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30 Days 30 Stories: Day 2

Well I just finished writing my 2nd story out of 30.  And just like yesterday I found many other things to do instead of write. Perhaps tomorrow I will get started much earlier though I will continue to allow myself to slow down.

Today I took some time to practice deep breathing and enjoyed it.

I visualized twice and the 2nd time for quite some time. It was a joyful experience as I could feel it in my body and could feel how it was merging with my energy field. I could feel how I had already created my desire in physical form.

During this time I was developing new tools and getting excited about that as well. Oh there I go always creating!

I can feel things continuing to shift inside of me. The stories I am writing are shifting me as well. It is exciting to me to take on a 30 day project and to blog about it openly.

As I am writing this I have been thinking about sharing the story and instead of doing that I am sharing the last paragraph:

“This is so interesting to bring this story forward into my life. It merges the innate knowing I had at that young age with the adult who has healed from her many childhood experiences. I can only imagine the young Wendy speaking to the adult Wendy and each one of them sharing and loving and growing together and merging more fully as one empowered being! This creates a much more powerful me. Much more to ponder here and I look forward to the new insights I have about this story.”

With that I will let myself drift off to sleep as it is almost midnight and I am about to turn into a pumpkin!

With Love!


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