Struggle to Create My Art: Day 3 – Opening and Closing Doors

Today’s message presented itself to me in the middle of the night as I was opening my eyes. I felt a door closing as another was opening.

When we try to hold a big, steel door open that wants to close we are resisting the flow. The universe is setup in such a way that rewards us for letting go of the resistance.

Years back when my ergonomic business had slowed down I experienced a challenge in paying the office rent and after communication with the building management I was given permission to move out. As I was packing up my office I received a phone call from a client and within 48 hours a $50,000 consulting project fell into my lap. This led to much more expansion a few years later.

I often wondered if the contract would have come to me had I stayed the course in the office. Maybe yes. Maybe no. Since I did not have a crystal ball and it was possible to move out with no repercussions I did it. Plus the office was bigger than I needed and I felt a pull to simplify.

Letting the door close led me to building a creative, profitable ergonomic consulting and product business that served thousands of customers and allowed me to travel and grow.  I could never have seen that coming and it was because I was willing to close the door to something I had hoped would work out.

In the past year I’ve been taking care of my mother and part of me believes nobody can take as good a care of her as I have. In reality I know that she will be well taken care of especially under my watchful eye and instructions. Soon it will be time for me to let go of the 24/7 care so that I can dive deeper into my business and art … coaching, healing, creating coloring books, writing books, soul paintings and growing my Awaken The Artist brand.

Yep. A door will be closing with a big window for me to see through…  and another door … probably many doors and opportunities will be opening.

So it is time to let go of the struggle to create art … to close the door on this and allow the door labeled “Joy to Create Art”  to open so I can walk in and fully express myself out in the world. In many ways this is so related to my childhood and I’ll probably talk about that in one of my blogs this month.

Here’s to creating joyfully!


One Response to Struggle to Create My Art: Day 3 – Opening and Closing Doors

  • Really enjoying the philosophy behind your transition into the Joy of Creating Art Wendy and the facets you choose to pursue.
    Tetka xox

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