Consciousness Expansion: What is it?

The idea of “Consciousness Expansion” has intrigued me for many years and I wonder sometimes if others perceive themselves and their universe in similar ways.

The way for me to describe “Consciousness Expansion”  is to ask this question:

“How do I see the world around me that I cannot see?”

Years back I began to wonder what it would be like if my consciousness could be inside the consciousness of a flower! Then I wondered about a tree and the grass and the stars!

Have you ever thought about anything as seemingly crazy as that?

Years back I imagined that I was traveling all over the universe and that I was the universe and I felt such deep love and joy all over my body.

This was all imagined….being one with the flower, the tree, the universe.

Then a few years ago I was receiving some energy work with a trained energy worker and I had the most beyond amazing experience.

I felt as big as the universe while relaxing there on the massage table and I felt myself open up.  I could see and feel the entire universe inside the core of my body. It was beautiful and breathtaking and expansive and one of the most wonderful feelings I had ever experienced. 

How did that happen? It is because I had been imagining being one with the universe for such a long time and one day I allowed myself to open up to see who I really am.

Who I really am is the Source of all my good. I am the universe. I am love. I am.

The more open I am to seeing who I really am opens the way to deeper connection to this “Source of me” so that I may create all that I desire.

Just some interesting thoughts to ponder.

We have been exploring many consciusness expansion ideas in the Connecting to the Spiritual Grid series I have been running the past few weeks. If you want to know more then visit http://wendygyoung.com/gridconnection. When you register for the series you will receive a recording every other day for a month. You can download them and listen to them morning and night from your ipod.


PS. I would love to hear your comments!

Connecting to the Spiritual Grid…the energetic universe

Last year I spent a big portion of the year creating my Spiritual Grid Manifestation DVD. This is my first physical product and I had no idea what it was going to be like to create! When Dr. Joe Vitale heard about my technology he told me that the best way for me to get it out there was to hold a workshop and videotape it and create my DVD.

Well it was not so easy! Joe has created many physical products and has written at least 30 books. He has quite the experience and the team in place to help with all the details.

When I think back to the months it took to have the right people on my team and have good video to edit I am reminded of all the stress that I experienced to create my product. Sometime I even forgot to use my own technology…especially when I was in the trenches!

What was missing for me is being connected to the energetic universe on a consistent basis. I knew what I wanted and was in the process of creating it. I had used my technology over the years to create abundance for myself and then I forgot to stay connected.

What is up with that?!

For years I have had all these “practices” running through my mind and this past year I became clear about how these could really help you stay so connected that every one of your actions are fueled by the energetic universe to create the money you want and the peace and time to enjoy it!

The first one is called “The Path and The Stone.” If you are curious at all about connecting to the universe then see what the stone has to say to you. When you are connecting to the stone you are opening yourself up to the universe and to who you really are.

Listen to or download it here:


Let me know how you like it and most of all how it helps you!



PS. If you like it there is a complete series that started today, January 18, 2010. Each call lasts 10 minutes and there are a total of 16 calls from Mon – Thurs. Check it out here:


New Year’s Day a Second Time

Yesterday I participated in a class with Lissa Boles, The Soul Mapper where she explained everything that is going on with the planets. It is fascinating! Over the years I really never took the time to understand what astrology is all about but in the creation of my DVD this past year it just all of a sudden started making sense to me.

I do not know if I will ever begin taking classes in astrology but I have been paying a lot more attention to what is happening with the planets lately. Many unusual things are happening.

It started with the Blue Moon and lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve while Mercury and Mars were in retrograde. The past few weeks were about reviewing and getting clear on what you want to create in the next year. Your decisions can impact you for the next seven years.

But not to worry because Mars will be in retrograde for several more weeks and it will help to slow you down in case you are wanting to run out of the shoot and conquer all your desires in one day. Mercury has gone direct today and that means it is time to start putting your little toe into your new plans and ideas…sort of test the waters a bit…once you are in touch with your goals of course.

The planets have been lining up to help us shift into who we are becoming and in that process it calls for review and a letting go of the old. I have been doing much of both!

Last night was a solar eclipse also very significant and today is a new moon. It is a perfect day for getting in touch with your goals. As soon as I am done posting this blog I am off to do just that.

What I also learned is that today is an “unofficial” New Years Day because of all these wild occurences happening with the planets!! I do not really understand enough to explain it to you and just wanted to let you know what I learned from my good friend, Lissa Boles.

So Happy New Year…again!!! And happy getting in touch with your dreams, goals and desires!

iLoveU !




Feng Shui: “A Purse on the Floor is Money Out the Door”

Several weeks ago I was sitting at my favorite hangout, Whole Foods Market  in Houston and one of the employees saw my purse sitting on the floor and sat down beside me to tell me it is bad luck to have your purse on the floor!

As soon as he told me I remembered my Feng Shui consultant, Katherine Ashby had mentioned this to me years before so I asked her if she would write an article about it that I could post on my blog.

Here it is…btw, if you do not carry a purse feel free to share this with someone who does 🙂

* * *

Feng Shui: “A Purse on the Floor is Money Out the Door”

by Katherine Ashby, Professional Feng Shui Consultant, Feng Shui Houston © 12/17/2009

It’s bad Feng Shui to put your purse on the floor, especially now, during holiday shopping time when thieves are working overtime. But besides that, there’s an old Chinese proverb that states “a purse on the floor is money out the door.” Your money, checkbook and credit cards are usually in your purse and putting them on the floor shows disrespect for the order of things and disregard for your wealth and money. You wouldn’t think of putting your bag of gold on the floor, would you?

I think the problem is that purses have gotten so big-we even call them “bags” now, as in, may I get your bags, said by the bell boy. They are practically as big as an overnight suitcase. When purses were small, we could sit them on the table at restaurants and they looked really cute. Or, we could place them on our laps while we ate. But now that purses are so large, it’s a bit of a problem and a practical issue. They’re so heavy we don’t want to hang them from our shoulders all the time, but we also don’t want to rudely put our giant personal belongings on someone’s desk or on the counter when checking out at a retail store, so we usually end up setting the purse on the floor at our feet.

So, purse etiquette; what to do? You can always hang your purse on the back of your chair in a restaurant, but only if your back is to the wall; otherwise, it might get stolen. Or, you can use a near-by chair if one is available, but you still have to keep your eye on it. A better solution is to use a purse hook that slips on the edge of the table and has a hook on the other end for your purse to hang by its strap. You can find purse hooks online.

Besides, the floor is really filthy, especially in restaurants, restrooms, movie theaters, and other public places. When you put your purse on the floor and then on your desk, bed, kitchen counter or table, you are transferring all that filth-yucky and very hazardous to your health! You can clean leather purses with leather cleaner and fabric purses with fabric cleaner.

And, by the way, if your purse or wallet is worn out or stuffed with last month’s litter, you are sloppy with your money. Sorry to point that out, but you are probably unconsciously wasting money, don’t know how much money you have, or you’re behind in your bills. It pays to be highly conscious of all aspects of your money including your purse or wallet. Try cleaning out your purse or wallet and updating old information, pictures, credit cards, etc. Hide a $50 or $100 dollar bill somewhere in your purse so you will never be broke.

Here’s to your money, your wealth and good Feng Shui in 2010! For more information and a free 15-minute telephone consultation, go to my website www.FengShuiHouston.com or contact me at (713) 688-0980 or ka@nullfengshuihouston.com.

* * *

Did you like the article? If so let me know and if you require Feng Shui services I highly recommend Katherine!

iLoveU !


don Miguel Ruiz at Unity in Houston

Happy New Year to all of you! Here’s to a wonderful 2010 and beyond!

Towards the end of last year I had the pleasure of co-interviewing HeatherAsh Amara with my mastermind partner Chip Engelmann and we had a great conversation about shifting consciousness using some techniques we played with live. It can be as simple as taking an action that makes you smile and laugh.

Heather Ash Amara has been an apprentice of don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements for many years and she invited me to hear him speak at Unity this past week. 

I am so glad I went as it has been many years since I have been to Unity and it was a magical evening for me. It would be impossible to capture the essence of the evening in a simple blog post and at the same time I want to hightlight a couple of the key points. Sharing this information helps me live these ideas in a deeper way.

don Miguel Ruiz asked us if we would help him change the world.

I am all for that. Basically what he was saying is that it starts from within us. That each of us has our own view of the world and each of our views is correct…for us. It is not for us to tell others that they are wrong because in their mind they are right.

He told us to take a look at the lies we tell ourselves and to become more authentic in how we live our lives.

And he is right. That is what shifting consciousness is all about. That is what I have been teaching for many years. We have to take responsibility in our own life to change ourselves and when we change ourselves we change the world.

He brought both of his sons and HeatherAsh on stage to speak and they were all exciting speakers and if you ever have a chance to hear any of them speak I highly recommend it.

The final thing I want to say is about “the final judgment” they spoke about. This refers to the final time that you judge yourself. When you stop judging yourself others stop judging you and this is what changes the world.

Let me know what you think.

iLoveU ! 




Magical Holiday Spirit Aligns Your Best 2010

I have spent the last few days contemplating new reasons why this time of year really IS so magical 🙂

There is music in the air and people scurrying about buying gifts for friends, associates and loved ones and for themselves. There are parties with plenty of laughing and cheer. This holiday spirit is everywhere and you are a part of it.

And the new year brings thoughts of renewal and inspiration for even more good to flow.

What can you do to harness this energy to help align you with a year of cheer? I’m getting to that!

Firstly 🙂 if you have been following my blog or have been a subscriber to my list then you know that I am about helping people create their most fulfilling life using law of attraction tools that embody the energy of what they want. In fact my Spiritual Grid Manifestation technology helps you embody in profound ways because of the multi-layered technologies. There is a reason it has been called “Visualization on Steroids!”

So what does manifestation have to do with this time of year and creating a 2010 beyond your wildest dreams? Ok I’ll tell you!

Manifestation is all about who you are BEING – who you are being on the inside. Who you are “being” is felt by everyone in your presence and even those who are not in your presence. For example your energy can be felt on the phone, in your words in emails and when you spend time social networking on Twitter, Facebook and various other sites. When you walk into a room “who you are being” is felt and can be seen in how you hold your body and on your face.

Most importantly your “Beingness Factor” (I just coined a new phrase!) is felt by the Universe — the source of your supply. This is really big.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “You cannot fool Mother Nature”… well Mother Nature is the Universe! The universe knows all. If you are saying one thing and feeling another then the Universe knows! Everything that comes to you is related to the vibration you hold in your body.

Ask yourself exactly how you want to be seen and heard. How do you want to feel? Write it down and then imagine what it would be like if you were already that person. See it and then place it into your body by “stepping” into it. Take a big, HUGE powerful stand for who you want to be in the world. Make that beingness part of who you are. Raise your vibration by consistently playing this game with yourself.

You must claim this new BEINGNESS as the YOU that you want to ring in 2010 with if you want to change your life for the better.

Since this time of year is already so cheery then harness that loving and warm energy to align with the best 2010 you can imagine.

Every single time you notice how good you are feeling bring that into your body. Breathe life into. Be it. Live it. Expand the feeling of how wonderful it feels by a million and then a million more. Make it part of who you are and it will be with you – forever. It is now in your cells and you will continue to expand. It really can be as simple as we allow it.

Let me know how you liked this post. This is one of my new favorites!

iLoveU !









Authenticity: A Simple Lesson

I learned a big lesson in authenticity this past two weeks. For the past 26 years as a business owner I have always strived to recognize and take action from my uniqueness.

In 1991 I pioneered ergonomics and in 1996 I launched one of the first ergonomic product websites which I sold in 2008. I sold it because after 17 years in that business it was time to be authentic in a new area.

(Oh in case you are wondering, the ergonmics website I created is www.ergopro.com. Tell them I said hello!)

I realize that a part of me always thought that to be fully authentic I had to do everything on my own. Of course that is not the case. Authenticity develops on the inside and only recently did I begin understand that on a more meaningful level.

Here’s how it happened.

Nine months ago I met someone on Twitter whom I had noticed before but chose not to follow her because something felt “off.”

Call it intuition.

Weeks later she followed me and her first communication to me was that I was wrong about something. Being my forgiving and sometimes naive self I followed her and let it go knowing we all have our own perceptions.

On one of our early phone calls an intriguing idea presented itself to us. She wanted to get started right away and I was still in the middle of producing my Spiritual Grid Manifestation DVD and told her I was definitely interested and would let her know when I was ready.

Deep down my intuition was speaking to me and I knew that I could not work with her while creating my DVD. Months later I wrote her and suggested we create that program. It just felt like the right time.

We began a series of phone calls and became much clearer about the series. Being the consummate businesswoman I am I suggested a written agreement and even though she ignored me I allowed myself to get deeper into the project and kept “giving in.”

After a short time I realized she saw me as her “admin” when she frequently ordered me to take actions at a moments notice! Again I suggested we create an agreement about responsibilities and again it was ignored. Yet I kept going because the project was still intriguing to me.

I kept doing everything she asked and then got creative and practiced some videos in the park to promote the series. That same weekend she began accusing me of not working and my response was to stop working!

Funny how the mind works. She proceeded to send me a series of accusatory emails and then I began experiencing excrutiating pain and landed in the emergency room and then I could not work! Her emails kept coming even though she knew I was not well for several days. She even told me she did not care I was sick!

That is when I got it! It was the final straw and I told her I did not want to play with her anymore. It just hurt too much.

That very same day I had a series of phone calls with other people and the theme that kept appearing was authenticity!

My first clues of a potential conflict came many months before.

Once I was able to recognize the truth I wrote a letter to the list we created and told everyone that in order to be authentic I had to exit.

Fortunately I also now understand the meaning of authenticity on a deeper level. My authenticity has nothing to do with doing everything on my own as I once thought.

My authenticity has everything to do with staying true to my core beliefs and principles and only allowing people in my life that are serving me. It also has to feel good! When I listen to and take action on my intuition I am being authentic. The experience itself served me well and once I was able to rise above it and receive the learning I was complete.

Authenticity is certainly the theme of the moment for me. What about you?

What areas of your life are causing you to ponder? What have you been putting up with?

Let me know how this has served you.

Well it is time to take action on my new inspirations! But first I think it is time for some dark chocolate. Now that’s being authentic!

iLoveU !


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