Awaken The Artist Art Retreats (Private or Semi-Private)

These are not your everyday art retreats.

Join me for a weekend of sacred conversation and introspection.

Together, we will explore the blocks keeping you from creatively expressing yourself through art.

I will share some of my stories and you will share some of yours in a safe, trusting environment.

We will meditate and breathe and take our time as we go deep.

We will begin to dismantle the beliefs that were created in your early years relating to your art and creativity.

Slowly, at your pace, we will walk each of the Awaken The Artist Pathways and Processes, with me as your guide as you create your art project.

We will eat healthy, organic meals and have plenty of delicious snacks to keep your energy high and your spirit grounded.

Just imagine the possibilities that can take root during such a special, creative weekend.

Click the booking link below to schedule a chat to discuss a private or group Art Retreat with me!


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