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What led me to create Soul Paintings
I’ve been a creative entrepreneur and artist for 30 years. In 2008 I sold my
ergonomic business and followed my passions. In this six year time period
I created many processes that helped me to heal my childhood wounds and
own my artistic nature which took me down a new road of creativity.

In 2011 I created a mandala coloring book and shortly after received an intuitive reading
where I was told I would be creating a new kind of art. I had been considering painting
what I felt was my goddess essence and in early 2012 I drew and painted her.

Goddess Full JPG EYES PHOTOSHOPPED with message 500x312

I created many other forms of art including free hand mandalas
in a variety of sizes using markers and watercolors.

In early 2014 I began drawing women’s faces using black markers and soon after was informed in another
reading that I would be creating Spirit Guide Paintings and was given my first commission soon after.
After sharing with a friend I was asked to create one for her as well.

So, in essence what led me to create Soul Paintings is a string of events occurring over many years
that guided me to heal and transform my life. This allowed me to see and value my gifts
enough to practice them with deep commitment and love and
take inspired action.

Christy and Andrea 600x401

I create Soul Paintings by tapping into your soul essence via your picture. As an
intuitive artist symbols related to your journey emerge in the art. I receive messages
throughout the creation of your soul painting and share those with you in a
private reading that is included as part of your soul painting package.

I would love to create your custom Soul Painting
and I welcome your personal inquiries about my
process and any other questions you may have.

Email wendygyoungartist AT gmail DOT com
and request your phone appointment.

8x10 Watercolor Paintings are available in

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Sending payment

I look forward to connecting!

Signature Wendy White Background 72 dpi small

Wendy G Young Lightwalker

The Creativity Shaman and Intuitive Artist




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