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How to Create Art with More Depth and Magic

A new level of inner work is necessary to creatively express with more depth in visual/ physical world.

I know what you’re thinking. “Not more Inner Work!” Trust me, it’s magic.

You must go into your inner world first.

The depth of what you desire to create must match the depth of your inward journey.

First though, you must lighten your load to be able to go in. You have to remove at least one layering of your outer shell that you created in response to life experience.

Each layer of your shell represents the consolation prize you unknowingly gifted yourself to stuff the emotional pain of disappointment, sadness, discouragement of your creative desire being squelched. It was buried long ago and lives in the subconscious and has been proudly serving as your creative blocks.

So yeah, getting to the depth of art calling to you it’s time to stir up the pot of broken dreams and let the steam escape. This is where alchemy occurs. The release of the pent up pressure transforms the space inside to a blossoming flower of inspiration and creativity. This begins as you open up the space where the pain sits, go on a discovery mission and release these blocks.

So what have you been resisting letting go of that has not been serving you?

A relationship, city, job, business?
A home, car, other processions?
A way of being? Something else?

This resistance has kept the door shut on the evolution of your artful journey.

Once you choose consciously and let go courageously the door to your discovery mission is now open.

This is a journey inward. Look around and remember what has been buried for as far back as you can remember. Then go even deeper. Possibly decades.

Do you have a recollection of what was going on at that time? What do you remember saying to others when you were younger? What do you remember other saying to you? Recall something that perhaps you forgot about or did not connect the dots on.

Whatis the awareness that you have now that is new?

If you’re wondering how this could be buried for so long now, know that it’s perfect. The journey of rediscovering the deepest desire seemingly lost in childhood is a miraculous and magical journey. This is how you learn to heal and to trust that your body and mind know what to do in each moment. Everything begins to make sense as all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

At this point you may have shed a tear or two. Congratulations if you have and if not you will. Believe me when I say these are happy and life changing tears and a sign of your strength and your transformation and your willingness to go deep inside and find yourself.

When your deepest desires got buried they took along the unexpressed pain from not playing in those desires. They’ve been sitting side by side all these years.

But now you’re an adult and you have resilience and you can handle this easily. In fact you know intuitively you’ll be rewarded.

When you begin to feel these unexpressed emotions you’re able to reach in and see and claim your desires at a much deeper level. Your creative abilities seem to expand as you come back out from your Discovery mission. This is because you cleared a big space inside of yourself buy feeling those old stuff emotions and walking out with your expanded you.

As you walk side-by-side with your expanded you and all of your new desires of Creative Visions you might wonder is this for real? You might wonder can I really do this? You might wonder how you could not know until now? This is all understandable but now is the time to claim it, to honor it and to own it. Now it’s time to celebrate this and to really, really live it in all of your experience. Go in and celebrate this with yourself. Celebrate with your friends and celebrate with the world.

And then take a walk through your favorite art store with this new perspective and then consider going deeper with your art creations. All those Visions you’ve had of the art, whether it’s painting or drawing or sculpting – something that you’ve never done before that you have not had the courage to until now. This is the time. THIS is the time to embody that art in you now.

This is how you create art with more depth and magic.

Three Reasons Art is Important and How You Can Help Artists

1. Creativity Expands as We Deepen our Art.

We use creativity in every area of life whether we realize it or not. We harness our creativity to find solutions to everyday problems that arise in our personal and business life. When we create art in some way, even when coloring (because that is creative too), we are opening up pathways in our brains that allow us to have access to our creativity.

We are also creating new neuro-pathways. Which brings me to my next point.

Art opens the heART for more art 2.16.13

2. Art Heals

Art is like an elixir for our soul. When we paint, draw, sculpt, sing, dance, write and take part in so many other artistic endeavors we are literally feeding that medicine to our being.

We drink it up. It fills our soul with love and light and pushes out a little bit more of the stuck, the dark that has covered up our confidence and courage and creativity. We may feel it coming up in the form of tears as it releases out of our body forever.  And then …

3. Art Gives Us Permission to Take Risk

A mistake is really only a judgment. When we make a mistake with our art we either correct it or we start again. If a line goes askew in a drawing I find a way to make it a part of the drawing. I suppose I could also crinkle up my art and throw it away but I always find a way to shift my creation into a new perspective.

Piano players might just keep going. Singers and dancers might start from the beginning. Writers will edit digitally unless they are  manually writing and in that case they may cross out a word and rewrite.

The fact is that the creative process is happening. While it is a seemingly small risk it is training our minds to deepen our risk taking and to feel safe to do so.

How would you like to help more artists expand their creativity, heal their lives and take more risk?

If that sounds expansive for you I would like to ask for your help. I am writing a series of Awaken The Artist books and I have created a crowdfunding campaign here to raise the funds to edit and market my book and another project.

Go check it out and let me know what you think via a contribution, share or comment. And I’d sure appreciate the shares of my campaign to reach more interested friends of artists!

Love & Art,


iLoVeU Month Days 12 and 13

Today I picked my mom at her memory care and took her out for a bit. It is never easy going there and I’m always praying she will be happy to see me. I was aware of feeling some grief right below the surface but it was stuck.

On the way home after taking my mom back I forced myself to feel those feelings. I suppose I pushed them to the surface so I could feel and release them. It was only for a couple of minutes yet I felt so much better. Writing, making art, exercising, resting and meditating all help in their own way.





My iLoVeU design is the addition to the painting I created 25 years ago of which you can only see a part of. I was taking a painting class series and chose to do my own thing and purchase a large canvas, paint it and then share it with my teacher.
She told me that it was not finished and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it until recently.



I outlined my iLoVeU design to begin and I am considering what I’m going to do with it next. I want to blend it into the painting … or maybe not. Maybe I will let it stand out on the painting. It can be a metaphor for me working on standing out in this world of Art and Coaching and living a good life in every way imaginable.



iLoVeU Month Day 11

A recent drawing
My iLoVeU design
With a new flair of detail.

I love using black marker
Because it’s final
And allows for transformation Of mistakes into new detail.


And shifts our perception
That perfection lives within
Constructs of imperfection.

What is perfect about you, your life and experiences that you previously thought to be imperfect?



iLoVeU Month Days 7 – 10

Day 7

This iLoVeU was painted in May 2016 right before I started liquidating my mother’s house. It was nice to have a small amount of creativity playtime…still a bit more work to complete..






Day 8 – Only LOVE 💖









Day 9
It’s interesting how the names we give our art comes to be.
It’s also interesting how I’ve been choosing the order to post my art this month. It’s definitely not being done in a linear manner.
This is the iLoVeU Goddess. I drew her a couple of years ago.
She represents all.
She is colorful.
She is all woman.
She is voluptuous.
She is love.
She is a dancer.
She is courageous.
She is confident.
She is unique.
She is loved.
She is creative.
She is spontaneous.
She doesn’t give a fuck what people think about her.
I want to be more like her.
Hopefully I am her.










Day 10
This is a chalk drawing I created a while before moving out of my house. For some reason creating with chalk felt like cheating for me. I definitely did not feel like an artist and using chalk was giving the young, forgotten artist a playground. I suppose I did not see chalk as a medium that real artists would use. Anyway. I know I’m an artist and this is real art.










iLoVeU Month Day 6 – iLoVeU Tree

The iLoVeU Tree.

Stands so perfectly.

So well suited for today’s art share.

She represents the collective current need.

To be even more self aware.

Life happens for us especially.

When we let it.

Art lets us explore our roots.

Our truths.










There she stands.

Tall and strong and majestical.

Giving life to all around her.

So they may be as rooted

In Mama Earth as she.

We find meaning in art.

Art heals us through creation, evolution, discussion, imagination and meditation of it – the artwork.




iLoVeU Month Day 5 – Circling Back Around

It’s Sunday morning and kinda’ blah. Showers are expected and hopefully it turns into a beautiful day because Superbowl is here in Houston (as if you didn’t know). May everyone visiting our city have a safe and enjoyable time. Frankly I’ll hear the game in the background and will catch glimpses from time to time.

Today’s iLoVeU drawing is one of three I drew with pencil. The circles and curves are perfect because I used a tool. I played and as much as I love to draw freestyle it was fun.

It’s maybe five or six years since I drew this. I remember having to reach deep to give myself PERMISSION to create this. Like “who am I do draw inside of my own design?” I know this may seem like silly thinking but artists are always looking at how they can give themselves permission to do what they want.

So I used a tool to expand with myself while expanding within my design. It’s like a moving meditation in a way.


It’s so interesting to me that this is one of at least 100 drawings never shared in any way. I find myself wondering who I’ll be at the end of the month after sharing and telling stories about my art.

Perhaps this can be considered a metaphor for Circling Back Around and Expanding My Circle of Creativity and Awareness by sharing more of me.

Whatever you are doing keep being creative and keep reaching in for more of who you are so you may expand your expression in the world.



iLoVeU Month Day 4 – iLoVeU Growing

This was the first iLoVeU design of this style I drew in spring 2014 as I allowed my body and mind to process the grief I felt seeing my mother in a memory care home. I could barely speak about what was happening without tearing up. I couldn’t contain the grief and it bubbled up whenever it wanted.

I felt a massive amount of empathy for my mother seeing her own sadness from being ripped from her home, checked into a hospital and moved into a memory care.


I had no say in any of it. So this was my way to have my say with myself, to help myself get through this time so I could be present with my mom. The last thing I wanted her to see was my sadness about her situation. I had to be strong for her.

How interesting that earlier this week my mother could see my sadness and she is the one that soothed me. The tables turn and then they turn again. Souls are always connected.




iLoVeU Month Day 2

Happy Groundhog Day! From the looks of it we are going to have another six weeks of winter. Then again, Houston, TX is more spring than winter.

OK, so it’s day 2 of iLoVeU Month. Today’s drawing is part of the collection I created in the first month of my mom’s dementia diagnosis.

The first two weeks of March 2014 my mother was in the hospital being observed and as much as I wanted to visit I was asked not to. Had I read between the lines of what was occurring with the family dynamics I would’ve gone and prevented a massive amount of drama.

IMG_20170202_141654Like “they” say c’est la vie. I trusted before listening to my intuition. Instead I allowed myself to feel grief, the grief knowing my mom was fearful about being put in the hospital and never going home again and the grief of seeing her unhappiness in the memory care she was rushed into.

While I grieved I drew. Sharing this story is reconnecting me to that grief. Yuck. Not what I was expecting.

Enjoy the art. I’ll be back tomorrow.



iLoVeU Month At Awaken The Artist

I’m so excited to welcome you to iLoVeU Month at Awaken The Artist. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.

The iLoVeU design came to me in a vision in 2007 in a rather mystical and exciting experience. It’s a tool for healing. You can use it as a reminder to practice an ancient Hawaiian healing technique called Ho’oponopono or meditate on the image.

I told the story how it came to life on a DVD that I developed in 2009 and will be sharing the story publicly during the month. If you’re into the magical, mystical I believe you’ll love it.

Everyday I’ll be posting a new iLoVeU artwork here with a few thoughts about the inspiration that brought it into being. They come in all shapes, sizes, IMG_20170201_103714colors & mediums.

I’m creating my Etsy shop as well. You’ll be able to purchase by contacting me here or my shop.



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