“I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

These 10 simple words, repeated over and over form the basic practice of Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique that is traditionally used to aid in forgiveness and reconciliation. Literally translated as “to put right”. And because all of humanity is connected, the practice of Ho’oponopono helps us heal ourselves and also extends that vibration throughout the world.

Powerful stuff, right?

It all begins by accepting our part as Co-Creators of every situation we experience. This act of taking responsibility (instead of shifting blame to others) parts the curtain, allowing for the healing energy to connect with our current issues or questions. 

What are the benefits of Ho’oponopono?

In the moment, the act of repeating the Ho’oponopono prayer can provide an instant calm in a challenging situation. Over the long-term, you might notice significant shifts in your perspectives on life and your place in the world. These shifts can bring powerful changes into your life. As Wayne Dyer often reminded us:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

I wrote a full blog post on the Benefits of Ho’oponopono

How Ho’oponopono has helped me:

Over the years, my own Ho’oponopono has continued to evolve and deepen. Like any good yoga class, we can continue to return to the basics and stretch deeper. And the deeper I’ve stretched, the deeper my rewards.

Using the Ho’oponopono prayer has led me to personal healings in many matters, both emotional and spiritual. It has also helped me in navigate some challenging financial times and healed some physical ailments.

By calming my mind and reducing my stress levels, I’ve learned to forgive myself and others and discovered the most creative solutions to many complex problems. I’ve also used Ho’oponopono to activate the creative inspiration for my art and for the design of my healing products. 

How and where do I practice Ho’oponopono?

I have great news for you: You cannot do this wrong. In fact, the only way to possibly short yourself of the benefits is to not practice often enough. You can begin with finding a couple of minutes in the quiet of the morning or just before bedtime.

And then, you’ll find yourself reaching for some inner Peace at random moments throughout the day. On hold with customer service. In rush hour traffic. Standing in line to renew your driver’s license. Take a deep breath and ease your soul with some Ho’oponopono.

For the best results, it’s best to let go of the outcome. In other words, practice without a specific idea of the ideal solution. The Divine knows the big picture and will guide you to the best outcome, the desired healing, the peace of mind or the creative idea that best serves you.

To this day, I continue to be pleasantly surprised witnessing the Divine performing these miracles. Once I allow it. The healings and moments of inspiration I have received over the years have always been powerful. It’s like reaching into an empty hat and pulling out the proverbial rabbit.

The secret is staying consistent with regular practice.

Here’s a blog post I wrote that goes deeper into the art of “cleaning” with Ho’oponopono.

What do I practice Ho’oponopono for?

  • My family – For their health and safety. For resolution to issues that arise.
  • Peace – For my own Inner peace and for peace throughout the world.
  • Animals – For the homeless or abused dogs to be guided to shelter and loving care.
  • Physical healings – For the aches and pains I experience in this earthly body.
  • Solutions – For answers and inspiration when I’m seeking “next steps”.
  • Clarity – For clear, grounded thinking when I’m confused.
  • Calm – For those times when I’m feeling sad, depressed or when I’m grieving. Because personal growth can bring up some unexpected feelings.
  • Politics – For the truth that our leaders require to make decisions that best serve us all.
  • Current Events – For any disturbing incidents that may be reported in the news.
  • Friends – For support in helping them navigate their own life challenges.

The iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards

For those of you who work best with visual cues, I created these gorgeous art cards that are infused with the healing energy of Ho’oponopono.

Each card has its own theme that allows you to focus on while your subconscious does all the work. People using the iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards report an increased ability to clear their negative emotions and release lifelong programming that keeps them from moving forward.

You can click here to learn more about integrating the cards into your own Ho’oponopono practice.

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