Manifesting in the Spiritual Grid

You live in an energetic universe that is unique to you.

You have the opportunity to form it, mold it, shape it any way you want when you claim your desires through your thoughts, pictures, actions, emotions and beliefs.

This creative Universe is what I call the “Spiritual Grid.”

The Spiritual Grid ManifestationTM technology I created works because of the nature of the universe. It is an electromagnetic grid that makes up the entire universe, including you and the earth.

This grid is why we feel “connected” to others, nature, etc.

Gregg Braden writes in Spontaneous Healing of Belief that all manifestations are a “wrinkle in the grid.” That includes every “thing”, situation, event and experience! Even you and I are wrinkles in the grid!

Think of it this way…

Each physical manifestation begins as pure energy as a thought or an idea. This energy transmutes into physical manifestation with focus such as additional thought, emotion and action.

The emotion that goes into the action will be a part of the manifestation so be sure that your focused energy is “pure POSITIVE energy.”

If you have been putting your attention on what you do not want then turn it around and focus on what you do want. Then get into the feeling of “I am so excited that I already have _______” and feel it in every cell of your body!

Embody your desire so deep inside your bones that you know it is done. You will be inspired to take action. Then allow it to manifest by trusting and letting go. Be happy and grateful for what is currently showing up in your life.


LoVeU !

PS. I have been hearing all your requests for more information!! 

Click here for your complimentary 1st 10 minutes of raw mp3 from my Spiritual Grid Manifestation™ DVD!

Wendi Friesen, Hypnotic Healing Part 1

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Pat O’Byan’s UnSeminar 6 in San Antonio this past weekend to hear an array of beyond fabulous speakers such as Joe Vitale, Wendi Friesen, Eric Farewell, Bill Hibbler, Tony Laidig, Lee Collins, Simon Leung and Craig Perrine!

I did not get much sleep that weekend from partying so if I left your name out please forgive me and do let me know!

Plus I met so many new people and reconnected with others such as Chuck Pennignton, Mando Fierro and MJ Schrader! Happy Birthday MJ!

Wendi Friesen gave us a brilliant presentation about being who we really are and using that to market ourselves in videos on YouTube.

She showed us various, hilarious videos that she produced on her own that drive thousands of people to her already popular website! I have been practicing that wonderful french accent in my head Wendi but we will see if I am actually able to get that into something that sounds somewhat audible!

Her presentation will be available in the somewhat near future from Pat O’Bryan! (Pat, I LOVE your newly designed website).

Anyway I went to look at some of Wendi’s videos because she is such a role model. You see I just created my very first physical product and she has produced what seems like hundreds! My product is about healing and manifestation and that is what Wendi is all about in her unique way.  So I’m thinking maybe I can actually learn how to market myself in the fun way that Wendi does.

I ran accross this video called Hypnotic Healing, Part 1 and I wanted to share it with you. See it below. Her explanation is first and then the hypnotic part. If you ask me everything about Wendi is hypnotic though 🙂


That was amazing! I am sparkling over that! Check out Wendi’s blog.

Wendi is a really cook chick and I love her name…only she spells it wrong!!

iLoVeU !

Wendy (with a “Y”)

PS. Twenty Twenty and Carol guess what?! I was in class for an entire two days! Ask Mando and MJ! I miss you both 🙂

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