Struggle to Create My Art

Day 4 – Technical Glitches

Ugh! A few minutes ago I completed a blog post about exhaustion and how it contributes to the struggle to create my art.

When I saved it I lost it because the internet had a glitch! Dang glitch.

I’m exhausted from technical breakdowns.

So excited to be getting some tech help tomorrow. That will most certainly add a few more winks to my sleep and give me more energy to create my art.


One Response to Struggle to Create My Art

  • Oh those nasty glitches. I’ve had that happen before, so much so that usually I do a 2 step process of writing in my computer and then copy/pasting into a blog or email or other location. I hope all your words come back to you easily. Thank you for this string of thought, and thank you for including me and stimulating my own thoughts.

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