PATHWAY 7 OF 7: Embodying Your Creativity

It is time to take it in deeper. This is how transformation happens.

P7 Embodying Your Creativity woman with art in body


It is going to take TENACITY to do this work.

About 15 years ago I had the idea to create my very own print catalog and I thought it was going to be fast and easy. Each day I walked into my office thinking “today is going to be the day I finish the design” and each day I realized that there was so much to do. I wanted it to look just right! It took one solid month working from morning to night including the weekends. I barely even saw daylight and I was so excited to get started in the morning wondering just how far I would be at the end of the day. No matter what I kept going. I immersed myself in the design of my catalog and took my creativity to another level.

The same thing happened the end of 2011 when I had the idea to create my mandala coloring book. I had no idea it was going to take me a month and I just kept taking it one day at a time. I knew that once I finished I would be proud of my accomplishment. And I was and when I think about it right now it still makes me smile!

You must give yourself the time to immerse yourself in your creativity. You must be persistent practically everyday. Give yourself whatever it is going to take to embody your creative gift. Schedule time to create on a regular basis. And do it!

You  may also want to schedule in some rest breaks because once you start creating at deep levels you may forget to eat!



Consider what you want to create. You may already have an idea that has been calling out to you!

Perhaps there is a collection of poetry you want to write.
Or maybe a collection of drawings ready to come out of you.
Or maybe you’d like to decorate cakes!!! Or paint. Or sew
If you are a dancer maybe you are ready to practice your moves!

Now is the time!

1. Carve out time in your calendar.

2. Buy the supplies you will need. Paper. Paint. Pencils. Markers. Material. Icing!

3. Create a comfortable, cheery space. I used to share this information with my clients when I was an ergonomics consultant! Clean and clear your space. Repair what is broken. Replace your chair or desk so that you can create in comfort. Open the blinds to let the light in.

4. Make your physical space so inviting you will love going in there everyday. Enhance the space with your works of art. Frame and hang your poetry, drawings, paintings, photography … whatever you have created that will feel good to have around you. Time to go pull all of your artwork out of the closet now! You may also want to decorate with art of others that you feel inspired by. Create a bright and cheery space.

5. Give yourself permission to be inspired by YOU! And please do not let anyone tell you why you cannot do what your heart is pulling you towards.  When I bought my house in 2001 I let my friend and interior designer talk me out of buying a drawing table for my living room. This space was bright and airy and I envisioned creating art in that room. Yet I was so impressionable I let her discourage me. In the 12 years that I was in that house and I never bought that drawing table. Always listen to your heart. Always listen to your intuition antique inspired action.

6. Immerse yourself in your art. Keep going  as far as you can go  and as deep as you can go  and you will know when it is time  to rest  and recharge . The more you allow yourself this creativity time the easier it will become because you will be having so much fun.

PATHWAY 6 OF 7: Celebrating YOU

It is time to celebrate who you are … period. Celebrate the fact that you are alive.

If you are here reading this email you have probably experienced some challenging times and you have made it this far. Be grateful and celebrate this now!

celebrating you


It is going to take some GROUNDING to do this work. Yes I know the picture does not indicate grounding but she did jump off the ground! 😉

Have you been riding high for a while and perhaps working long and hard hours? If so, there has probably been very little time to celebrate you because you have been so “on the go.”

Life has a way of slipping through our fingers. Create time for you by scheduling it in your calendar. Then stick to it. That is one way to get grounded.



1) Get out your journal and keep track of what to celebrate. There is so much around you in this moment to celebrate … in addition to the past.

2) Pay attention to the intricate details of your life experience – capture everything you can – celebrate these. Ask what is here to celebrate that you have not celebrated. What is calling out to you from your past?

3) Share a story about what is happening in your life. Share what you just did.

4) Be authentic and transparent with your community and allow yourself to take some spotlight in the world.

5) Take celebratory action. Jump up in the air, wave your hands, shout YES, plan a dinner party, play.

6) Grab some friends and ask for help with your celebrating. They will help raise your vibe and get the celebratory feeling in your cells. The deeper it is the easier it will be to celebrate you

Your celebration can be private too. In fact it is necessary to practice this because most of our celebration of ourselves is private anyway. You do not have to tell anyone unless you want to and when you do know that they are celebrating with you and raising your vibe.

Now go and Celebrate You!

PATHWAY 5 OF 7: Owning Your Creative Gifts

The processes of Letting Go, Discovering and Releasing takes you to the door of the room where your treasure box resides. After all these years you finally have access to your beautiful God given gems that you have been denying for so long.

You look inside and see the gem and reach in and take it to your heart and reclaim it.

Owning Your Gift Hand and Brush


It is going to take WILLINGNESS to reclaim and own this precious, divine part of yourself.

When you have the willingness to look through this open door and look at your gem and you now have a choice. You can say “yes” or “no” to yourself. You have conscious choice.

You have cleared the way for this and now you get to ask “Now what am I going to do?”!

So it will take a willingness to take the actions you wanted so long ago.

There is no more denying the little child inside who has been quietly knocking on the door your entire life to. If someone compliments you on your gift there is no more rolling of the eyes. You get to say a resounding “Thank you!”

You must be willing to acknowledge this beautiful child … YOU … to love and honor this and the adult part of yourself so deeply. Be ready to say …

“OMG! That’s my gem.
I am an ______________! I love to ______________!”

My statement would be “I am an artist and I love to draw!
(Fill in the blanks with your passion!)

And if you are already creating in your type of art perhaps it is time to look deeper and see the new gem that is waiting for you.

Perhaps there is a new type of art ready for you to express. There is always an opportunity to go deeper.

When you are willing to open yourself up to deeper understanding of who you are as a divine being you are helping others to rise up and claim their gem too.

That is how we change the world. We change ourselves first. Then we serve as a model for others. Others can be your children, your parents and friends as well as your clients.



Use your gift!

If you like to draw then draw.
If you like to write then write.
If you like to sing then sing already!
If you like to dance then do that!

I just found my tap shoes in my storage unit and I’m getting ready to put then on and start tapping. I may even sign up for a class … something I have been wanting to do for a long time.

So if you feel you are ready to own your gift buy some pads of paper and markers and/or paints, buy your tap shoes, get your piano tuned, etc. You get the idea!

If you are not sure how to get started schedule a and inquire about art classes in the art you are interested in from your local adult education guide. Here in Houston we have an organization called Leisure Learning that offers various kinds of creative and art classes. Check out your newspaper and local magazines to see what organizations offer what you are looking for.

Just go for it and change your life!

PATHWAY 4 OF 7: Honoring Your Accomplishments

And today we move into what I like to call the “FUN pathways!!”

Three years ago I stumbled upon a process that created an instant shift for me. And when I say shift I mean that my head turned and I knew something very powerful had changed inside of me.  What followed shortly afterwards was the artist in me emerging and never looking back. I was able to Own the artist in me and it created a connection to my joy that was brand new in this lifetime for me!

Honoring Your Accomplishments

If it can happen for me it can happen for you!

There are accomplishments in your past that you inadvertently placed on a shelf so that you could now take the time to look at and honor them.

Many of your accomplishments were forgotten because life was moving fast and you were already onto the next thing and you were not aware of the importance to honor yourself in this way.



It is going to take AWARENESS to do this work.

You must become aware of your past successes that you did not honor. When you take a close look you’ll see a series of successful accomplishments that for whatever reason have been forgotten (or just put on the shelf for a while).

If you are here you have experienced success all along the way and do not let anyone say anything otherwise!

Plain and simple … Honoring that part of yourself equals valuing yourself.

Wondering what you can honor?

… your school work, art projects, student awards and honors, swim team ribbons, track and field wins, performances, report card, keeping your room clean, learning to drive, chores, being kind to a stranger, being creative with dressing yourself … honor anything you desire!

AND be sure to honor what you may not have been proud of because everything is part of who you have become.

Give value to yourself for every step of your journey. Be proud of who you have become because of your life experiences!



1) Take a piece paper, scan your life and write down what you remember.

2) Beginning in early childhood and all the way through high school (and beyond if you choose) look closely at your life to remind yourself of a string of accomplishments – (school, work extracurricular activities, sports, projects, lessons, recitals, etc).

3) Make a list of what calls out to you.

You do not have to work hard for this. This is a FUN activity and the actions you take now are going to make you smile and feel good!


Day 0 – Saying YES to ME / 30 Stories in 30 Days! – December 2013 Series

A couple of years ago I began writing a series of stories. I intended to write 30 Stories in 30 Days yet after completing five stories I experienced a huge insight about my life and was guided down a new path and through a series of processes. This led me to own the artist within me and it has been life changing. I’ve written enough for a book in the past couple of years but until now did not feel ready to share anything with anyone other than myself.

So this month I’ll be SAYING YES to ACCEPTING my life 100% to whatever is showing up. The outcome I would like to experience at the end of this series is feeling GRATITUDE for EVERYTHING. Who knows what miracles may happen?!

I’ll be SAYING YES to what is challenging, easy, fun, crazy, boring, peaceful, colorful, playful, painful, difficult, taking longer than I want, etc. I’ll be SAYING YES to what I rather not experience and what I enjoy. I’ll be SAYING YES to what feeds my pleasure, fun and playfulness and what does not. I’ll be SAYING YES to my life experiences as I am inspired.

I’m looking forward to this journey of sharing and learning more about myself. I’m taking a big leap of faith that I’ll tap into my inspiration to write and create art everyday along with everything else happening in my life.

With Love, Wendy

31 Day Challenge: Day 16

This is my 3rd post about my 31 day challenge. I thought it would be a great idea to only post once a week about this particular journey because it is much easier to keep my word to myself!

A Couple of Accomplishments I am Proud of on this Journey:

Accomplishment #1 – Raw/Vegan and Gratitude Focus

I have not eaten any cheese…a miracle…and my body does feel better.  I have eaten some sugar mainly in chocolate and I have had some coffee….but not everyday. I am eating about as much raw as usual….50-70% if I had to guess and vegetarian. I originally wanted to eat 100% vegan but since I ate some yogurt and a tiny bit of dairy in my coffee

What is even more exciting to me is that I have experienced some insights and I believe it is because I chose to change my eating habits.  Last week I felt a new and deep connection to my soul. On a conscious level I have known for many years that the turbulent twist and turns on my path to healing were for a reason…and last week I felt it in my body. Here is what I posted on Facebook within minutes of this insight.

“So many new ahas are coming up for me this week. Just a few minutes ago I instantly felt a deep connection to my soul. I feel a deep knowing in my body that all I have experienced in my life and all the healing I have done to get to this place was to prepare me for this time. This is something I have known consciously for many years on my journey and now to feel it deep inside. Priceless.”

I have written in my gratitude journal more often and after just a few days I could sense a new awareness about my relationship to money and my divine abundance. For many years after noticing the amount of money in my bank accounts … no matter the amount there was always a sense of tightening in my body. And I noticed that this has shifted as I noticed the balance and the amount of cash in my wallet.

Immediately I felt this money connected to my divinity and my divine bank account and that there is always an abundance of money. That is a rather huge shift that occurred in small increments over a period of time…say years! And now lets see where this new awareness takes me!

I feel grounded and connected and balanced. I feel grateful for the many blessings in my life.

Accomplishment #2- Creative Focus

I have placed an extraordinary amount of focus on my brand new program: Breakthrough Healing & Mentoring to Awaken the Inspired Creator and Artist. I have been attempting to work on this since April all kinds of things happened instead.

April 20th a 2 month old puppy came to live with me and for about a month it was all about him….Simba. Then every time I sat to write I made no progress.

In the past 2 weeks I have been much more focused. And one day last week was a major day of focus for me which enabled me to “pre-launch” this program. The pre-launch pricing ends today and then I will begin working on the launch portion. I am excited to see the results of my focus and the inspiration I am receiving for this program.

The lotus flower that you see on this page began as a simple brown lotus and I “accidentally” figured out how to fill it in with color on Photoshop! This is something I have wanted to do for years….Removing blocks from my life allowed this to happen I believe! There is still a bit more to be done and I could use a bit of training as well.

In a bit I plan to push the computer away and create art….it has been calling me!

Looking forward to what develops over the next week!

With Love


31 Day Challenge: Day 8

And what a challenging week it has been! My challenge began as a mostly raw and all vegan lifestyle for the entire month of July. So far….it is about 50-75% raw and 80-90 % vegan. Not too shabby!

I was starving so I ate some yogurt…but no hard cheese. That was big for me because I have eaten more cheese in the past few years than I have most of my life.

It was time to get back into balance. So I am pleased up to this point and I feel better. That was the point.

I believe that food has a consciousness and it becomes a part of ours…..thoughts, beliefs, emotions, connection to divine…..so I will continue on this path and go deeper as I do with everything in my life it seems. A few years ago I began eating more vegetarian and thus began my journey with cheese! It is easy and sooo good!

OK, enough about food for now.

My challenge went deeper. I have been working on my sales page for my new healing/mentoring teleseries and private sessions and have experienced TECHSTRESS! Not fun. Hopefully installing Firefox on my laptop is going to help.

My teleseries is going to be ultra cool as it will help awaken people to their creativity in a fun and very unique way. I will be guiding everyone to create a special project that works in tandem with my 6 step process that I will be sharing. Can’t wait.

I feel so ALIVE! What I know more than anything: I AM READY TO SERVE!! BRING IT ON!

More soon!


Life Richness Shapes Purpose and Life Goals

I have been an entrepreneur for 27 years and have had so many incredible experiences….many that have had me on my knees that I have had to rise way above after much personal work on myself.

There have been a number of “bizarre” experiences that have taught me many lessons. Things that fell into my lap out of the blue that either caused great pain or superb joy. It has allowed me to grow in demonstrative ways. It has taught me to continue to think out of the box, be creative, be myself more than I could have possibly imagined.

As I look back on the personal experiences of my life I see how closely intertwined it all is. The personal experiences affect my business and visa versa.

And because of the many rich and juicy stories it has helped me to realize that I am a storyteller at heart and these stories are just begging to be told. I am taking the necessary time to mold these stories into my keynote speaking.

When I tell my stories it heals me and inspires others to grow and change and take actions they have not been courageous enough to take.

As an Empowerment Coach, Author and Speaker I help my clients to find their courage, step into their self worth and take actions with confidence. I had to do this for myself and if it were not for all of the rich experiences of my life that may not have happened.

So look at the Richness of your life’s experiences and use this as the fuel to get you to your next fantastic journey whatever that may be!

With Love!


Empowered to Say NO to Unreaasonable Business RequestS

I was an ergonomic consultant for many years (certified associate ergonomist) and a law firm once requested that I consult with all of their administrative staff to make sure their computer workstations were setup for comfort.

The “unreasonable” part was that they expected me to do this work for FREE!!! I could not believe it. When I asked them if they planned to order any of the products I would be recommending they told me maybe about $200 worth.

I told them a big NO as it would have taken me a couple of days to do the job and definitely not worth my time!

And I did not ever see myself as empowered back then…probably a bit annoyed though!

Be Empowered!


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