew this. I remember having to reach deep to give myself PERMISSION to create this. Like “who am I do draw inside of my own design?” I know this may seem like silly thinking but artists are always looking at how they can give themselves permission to do what they want.

So I used a tool to expand with myself while expanding within my design. It’s like a moving meditation in a way.


It’s so interesting to me that this is one of at least 100 drawings never shared in any way. I find myself wondering who I’ll be at the end of the month after sharing and telling stories about my art.

Perhaps this can be considered a metaphor for Circling Back Around and Expanding My Circle of Creativity and Awareness by sharing more of me.

Whatever you are doing keep being creative and keep reaching in for more of who you are so you may expand your expression in the world.



Consciousness Expansion: What is it?

The idea of “Consciousness Expansion” has intrigued me for many years and I wonder sometimes if others perceive themselves and their universe in similar ways.

The way for me to describe “Consciousness Expansion”  is to ask this question:

“How do I see the world around me that I cannot see?”

Years back I began to wonder what it would be like if my consciousness could be inside the consciousness of a flower! Then I wondered about a tree and the grass and the stars!

Have you ever thought about anything as seemingly crazy as that?

Years back I imagined that I was traveling all over the universe and that I was the universe and I felt such deep love and joy all over my body.

This was all imagined….being one with the flower, the tree, the universe.

Then a few years ago I was receiving some energy work with a trained energy worker and I had the most beyond amazing experience.

I felt as big as the universe while relaxing there on the massage table and I felt myself open up.  I could see and feel the entire universe inside the core of my body. It was beautiful and breathtaking and expansive and one of the most wonderful feelings I had ever experienced. 

How did that happen? It is because I had been imagining being one with the universe for such a long time and one day I allowed myself to open up to see who I really am.

Who I really am is the Source of all my good. I am the universe. I am love. I am.

The more open I am to seeing who I really am opens the way to deeper connection to this “Source of me” so that I may create all that I desire.

Just some interesting thoughts to ponder.

We have been exploring many consciusness expansion ideas in the Connecting to the Spiritual Grid series I have been running the past few weeks. If you want to know more then visit When you register for the series you will receive a recording every other day for a month. You can download them and listen to them morning and night from your ipod.


PS. I would love to hear your comments!

I Love Mondays Because I Raise My Vibration Higher!

Since it is Monday I decided it was time to finally post this fun video “I Love Mondays!”

In January I attended the Attract Wealth Seminar created by Joe Vitale and Mark Ryan. The weekend was great and it was wonderful to connect with so many like minds…many whom I had already met at previous weekends and others whom I met for the first time.

The Monday after I went to Wimberley to Bill Hibbler’s house with my friends Twenty Twenty and Carol Wingert plus Bruce Muzik and a former Miss America! The day turned into magic as we began jumping on the trampoline. Every time I watch this it is like I am there and it raises my vibration higher.

What can you do right now to raise your vibration?

Well you can watch this video! 🙂


Now that you have watched this video you can embody the energy of your desires and wave your hands in the air whether you have a a trampoline or not!

Remember manifestation is all about raising your vibration to a higher place. From this place you CAN attact your desires even better than you could have imagined!

Just one week ago I was back in Wimberley jumping on the same trampoline and helping others raise their vibration using a process I created.  One of these days I will be posting some information about this too!

Have a great day!

iLoVeU !


Faces of Love

A few days ago I had the pleausure of being interviewed about the topic of LOVE! THAT was really interesting to me because what do I really know about the topic of LOVE?

There are so many kinds of love…or are there? I guess it really depends on your perspective.

I mean there is romantic love. It does not matter who you are… I am sure romantic love has affected you. If you are like most romantic love has made your heart soar and it may have felt crushed a time or two. How much in control are we when it comes to this type of love? Hm, I wonder…

I believe the stronger the love we have for ourselves the better the relationship. And when the relationship with another is non-existant it is the love for ourselves that really counts. We cannot receive love from others unless we first give it to ourselves. That can be tricky.

Yesterday on Valentine’s Day my brother and sister-in-law renewed their marriage vows after 5 years. It was so wonderful to see how happy and in love they are. Does it mean that it is all perfect? No but they are committed to each other

What about love for your immediate family? Your siblings, children, parents? Sometimes the key here is “Do you like them?!” Too often the hurts in our immediate family causes pain that can last an entire lifetime. I have certainly had my experiences with this!

On a deep level you love them but cannot seem to get along. Families are blessed with people of all shapes, perceptions, ideas and this can create challenges. How do you handle it when love goes wrong in your family?

Then there is the love of friends, teachers, students, pets. They all seem like a different kind of love but love is love, right?

Did you know that when your heart expresses love towards another you are expressing love towards yourself. It is not possible to be expressing love for another without feeling it inside of your heart.

Then there is the vibration of love. David Hawkins speaks about this in his book Power Vs Force. It takes only a small group of people vibrating at the frequency of love to help raise the vibration of thousands! So here we are talking about the healing power of love.

What an opportunity for me to talk about my iLoveU image located on this blog. This is a Ho’oponopono healing design. If you meditate on it you will feel a shift in your body. Funny as I was typing this I was visualizing this design and felt a shiver fun through my body as just the mere vision of the design in your head has healing power.

I know you may be wondering what in the world I am talking about. Well soon i will be sharing more about my iLoveU design: how it was created and how to use its healing powers in the areas of money, business, relationships and whatever else you want healing in.

So I am wondering, what can you do today in the way of love?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

iLoveU !











Who are you BEING in your Perfect Place in Time?

This past weekend I was on my Facebook page and received an IM from the other side of the world from a man that thought I could help him. He had no idea it was 6:21am on Saturday morning and that I had practically just opened my sleepy eyes but I chatted with him for a bit.   

He told me that relationships are very difficult for him. I could feel his sadness. He told me that someone like me would not know anything like that. Yet I explained to him that I had been where he is now and with practice relationships have become much easier for me over the years.  Sometime though knowing a tool can make all the difference in the world.

It appeared that he was focusing on exactly what he did not want so of course that is going to bring him even more of what he does not want and more heartache. Without getting into all the implications of the Law of Attraction I suggested that he simply take some time that day and write down exactly what he wanted in a romantic relationship.  He said that he would do that so I could feel that he was open to hearing some advice.

Then I felt this intuitive zing to suggest that he begin loving himself more. I had no idea how he was going to react or respond to this as I know nothing about him. Yet I felt the nudge to mention this because if we desire someone to love us then we must love ourselves first.  We must BE that loving person we want to attract in our life.

His response….”I am going to take a bold step!” That is what he said. It did not take much time at all. He made a decision based upon a simple suggestion.

What a great way to start my day!

A few hours later I was in a conversation with a Twitter friend and the idea of beingness came up. She had mentioned that she would like to be in a continual place of being instead of the bouts of beingness that she currently experiences.

I told her that all was in perfect order and that those bouts of being are the perfect place for her to begin moving forward towards the place she wants to be…

And here is her response… “Everything is perfect for me to be in that state of beingness I want right now.”

Both of them are very fast learners! Yeah for them and yeah for the rest of the world!  The more we love ourselves and stay in that place of beingness the more we inspire those around us to take these same actions. It is the ripple effect.

This is a perfect time to practice as Barack Obama begins his term in office tomorrow. We are all in this together and it begins with ME!

What are some ways that you display love towards yourself?

Tell me about your bouts of beingness.

Look forward to your comments on my blog!


iLoveU !!



Wendy B Young

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