I’ll Meet You Where Your Art Starts


I would like to invite you on a very simple journey to meet me in the dot. Slowly though.

Oh wait. What’s the dot you ask?

The dot is your place to get centered and make your first mark. It’s your commitment on paper to mark where you start your art. Or shift your art.


And it’s not only your starting point. Finding your dot is finding and expressing something inside that wants to come out.

It’s the first whisper of something great.

When you slow down you are taking the time to smell the essence of this new expressive adventure. Breathe the aroma of nature, feel the warmth on your skin and connect to the quiet excitement in your heart.

You have a longing. Art. It’s there inside of you. It’s been there a long time. Like forever.

The thoughts and feelings about art come and go. You may have created some art over the years.

And all that time in between. Contemplation. Thoughtfulness. Doubt. Resistance. And so many other emotions. Some you may not be aware of.

And yeah, you might already be doing creative work in the world. Maybe for others. And maybe a little bit for yourself here and there. It’s possible nobody has seen your art outside of – well, you. It’s been hidden.

And your longstanding, hidden desire keeps knocking at your door and pulling on your Heartstrings.

And you wonder if you can do this – but how?

You consider this time and again. You see inspiring art and consider the possibility of creating what you see in your mind’s eye. You really feel you can do this and you want to try.

But …

Life happens. Family dynamics arise. Situations escalate. Financial issues deter. Time slips away.

Yet – know this.

During this process you’re actually reaching in. You’re tapping into your courage a tiny bit at a time. It’s slow and incremental and quiet. After a while you reach a tipping point. The courage in you feels ready. You can practically see the courage in your core. All of a sudden it makes its presence fully known to you.

Strength emerges and points your awareness in a different direction. You see that dot in the distance, the one you’ve been avoiding?

Art begins with one dot.

And I am inviting you into this calm and serene blue dot. A simple dot with somebody who has been where you are.


I would so love it if you would consider joining me here by drawing your dot. I know it might seem silly. Stay with me. I want to guide you slowly so that you can feel the fullness of this experience.

Perhaps you have a crayon or marker. You can use a pencil or pen to make your art mark too. And paper. Any kind of paper. Large or small.

Take a deep breath. Ask yourself if you are ready. Take another deep breath. Allow yourself to fully feel the emotion that is surfacing.

Place your chosen art tool down on your paper and feel what you feel in your body. Feel the dot and now make your dot.


What do you feel in your body? What are your thoughts?

Maybe you’re thinking:

– who am I to be drawing this?
– it’s not even
– it’s too big
– it’s too small
– is that all?

It’s easy to question and criticize. It’s ok. Be with it.

This dot is a part of you that has now been creatively expressed.

What does the dot have to say to you? Please listen closely.

What would you like to say to the dot, this deeper part of you that has been expressed?


Good work my friend.

Be still now. In your dot.

Wendy G Young
Awaken The Artist Coach

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