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Wealth Choice at Early Age

Ok I know this is going to sound a bit strange at first. Just hear me out!

When I woke up recently I found myself staring up at the ceiling fan! For some reason it mesmerized me and it brought me into a heightened state of consciousness. All of a sudden the concept of my success and perhaps surpassing the success of my father came up.

It was just a simple little bit of information that bubbled up inside of me.

The next day  I woke up and consciously put my attention on the ceiling fan and realized this allowed more information to surface.  It is like there were two parts at play here….the part that was telling me to focus and the part that was surfacing the information!

As I had the realization about this old belief I started to cry! I love it when I cry because I know I am releasing old stuck emotions and this has enabled me to grab a bit more of my power and step deeper into my worthiness. It opens more of my creativity and inspiration to flow. It allows me to breathe deeper.

Over the years I pondered the possibility that perhaps I made a choice to not pass up my father in wealth and this experience affirmed it. And just this week I attempted to have a conversation with him about money and it created an emotional reaction in him. Then I have this experience. Really interesting stuff.

Several weeks ago I called a therapist who helped me over a period of many years and told him about the emotions and buried thoughts that had been bubbling up from my childhood over the past year. These were things that I always remembered just there were particular details that were making themselves known to me so that I could release and move on.

What he told me was that the gift of all the work that I have been doing over the past 20 years was to get to do this work too! Thanks! So the gift of doing our work is more work!

However it is all good. He told me that this was the last leg of my work. Lots of cleaning and tweaking. So much more about my life makes much more sense now.

And the awesome part is that it is leading me right into my purpose work. It makes such complete sense that cleaning out the cobwebs from the past is necessary to serve in a bigger way than I have.

And that is one reason why I am excited about 2011!

I have been feeling increased compassion for my father. He is 85 and has worked very hard his entire life. He is still going at it running his small business. Everyday … the weekends too … he works. Whether it is doing paperwork or seeing clients or vendors he is constantly working. Except when he is watching football or playing with his stamp collection or listening to his favorite radio station!

Though many times he is working in the background. I have watched him work like this since my childhood and see that he has been a source of my inspiration to get started in business so young in my life. Thank you Dad!

I would say I’d like to make it easier for my Dad (and for my Mom for that matter!) yet he would tell me that he is enjoying his life … though I am sure he would accept any gifts I may give him!

This morning as I am working on a project I am feeling excitement. I see myself looking at everything as creation and adventure and as I feel the passion of that  moment.  It is getting me to my next moment where I can create and feel passion. It is about continuing to climb the ladder of passion. That is where success is!

Thank you for reading and allowing me to be more authentic! Writing is so healing and really locks in the learning and creates more shifts. I would love to hear your comments!

In Deep Gratitude, Love and Inspiration!


MUSEum Inspiration

This past Saturday I chose to participate in free MUSEum day here in Houston. It was 8:20 in the morning and I was watching the local news talk about all the planned activities for the day and I was inspired because it sounded like something different and fun! Who couldn’t use some of that?!

So I was out of the door much earlier than normal so I could get a good parking spot for the day and hop on the 17 MUSEum bus tour! It was fun and felt like I was in a different city.

The first MUSEum I went to was giving out complimentary posters and I think I grabbed about eight. I was considering whether I was going to take one and it was suggested that I do since the artist passed away last year and the poster would be worth money. It was a poster of some boxes as you can see! The artist was Robert Rauschenberg.

What was really great is that I learned where all the MUSEums in Houston are, met some people, saw someone I knew and made some business contacts.

There was creativity all around me and lots of energy! It was a breath of fresh air and allowed me to relax and enjoy myself in expansive ways.

The best part about the day is that it inspired me! I was receiving all sorts of creative ideas about artwork, speaking and other programs for my business.

Part of the inspiration came from just letting go and playing and allowing inspiration to flow in. When I was looking at the artwork it gave me ideas for my artwork and I have already created three unique pieces of artwork that encompass my iLoveU design.

And then the BEST part of the day (for me!) was as I was leaving the bus to walk towards my car when I saw a woman wearing a t-shirt with the word museum on it. Except what I saw was the “MUSE” in museum and I thought “Yes, of course!”

MUSEums serve as muses for creative people and creative wannabees!

So if you want to be inspired go to a MUSEum. Walk around and take in the creativity and the beauty and the inspiration all around you.

It does not matter what you want to be inspired with. The MUSEum is a place to be inspired in every area of life and in every career.

If you are looking for a solution for a problem or challenge then sometimes the best thing you can do is let go, play, relax and let the inspiration come to you in perfect timing.

And since there is a “MUSE” in MUSEum that is is good place to start!

I’d love to hear from you!

Love and Inspiration!


Childrens’ Playground Paradise

The other night I found myself mildly out of sorts about something. I say mildly because it did not keep me awake.

Yet it was still on my mind yesterday when I woke up. I had a lot of writing to do so I chose to first grab a cup of coffee at Whole Foods. I took along my spiral and my pen and for almost three hours I wrote. I’m writing my signature speech … my life story and I have to tell you it is flowing right out of me!

On the way home I suddenly had this urge to be outside and I thought of a particular park that is in my general neighborhood but across the bayou in another section.

I made my way over there and drove all around the park to choose the best place.

Then I left my Blackberry in the car … something I rarely do, if ever and I hiked to the childrens’ playground. Since the sun was shining brightly I chose to climb up and into one of the covered areas and I sat there just relaxing.

It was so nice to be quiet and still outside in nature in the middle of the day!

I closed my eyes, breathed deeply and looked for the light in the distance. It takes practice to find the light. Once you can find that light focus on it and then bring it closer to you. It will help you focus in your daily life.

I began staring at the grid structure in front of me and at times it seemed as though it was somewhere else instead of right in front of me. It was an illusion and it felt as if I was somewhere else at times. And I felt like I was in a trance when I really focused on that grid structure.

Finally I put my jacket under my neck as I stared upward, soaked in the heat from the sun and listened to the locusts (the sounds of the physical universe!) as they were singing!

All of this allowed me to relax. I cannot control anybody in my world. The only person that I can work on is me. And the only way that I can do that is to be living fully in the present and nurturing my spirit.

And that is what I did yesterday.

What are you going to do today that will nurture your spirit? Perhaps you can choose one simple thing to nurture your spirit everyday.

Love and Inspiration!


Life Purpose

Yesterday I mentioned that I traveled to Phoenix for a Life Purpose Summit. It was an amazing weekend and I received confirmation and some important details about my life purpose.

For almost 2 decades I have had visions of myself on stage speaking. I’ve had many thoughts about speaking about my life.

Last year I took a speaker training and for the past several weeks speaking has really been foremost on my mind. In fact I have begun practicing in front of my flip cam.

I say that I do not have a fear of public speaking though I am sure that I will be feeling the butterflies in my stomach! Soon I will find out as I will begin telling my life story and how it has led me to where I am now.

I have a core message to share that I have been told will be very healing. I have always said that stories heal because people take what they need from the story to gain insights about their own lives.

Admittedly I feel a bit nervous to be so authentic and vulnerable in front of people that I do not know yet since I know this is my life purpose to be sharing my story I know I must. I trust that once I share my story for the first time it will motivate me to continue.

So I have been writing my speech and yesterday I booked my first talk to a group of very supportive women! When things happen fast that is when you know you are on the right track!

Love and Inspiration!


Inspired Action in Perfect Timing

I attended Baeth Davis’s Life Purpose Summit in Phoenix this past weekend.  It was a  last minute choice and I am in deep gratitude for how it all came together.

When I heard about it a couple of weeks before I felt the desire to attend deep inside my body. Instead of taking action to go I just kept seeing myself there and I knew that I would be there.

The best part was when I emailed a friend in Houston to tell her about it and the fact that there was a way she could go as my guest and we could then save money.  She emailed back to say that she was already enrolled and had a friend that was splitting the cost of the event.

Then she offered that her boyfriend wanted to go and would be interested in splitting the cost of the ticket with me. As the event was getting closer he realized that he wanted to be there!

It is so interesting when this happens because it is an confirmation of listening to my intuition. Or was I simple feeling inspired?!

It seems like a combination of both.

The important point here is to listen and take action when you are guided.

Once I made the choice to go and said YES all the necessary doors were wide open to create the perfect adventure and I manifested many unexpected pleasures! That’s how the law of attraction works!

Love and Inspiration!


Authenticity and Being You

A few years ago a close friend of mine gave me a plaque for my birthday and today I am inspired to share it with you.

What it really means to me is to be who you are at your core. Stay true to yourself with all the chaos going on around you … whether in your personal life or in the world at large.

Be authentic.

Speak from your heart.

Be kind and loving.

Remember who you came here to be.

This will set you free from competition, fear and scarcity and will help you experience joys you have yet to imagine.

You deserve everything you dream about.

Be in gratitude for everything you experience in life now.

Breathe deeply several times a day and let it become a frequent behavior!

Open yourself to living your life in divine inspiration and creativity!

Take inspired actions with passion and joy.

Experience your most fulfilling life!

Love and Inspiration!


Writing How Do YOU Do It?

Over weekend I took several hours to get some writing completed that I have been wanting to do for several weeks.

I started writing a few times and was never able to make the kind of progress I was desiring.

What was different for me this time?

One, maybe two things…

First, I am a different person than I was several weeks ago. Actually I am a different person than I was when I woke up this morning!

So there is a different energy inside of me that supports me in completing all the tasks at hand.

What was really different for me is that my laptop decided to go to sleep and over the weekend I did not feel like sitting in my home office at my computer.

I get stir crazy sometimes! So I grabbed a stack of paper and drove to Whole Foods (did I mention I love it there?!).

I had all my notes from the 4 part audio series I created recently and I took out a piece of paper and I started writing. To my amazement the words just flowed out of me and before I knew it I had completed five separate marketing letters.

Sure … maybe it was because I was finally ready to knock these letters out but I think it is something much simpler than that!

I was holding a pen in my hand and writing the old fashioned way! Pen to paper writing! What a concept!

If I ever had any blocks with inspiration it is when I am writing marketing copy! So my laptop deciding to take a siesta and leading me to be inspired to simply write by hand was the best thing that could’ve happened.

In a way you can call it “downstream” writing for those of you who follow Abraham! For me it was the path of least resistance!

When I thought about it later I realized that holding the pen in my hand brought out my creativity. It allowed me to be inspired while I write because when I was a child I wrote with my bare hands too!

So I moved past a major stuck point to complete this writing because I listened to inspiration and I took immediate action!

Of course now I am getting ready to type my notes and then there will be some editing but I am much further than I would have been.

Maybe next time I will be inspired how to write just as quickly while I type!

And it sure would be great to have a working laptop again!

Love and Inspiration!


Garden Meditation and Adventure

Recently I was inspired to go out in my garden and pull the many weeds that had been growing. It was really interesting because I had been dreading it for weeks as I watched the weeds grow tall and wide.

When I started pulling weeds it was refreshing and it felt as if I was pulling weeds from my mind. There was a woosh of energy that kept pushing me to do something I would have preferred to hire a gardener for. I began to really enjoy myself and even pulled up a stool to sit on because I was getting tired after spending much more time in the garden than I had planned!

In one way I was really excited I waited so long because some of weeds were long enough to grab several bunches at a time so it was going much faster than I expected.

And then it happened!

It started raining and I did not mind. In fact I kept going and it started to rain really hard and I was just loving it. I had never done anything like that before and it was so exhilarating. My clothes and hair were completely drenched and I was covered with mud.

Fortunately I was wearing my waterproof hiking shoes that went up over my ankles and when I stood up my shoes completely submerged in the earth and I was hysterical with laughter and wished someone could have been there to witness my playfulness and my joyfulness.

This could never have happened had I gone out to pull weeds when I did not feel the inspiration to do it. This is what told me to put on those hiking shoes and to wear the jeans I wore!

When I had enough in the garden I hosed myself down to get all the mud off of me and felt like a child who was having the time of her life!

After I showered I wrapped towels around me and relaxed in a dark room and it reminded me when I traveled to Calistoga, California and spent some time in a spa that all began with being totally submerged in a bathtub of mud! After that I gave myself a pedicure!

Then I relaxed on the lounge chair in my den and looked out at the garden. It was so clean and fresh and I felt the same way.

What I realized in that moment is that I felt close to mother earth in a way that was very new to me and I could’ve sat there for hours except I was getting really hungry!

Usually I drive to Whole Foods or the Chinese restaurant around the corner to pick up my favorite food and this day I felt different and wanted something to match how I felt.

All of a sudden I thought about a Vietnamese restaurant I had not been to in over a year and realized that was where I wanted to be. This particular restaurant is about 20 minutes from my house and near the nursery I like to buy my plants from and it is in a wonderful part of town … lots of really good energy!

So that is what I did and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and then I went to Whole Foods for dessert and shared my story with a friend!!

The entire day and evening was completely inspired from first going out into the garden to my “spa” treatment for myself to eating at restaurant I love with all the tiny details in between. And the deep relaxation and living meditation was immense and pleasurable beyond all measure!

If you enjoyed my story do let me know and I would love to hear any stories you have about living an inspired day!

Love and Inspiration!


Divine Inspiration, this blog and me

I began this blog in December of 2008 about the time I was getting ready to create my Spiritual Grid Manifestation DVD and as much as I wanted to write more often I did not. As I reflect I realize that there was so much that I was not clear about at that time.

That is one of the gifts of time. It gives us great perspective.

As I have been shifting gears in how I help people shift into who they came here to be I am making a commitment to write more often here on this blog and in other ways.

I’ll be speaking about what I know best … Divine Inspiration.

Some of you may relate more if I tell you that connecting to your Divine Inspiration is about connecting to your Creativity!!

Creativity is what we are here for. We are each creating our lives in each and every moment whether we are aware of it or not!

Sometimes I will be sharing a story about something or someone that inspired me and how and why.

Other times I may tell you about an experience that I had during that day that is related to inspiration.

What I really look forward to sharing with you is how I live in my inspiration on a moment to moment basis just about everyday.

It could be about my spontaneous decision to take a walk, buy a cup of coffee at Whole Foods or scale a building … LOL …last night a friend of mine told me about the famous French Spiderman whom he met in person once!

You never know who you are going to see or what you are going to learn and how this will change your life or someone else’s life for the better.

I am ready to really stand for myself in what I came here to do. It has been a very long journey and I know there is so much more for me to learn and I look forward to learning with you.

If you like what I write and if it inspires you in anyway I would like to know. This further inspires me.

It has taken me a long time to align myself and my work with my true core gift … this ability to connect with this deeper part of me and live in inspiration.

You can live in inspiration too. As I look back to my childhood … that is decades! … I can see that I was always connected to this deeper part of myself and it is something that I have learned to develop over my lifetime.

This occurred with the practice of being in business and creating a multitude of tangible products and services. Sometimes they worked out really well and other times I fell flat on my you know what!

I learned from each of these experiences all in the expectation that I would serve others in the area of personal growth.

So I continue that now by helping to open you to your divine inspiration so that you may continue to create your life consciously whether you want to expand your business, change your career or job or want to be happier.

Maybe you just want to have more fun and more time to play! I know I do!

Let’s do it together!

Divine Inspiration is my passion. How can I serve you?

To Your Divine Inspiration!


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