30 Days 30 Stories: Day 1

Earlier today I announced on Facebook that I would be writing 30 stories about my life in 30 days and that I would be blogging about it everyday.

I had a busy day that included doing everything else under the sun that I could think of except write this story!

First I typed up something I had manually written the other day. That was an accomplishment right there as I took numerous breaks..mainly opening the fridge over and over to see if there was perhaps something new in there. There wasn’t!

Finally I finished that project and rested on my couch in complete silence. That was really nice and it felt wonderful to give myself that time to just relax and I think I may have dozed! Then I took at walk around the park near my house!

I consciously allowed myself to slow down and enjoy they day. Slow is the new fast in this new paradigm we live in. Slow down to get more done. The concept of time is changing and I can feel how this is slowly beginning to integrate into my life.

One way I can see to slow down is to have more fun. Laugh more. Live more from my core. Have intimate conversations.

So I chose to meet a few friends at “The Chocolate Bar” in Houston to watch the Secret Millionaire episode tonight since the non-profits featured are all in Houston. That was a lot of fun and very heart warming!

Thanks to accountability I began writing my first story shortly after returning home. Since it is Sunday evening and my first day of story writing I gave myself the permission to write a very short one! It was 20 sentences.

The title is “The Day My Dad Was a Farmer.” It was about the tiny peach tree in our backyard in our first house in San Antonio!

So that is how my day went. I slowed down and felt extremely productive. I even had time to stop at Whole Foods Market on the way to “The Chocolate Bar!”

Most importantly I did what I said I was going to do. Only 29 more stories to go in this self-imposed 30 day challenge! Yay for me!

Love to all 🙂


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