First Day of the Rest of My Life

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

178I have been practically absent from my business in a public way since June 2014 because I have been caring for my mother who was diagnosed with a moderate level of dementia. She requires help in many areas of her life including grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, doctor’s visits, bill paying and more. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be doing something like this.

Who am I kidding?

For many years I’ve had an inkling my mother was going to need my help. It is just that I did not realize that it would look like this. A part of me is angry that she “has” dementia and another part of me knows that the gifts in this experience continue to unfold. I am sure there is a deep gift for my mother as well though that is not for me to know.
I have been in a cocoon and through a major transformation on so many levels with regards to the relationship I have with my mother and other family members. I have also tapped a deeper well of courage to be here with my mother at this time. Seeing her in her decline is not easy. At times I am sad yet I keep going on doing what is necessary.

Profound step back into the business world.

I’ve been successful in other businesses over the past 30 years and to guarantee my success this time around I hired a business coach to guide me. Actually I started working with him in May 2014 and this greatly inspired me to write a series of blog posts that detail my
7 Pathways to Awaken The Artist. Then I joined his mastermind group in September 2014 and have been gathering inspiration and courage to take bold action.

Soon I will be sharing more including my word for the year … which will make total sense why it was chosen!


With Love

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