I’ll Meet You Where Your Art Starts


I would like to invite you on a very simple journey to meet me in the dot. Slowly though.

Oh wait. What’s the dot you ask?

The dot is your place to get centered and make your first mark. It’s your commitment on paper to mark where you start your art. Or shift your art.


And it’s not only your starting point. Finding your dot is finding and expressing something inside that wants to come out.

It’s the first whisper of something great.

When you slow down you are taking the time to smell the essence of this new expressive adventure. Breathe the aroma of nature, feel the warmth on your skin and connect to the quiet excitement in your heart.

You have a longing. Art. It’s there inside of you. It’s been there a long time. Like forever.

The thoughts and feelings about art come and go. You may have created some art over the years.

And all that time in between. Contemplation. Thoughtfulness. Doubt. Resistance. And so many other emotions. Some you may not be aware of.

And yeah, you might already be doing creative work in the world. Maybe for others. And maybe a little bit for yourself here and there. It’s possible nobody has seen your art outside of – well, you. It’s been hidden.

And your longstanding, hidden desire keeps knocking at your door and pulling on your Heartstrings.

And you wonder if you can do this – but how?

You consider this time and again. You see inspiring art and consider the possibility of creating what you see in your mind’s eye. You really feel you can do this and you want to try.

But …

Life happens. Family dynamics arise. Situations escalate. Financial issues deter. Time slips away.

Yet – know this.

During this process you’re actually reaching in. You’re tapping into your courage a tiny bit at a time. It’s slow and incremental and quiet. After a while you reach a tipping point. The courage in you feels ready. You can practically see the courage in your core. All of a sudden it makes its presence fully known to you.

Strength emerges and points your awareness in a different direction. You see that dot in the distance, the one you’ve been avoiding?

Art begins with one dot.

And I am inviting you into this calm and serene blue dot. A simple dot with somebody who has been where you are.


I would so love it if you would consider joining me here by drawing your dot. I know it might seem silly. Stay with me. I want to guide you slowly so that you can feel the fullness of this experience.

Perhaps you have a crayon or marker. You can use a pencil or pen to make your art mark too. And paper. Any kind of paper. Large or small.

Take a deep breath. Ask yourself if you are ready. Take another deep breath. Allow yourself to fully feel the emotion that is surfacing.

Place your chosen art tool down on your paper and feel what you feel in your body. Feel the dot and now make your dot.


What do you feel in your body? What are your thoughts?

Maybe you’re thinking:

– who am I to be drawing this?
– it’s not even
– it’s too big
– it’s too small
– is that all?

It’s easy to question and criticize. It’s ok. Be with it.

This dot is a part of you that has now been creatively expressed.

What does the dot have to say to you? Please listen closely.

What would you like to say to the dot, this deeper part of you that has been expressed?


Good work my friend.

Be still now. In your dot.

Wendy G Young
Awaken The Artist Coach

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Three Reasons Art is Important and How You Can Help Artists

1. Creativity Expands as We Deepen our Art.

We use creativity in every area of life whether we realize it or not. We harness our creativity to find solutions to everyday problems that arise in our personal and business life. When we create art in some way, even when coloring (because that is creative too), we are opening up pathways in our brains that allow us to have access to our creativity.

We are also creating new neuro-pathways. Which brings me to my next point.

Art opens the heART for more art 2.16.13

2. Art Heals

Art is like an elixir for our soul. When we paint, draw, sculpt, sing, dance, write and take part in so many other artistic endeavors we are literally feeding that medicine to our being.

We drink it up. It fills our soul with love and light and pushes out a little bit more of the stuck, the dark that has covered up our confidence and courage and creativity. We may feel it coming up in the form of tears as it releases out of our body forever.  And then …

3. Art Gives Us Permission to Take Risk

A mistake is really only a judgment. When we make a mistake with our art we either correct it or we start again. If a line goes askew in a drawing I find a way to make it a part of the drawing. I suppose I could also crinkle up my art and throw it away but I always find a way to shift my creation into a new perspective.

Piano players might just keep going. Singers and dancers might start from the beginning. Writers will edit digitally unless they are  manually writing and in that case they may cross out a word and rewrite.

The fact is that the creative process is happening. While it is a seemingly small risk it is training our minds to deepen our risk taking and to feel safe to do so.

How would you like to help more artists expand their creativity, heal their lives and take more risk?

If that sounds expansive for you I would like to ask for your help. I am writing a series of Awaken The Artist books and I have created a crowdfunding campaign here to raise the funds to edit and market my book and another project.

Go check it out and let me know what you think via a contribution, share or comment. And I’d sure appreciate the shares of my campaign to reach more interested friends of artists!

Love & Art,


iLoVeU Month Days 12 and 13

Today I picked my mom at her memory care and took her out for a bit. It is never easy going there and I’m always praying she will be happy to see me. I was aware of feeling some grief right below the surface but it was stuck.

On the way home after taking my mom back I forced myself to feel those feelings. I suppose I pushed them to the surface so I could feel and release them. It was only for a couple of minutes yet I felt so much better. Writing, making art, exercising, resting and meditating all help in their own way.





My iLoVeU design is the addition to the painting I created 25 years ago of which you can only see a part of. I was taking a painting class series and chose to do my own thing and purchase a large canvas, paint it and then share it with my teacher.
She told me that it was not finished and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it until recently.



I outlined my iLoVeU design to begin and I am considering what I’m going to do with it next. I want to blend it into the painting … or maybe not. Maybe I will let it stand out on the painting. It can be a metaphor for me working on standing out in this world of Art and Coaching and living a good life in every way imaginable.



iLoVeU Month Days 7 – 10

Day 7

This iLoVeU was painted in May 2016 right before I started liquidating my mother’s house. It was nice to have a small amount of creativity playtime…still a bit more work to complete..






Day 8 – Only LOVE 💖









Day 9
It’s interesting how the names we give our art comes to be.
It’s also interesting how I’ve been choosing the order to post my art this month. It’s definitely not being done in a linear manner.
This is the iLoVeU Goddess. I drew her a couple of years ago.
She represents all.
She is colorful.
She is all woman.
She is voluptuous.
She is love.
She is a dancer.
She is courageous.
She is confident.
She is unique.
She is loved.
She is creative.
She is spontaneous.
She doesn’t give a fuck what people think about her.
I want to be more like her.
Hopefully I am her.










Day 10
This is a chalk drawing I created a while before moving out of my house. For some reason creating with chalk felt like cheating for me. I definitely did not feel like an artist and using chalk was giving the young, forgotten artist a playground. I suppose I did not see chalk as a medium that real artists would use. Anyway. I know I’m an artist and this is real art.










iLoVeU Month Day 2

Happy Groundhog Day! From the looks of it we are going to have another six weeks of winter. Then again, Houston, TX is more spring than winter.

OK, so it’s day 2 of iLoVeU Month. Today’s drawing is part of the collection I created in the first month of my mom’s dementia diagnosis.

The first two weeks of March 2014 my mother was in the hospital being observed and as much as I wanted to visit I was asked not to. Had I read between the lines of what was occurring with the family dynamics I would’ve gone and prevented a massive amount of drama.

IMG_20170202_141654Like “they” say c’est la vie. I trusted before listening to my intuition. Instead I allowed myself to feel grief, the grief knowing my mom was fearful about being put in the hospital and never going home again and the grief of seeing her unhappiness in the memory care she was rushed into.

While I grieved I drew. Sharing this story is reconnecting me to that grief. Yuck. Not what I was expecting.

Enjoy the art. I’ll be back tomorrow.



First Day of the Rest of My Life

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

178I have been practically absent from my business in a public way since June 2014 because I have been caring for my mother who was diagnosed with a moderate level of dementia. She requires help in many areas of her life including grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, doctor’s visits, bill paying and more. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be doing something like this.

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PATHWAY 5 OF 7: Owning Your Creative Gifts

The processes of Letting Go, Discovering and Releasing takes you to the door of the room where your treasure box resides. After all these years you finally have access to your beautiful God given gems that you have been denying for so long.

You look inside and see the gem and reach in and take it to your heart and reclaim it.

Owning Your Gift Hand and Brush


It is going to take WILLINGNESS to reclaim and own this precious, divine part of yourself.

When you have the willingness to look through this open door and look at your gem and you now have a choice. You can say “yes” or “no” to yourself. You have conscious choice.

You have cleared the way for this and now you get to ask “Now what am I going to do?”!

So it will take a willingness to take the actions you wanted so long ago.

There is no more denying the little child inside who has been quietly knocking on the door your entire life to. If someone compliments you on your gift there is no more rolling of the eyes. You get to say a resounding “Thank you!”

You must be willing to acknowledge this beautiful child … YOU … to love and honor this and the adult part of yourself so deeply. Be ready to say …

“OMG! That’s my gem.
I am an ______________! I love to ______________!”

My statement would be “I am an artist and I love to draw!
(Fill in the blanks with your passion!)

And if you are already creating in your type of art perhaps it is time to look deeper and see the new gem that is waiting for you.

Perhaps there is a new type of art ready for you to express. There is always an opportunity to go deeper.

When you are willing to open yourself up to deeper understanding of who you are as a divine being you are helping others to rise up and claim their gem too.

That is how we change the world. We change ourselves first. Then we serve as a model for others. Others can be your children, your parents and friends as well as your clients.



Use your gift!

If you like to draw then draw.
If you like to write then write.
If you like to sing then sing already!
If you like to dance then do that!

I just found my tap shoes in my storage unit and I’m getting ready to put then on and start tapping. I may even sign up for a class … something I have been wanting to do for a long time.

So if you feel you are ready to own your gift buy some pads of paper and markers and/or paints, buy your tap shoes, get your piano tuned, etc. You get the idea!

If you are not sure how to get started schedule a and inquire about art classes in the art you are interested in from your local adult education guide. Here in Houston we have an organization called Leisure Learning that offers various kinds of creative and art classes. Check out your newspaper and local magazines to see what organizations offer what you are looking for.

Just go for it and change your life!

PATHWAY 3 OF 7: Releasing What Has Been Stuck

“OMG. What is wrong with me I was wondering? I better put away my art and leave right now so that nobody sees me crying!”

… It was October 2011 and I was fully immersed with my artistry. I bought a brand new drawing pad, sharpened my pencils and started drawing. I sat for hours and hours at Whole Foods Market with a cup of coffee and was having a grand time! I produced a half inch thick folder of art.  I took a few days off and realized I had no idea at all where my folder of art was!!

Total panic set in. I searched my car and my house and did not find anything. I spoke to everyone I could think of at Whole Foods Market to see if they had found my art. Nobody knew anything. Then I searched my car and house again and nothing! I was devastated! I cried my eyes out and then realized I was not only crying about the lost folder of art.

I was grieving my childhood and all the sadness I had to stuff deep inside my body when I was not given the opportunity to be an artist. It was now all coming to the surface so that I could heal. When it was all done I felt like a completely different person …

And to bring things current – this past month I’ve been helping my mother settle back into her house after a few months in the hospital and a dementia unit So,  I’ve been hanging around my mom a lot lately and it has been triggering lots of childhood stuff …. OMG!! I have been feeling and releasing like a mother … no pun intended!

So, lets talk about this releasing process that walks hand in hand with the discovering process.

Release what has been stuckOnce you have done some digging around and started to uncover what was buried in the way of thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc you are going to be sitting with it for a bit. How long really depends on you and how much information you feel the need to gather on this particular leg of your journey.

Consider that you are in a cave after an archeological dig and now the dust (the mixture of emotions, memories) that was broken up is settling and you are beginning to breathe it all in. And now you are feeling deeply and this will bring upon a release of emotions. Hurray!!

Yes emotions in the way of healing tears that will bring you to the next pathway which you are going to love!


It takes resilience for this work and you have plenty of it inside of you. Reach in and claim it.

The road with obstacles leads to smoother paths. You must learn to appreciate every day of your journey because you never know when a major insight is going to make itself known to you. It really is all good.

Take time for self care and the simple pleasures of life. This will give you the energy to invest in your inner work and for the fun and celebratory times.

Releasing is about never giving up. You must keep going forward even when the gravel road is bumpy! The paved road is just up ahead!


1) FEEL your feelings. The process of feeling your feelings as deeply as you can IS the process of releasing what has been stuck. This is the healing process. You are claiming yourself back.

2) Journal as often as you can. Writing will bring old thoughts to mind that will lead to strings of insights. You will understand so much more about your life and why and how everything has turned out the way it has.

3) Take walks in nature to help you connect to your true self and give you the space and time to relax.

4) Meditate and enjoy plenty of quiet time will allow your feelings to move as well and will increase your ability to relax in all kinds of situations.

5) Create art! Art moves what is stuck so that you can release easier. I will share much more about the healing benefits of creating art!

6) Get energy healing sessions from a professional and learn techniques you can do on your own such as EFT and Access Consciousness.

Remember, you are releasing what you did not feel safe to feel so long ago. Consciously choose to heal and transform your life and this will lead you to your creative passion. The time and energy you invest to do this work will be worth it. You deserve it.

The more you walk this process the more of your divine creative gift you will have access to. Allow yourself to continue to clear the way!

PATHWAY 1 OF 7: Letting Go Of What No Longer Serves You.

“As soon as I saw the trapeze I knew I had to do it! I climbed to the top of the ladder and I was so scared I wanted to climb back down the stairs yet was told I had to step onto the platform. Then I was afraid to take the step from the platform at the same time I grabbed the handle because I knew there was no going back! After several minutes I finally took the step and flew over the net screaming and then I landed on the other side safely. I sat out for 30 minutes watching everyone else do the same thing. I was hooked. I played on the flying trapeze everyday for a week until my hands were sore and I performed in the circus show. It was great fun and a great expansion for me.”

Letting Go Equal Trust

That was a fun story about my flying trapeze experience over 20 years ago on a Club Med vacation (yes I admit I went to Club Med and had a blast! “Hands Up Baby Hands Up!” LOL)

Of course I know this is only a metaphor for letting go but it certainly shares the idea that letting go is addicting and it will take you places you never even dreamed of!


When we let go we give ourselves permission to take a deeper look at ourselves. Another way of saying this is that when we hold onto something we are not ready to look within at a deeper level.

You may already know what you are ready to let go of or at least have been contemplating. These include those behaviors and ways of being that you have been wanting to shift. Or you might be considering letting go of a relationship, job, career, your home or other material items.

Sometimes it is just so dang hard to let go. I know. It took me five years to let go of my house and this past year has been a journey of letting go. Life is filled with opportunities to let go and trust. The more you are willing to let go the more you are showing the universe your faith. And faith creates unimagined miracles.



Plain and simple, letting go takes courage. Sometimes it calls for reaching deep inside and finding the courage we did not realize we have. The truth is that we have infinite amounts of courage always there for us to access.

A few years ago I walked through a very tough time and then one day I realized that my courage lived right inside of me. I could sense it, feel it, taste it and it surprised me. It was one of those aha moments when I realized that everything I ever needed lived inside of me.

Courage is at the top of the list. So consider all the times in your life you required courage and then multiply that by 10 and feel your courage RISE in you!

Its ok to let go


You’ve heard the phrase “The first step is the hardest?” Well lets simplify this process.

1) Make a list of all those thoughts you’ve been having about letting go.

2) Group them in different columns to separate the types of possible “things” you can let go of (behaviors, relationships and material possessions, etc).

3) Take it a step further and consider which of those you list will be easy vs “not so easy” because it will give you some perspective and help you get started.

4) Then choose something simple and LET GO.

5) Trust.

Once you begin letting go and notice the wonderful benefits that come from it you will feel more courageous to let go again. Letting go will become a way of life for you and each time you do it you open yourself to an avalanche of new good to flow into your life. Letting go sets up a series of serendipitous events (sometimes very subtle) and it leads you into the rest of the pathways I’ll be sharing with you.

I have so much more to share about letting go and for now I will just let go!
Tomorrow look for an email from me sharing about Pathway 2: DISCOVERING What Has Been Buried and Forgotten!

Love and Light!

Wendy G Young
The Creativity Shaman

Moving Through the Tough Stuff

Ever feel like it is one thing after another?! Life just keeps happening and sometimes there is no time for a breather?

These days many are experiencing a quickening in challenging life events. If you are one of them I totally feel you.

This has been my life for about 30 years. My twenties were turbulent and when I started on my healing path in 1989 things began to make some sense.

10 years ago began a new series of events and six years ago another big series and then many other since. And when I take a closer look I see that they are all very connected and

I have often wanted to write about them and the reality is that when things are happening so fast and with very little recovery time it can be easy to lose track. It is my intention to share more as I walk this path because I receive insights that help me and others. I know that by sharing my journey in the form of story and insight from the experience it is serving a larger whole.

Color jpg

So with that in mind….

A new series of events began the end of February.

I bought a new car out of the blue (fun and surprising mystical experience I still intend to write about!).

A couple of days later I was in the process of moving and I missed a step and sprained my foot and ankle … the worst sprain ever!

After looking for help I just had to walk on my foot, carrying boxes and pushing my way through.

My dog and I stayed in a hotel for several days and walking him was painful! I held onto cars and the side of the building and sometime sat on the curb. And it was cold and rainy and I was moving SLOW.

During this time I was in the process of selling my old car which took three days of non-stop work (driving from one side of the city to the other, trading cars and getting documents together) to make it happen. I really felt as though I was being tested.

I also felt as though I was pushing myself to the next level of inner growth. While that was nice to realize I was just tired and my sweet dog was getting confused over the continuing change from one car to the other.

I kept pushing through. I had no other choice.

Then after several weeks of testing my mother was moved into a lock-down unit of an assisted living home for dementia – very emotionally challenging.

It has been a challenging couple of months working towards acceptance of my mother’s health. All kinds of anger and grief has surfaced and keep working through it using my own processes and getting help from other energy healers

There is no other choice for me. What about you? What is your choice?

I’d love to hear.


PS. One hint to move through the rough stuff: Create Art!




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