Inner Peace with Mandalas

Happy New Year to you! May 2012 bring you many joy-filled and transformational experiences!

I know there is a lot going on all around us and yet it is still possible to experience joy and inner peace … yes … even when there is much to be resolved.

In fact that is the most important time to find inner peace so that resolution CAN occur.

As a right-brained, creative entrepreneur in left-brained businesses for most of my adult life I can tell you stories!!

In 2003 when a huge (well it was huge to me) ergonomic consulting contract was unraveling with a multibillion dollar oil company I was in deep turmoil.

I knew it was the beginning of finding myself only I had no idea what that was going to entail.

One of the things I did to soothe myself was meditate with and color mandalas.

I used to wonder how spending time coloring and meditating on mandalas was going to help me because I had no clue about anything in my life at that time.

I was hurting tremendously (wow, as I write this my eyes are watering) and I found mandalas to relax and calm me.

Did they solve all my problems and were they the answer to all my worries?

No, but the biggest thing they did for me was to calm me down in the moment and give me hope and a clear mind so that I could make new choices about my life.

As I look back I can see how they did play a role in who I have become today.

Every shift I can claim for myself whether it was from a walk around the park, a bubble bath or coloring mandalas is a shift in the right direction.

So I invite you to color along with me and bring some peace, harmony and creativity into your day.

With Love Wendy

PS. My mandala drawings are channeled via my guides. In fact as I am drawing and immersed in taking other actions with this project I feel a tingling sensation in my back. I have been told that I my spirit guides are here with me 😉 … More on that experience later!

PSS. I would really love to reach more people this year. Would you please share with your friends, family and your social media networks? Thank you!

Happy Awakening Consciousness Year

I love how my new year is beginning. How about you?

Several days ago I completed my first art project since owning the fact that I am an artist. I have so much to say about this topic in coming blog posts.

Right now I will say that I finally understand what it means to come from my core and let everything else flow from there. Last year someone who I admire said that and I had to really think.

I admit that I have lived an entire life not owning who I am … an artist. And this past year I have been embodying this information. Sometimes it feels like one big joke on ME. I mean …really … how could I not know I was an artist anyway?

(That is a story I will be sharing because I am pretty clear that it is a similar story for many other people as well who, like me, were shut down at an early age from being who they truly are. And now I am shedding some tears. Ah, yes…more and more getting to the core of how I am…shedding the layers of who I am not to get to who I am!)

So, there is art on my walls from a short stint of painting about 20 years ago. Then several years ago I was too lazy to take out all the paints and get into the production on messy painting so I bought a set of colored, charcoal pencils and created art that way.

My art is always colorful. That is just the way I flow….the way I see and love to see the world.

In the past it took me a long time to love and appreciate my art and now it is instant. I have come a long, long way!

In 2011 I created a cartoon series which I am still in the process of perfecting and my most recent art project is my “Wendalas Mandalas eColoring Book.”

I love drawing. Always have. I dreamed a lifetime of wanting to be an artist only discover that the reason I wanted it is because I already am one!

What a magical year 2011 was discovering so many deep and wonderful secrets about myself. And I know that 2012 is going to be the best and I am so excited to embark on this journey.

I have many surprises to share with you about being courageous, inspired and creative and all under the umbrella of fun! I see that being courageous has been one of my biggest lessons.

It has been very scary to step out and be vulnerable with my art and I have learned so many things along the way. If you feel inspired I would love for you to take this journey with me!

Be in touch soon!

And again … Happy Awakening Consciousness Year!



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