Owning the Struggles to Create My Art and Pivoting to the Joy to Create My Art

Last week I was inspired to write about the struggle to create my art and after writing four blogs I realized that the purpose to write about the struggle was to OWN the parts that keep me from creating.  Because of this awareness I am shifting my blogging focus.

This is the last blog about the Struggle to Create My Art. I am “calling out” what has contributed to the struggle. Basically I am owning it so I can integrate and move forward.

I mentioned that the struggle is real.  Actually what I choose to focus on is what I make real. What if I make the joy of creating art real instead?

I really love what I mentioned in one of the blogs …

“The artist in me is awakening. She is not even close to her potential. I am on this journey to awaken her. I wonder how far she will awake. It has been my biggest dream and desire to be an artist.”

The other main point in that  blog was to listen to my inner guru because that is when I do my best work. Certainly I am open to coaching and collaboration and I must always check inside to feel how it aligns with me.

Then I wrote about the opening and closing of doors and how holding onto something that obviously wants us to let go of it creates the struggle.

And then came the technical glitches … the ones from the past week and the ones from all along my journey. I have always been happier when I  allowed myself to go with the flow and I did that this week and because of it my website has undergone an upgrade. I let go of trying to do things all by myself and now I am excited to allow the new doors to open and great opportunities to come to me.

More stuff to own that contributes to the so called struggle…

Tight schedules day after day do not usually work for me and I often rearrange my schedule when it is too full. I need space to breathe and relax. Inspiration flows much easier with plenty of wiggle room. Trying to be a linear person is boring and stressful. Certainly that can be a challenge when there is a lot of work to do. That’s where delegation comes in handy and I’m great at delegating tasks to people that thrive doing that work. I am moving towards the delegation of the work I am not best at. This week I hired a web guy.

Procrastination is something we all know about, right?
Who has ever procrastinated? I think we all give procrastination a very bad wrap. It happens. Its ok unless it is creating a great disruption in life and if that is the case we have a choice to take action. I have often noticed how not taking action was a gift. Take action or not. It is up to you and how you feel about it. Right?

It is always going to be there to some degree. I am a disorganized/organized person. I am great at the detail unless I have to be detailed everyday and when I have to do it all. I say don’t fret the disorganization. Hire someone to keep you organized, find some sort of daily structure that feels fluid enough for your needs and create your art!

Drink more coffee?
Well, no I tried that. It does not work.
Get more sleep?
I tried that too. It does not always work.
Go with the flow?
That is the one I am working with. Plus I rest as often as I can. Self care will go a long way towards contributing to your rest and lessening the fatigue. So if you are exhausted like I have been for a big part of this past year love yourself up with as much self care as you can handle.  It will all work out.

Family and Other People in Your Head
We cannot change the behaviors of others in our life. We can only change how we react to them. It is easier said than done, I know, believe me.  Do not let the words of other people take up residence in your head. Keep doing your inner work and the family stuff will affect you less and less. Eventually things will roll right off your back and sometimes not touch you in any way. You will be amazed. Sometimes you will be surprised and get triggered but this too will be what makes you even more resilient.

My Art is Not Perfect
Who said my art is not perfect? Oh wait. That was me. Enough said.

Not Enough Time, Money, Rest and Love.
There are 24 hours in a day and fortunately because of the care of my mom this past year I have learned to value my time in much deeper ways. And when the amount of time I have available is short and it seems impossible to make headway on a task I rest or practice self love. The other day I had 30 minutes before I had to pick my mother up from her day program. I was even too tired for a simple drawing so I drove myself to the lovely park in walking distance of where my mother was and sat on the bench and I enjoyed the heck out of it. The money will take care of itself as long as we take care of our body and mind in the absolute best way we can with the resources that we have available to us. The more the self love we display towards ourselves the more we are tapped into our ultimate universal source and the easier it will be to listen to our intuition and take action.

Hardware, Software & Website Issues
I had laptop issues on and off this past year. I’d get it fixed and something else would happen. Then I was presented with a great deal to upgrade. My website was due for an update for years and it never felt like the right time and even so I had no idea what to do with it. Then suddenly last week I was talking about the technical issues I had with my website and voila a website developer offered to speak with me and asked me what I would like to change and within days I had an upgraded website. During this time I went to my storage unit and after about an hour was able to locate the software disk I needed to edit my art. What I learned from this process is to keep moving forward. Own what does not work and allow the solution. Basically that is what this blog is about. Moving from the struggle to the the joy of creating my art (writing, blogging, drawing, painting, etc) is the focus that is going to help me create the life I choose!

Not Celebrating Life and Playing
The story of my life. It is getting better though. The self care and self love are helping me immensely. I am attending support meetings to help me with the mental, emotional and physical demands of caring for my mom and it has helped me to embody this need to play at a deeper level.  I have been quietly celebrating my website update. Actually I have been kveling in it. The best part is that I am finally launching my Awaken The Artist 7 Pathways program again and one of the pathways is about Celebrating. We teach what we are here to learn and I am positive I will get much better at it!

Could I find more reasons to struggle? Sure I could. But why?
Instead …

I declare any other excuse or reason that may get in the way of joyfully creating my art to be sucked up by the universe and spit out onto a giant canvas as a beautiful, colorful painting!

And finally …

My answer to all of the above issues:

  • Delegate when I can and do what I do best.
  • Create art and share it.
  • Self care everyday in some way + plan full days of self care.
  • Focus on the joy instead of the struggle.






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